How to Make a Monkey Holding a Box

You may have seen a YouTube video of a monkey holding a box. You can recreate this adorable toy by using cereal box cardboard as construction paper. You can also use straws as glue to hold the pieces together once they have dried. You can also glue wooden spoon handles or hearts inside the monkey’s hands. For his tail, you can sew a rectangle of white felt. Then sew another rectangle to the other end of the box.

YouTube video of a monkey holding a box

If you want a funny and adorable clip of a monkey holding a box, you can find it on YouTube and Facebook. Just follow a few simple steps and you’ll have the perfect clip for your social media account. If you don’t want to pay for a professional clip, you can even make one yourself.

There are plenty of YouTube videos featuring monkeys doing strange and hilarious things. One recent example is a man forcing a monkey to say the phrase ‘Baby Sayang’. Mira Filzah made this video famous and it has since become one of the most popular monkey videos on the web.

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The video is now featured at the top of Google search results. At first, Google was the only search engine to rank the video. But soon other search engines followed suit. In fact, you can find the video at the top of search results on Bing and Yahoo!. Perhaps we should stop calling our fellow humans monkeys.

Another disturbing YouTube video shows a baby monkey being brutalized by a monkey catcher. The video has been watched nearly 200,000 times. There are a lot of videos on YouTube of monkey abuse and you can find them by searching for “monkey catcher” and “baby monkey.”

Stuffed animal monkey with hook and loop fastener hands

When looking for a gift for a little boy or girl, a Stuffed Animal Monkey with Hook and Loop Fastener Hands Holding a Box can be a great option. This toy features a brightly colored face and high-quality workmanship. It also has Velcro fastener hands that secure to the box. Perfect for playtime, decoration, or collecting, this toy is an excellent choice.

Human abuse of primates

A whistleblower recently revealed a disturbing incident involving a cargo flight from Cambodia that was loaded with diseased longtailed macaques and trucked 1800 miles to Texas. These animals had contracted monkeypox, a viral disease related to smallpox. While not a life-threatening disease, monkeypox can be contagious and can even infect humans.

Primates are not domesticated animals, and they shouldn’t be sold as pets. Unfortunately, the trade of these animals continues to grow. Although the Animal Welfare Act protects animals used in research, it does not cover those kept in private homes. Many of these animals end up suffering and being severely traumatized.

The United States alone is responsible for more than ten thousand monkeys held captive in laboratories. The majority of these animals are abused in painful and terrifying experiments. These nonhuman primates are intelligent beings that deserve better than to be treated as laboratory equipment. They are bred in government facilities, born in labs, and captured from countries like China, Cambodia, and Mauritius.

Final words 

While primates are naturally social animals, many people want only one monkey as a pet. This results in severe suffering for the animals, both physically and socially. Studies have shown that primates deprived of social contact and companionship can never recover. These primates may eventually die, but this kind of abuse will cripple them for life.

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