How to shop for the best saree for women?

Women all across the world adore the saree. For us Indians, the saree is our traditional dress, and it is so gorgeous that we would want to wear one of our favorite sarees on any given occasion. Saree is a love of mine. Everyone learned the tiny things that make a big difference to a saree wearer over the years of being in the industry and working with ladies who love to wear sarees, and it all starts with buying. Let’s give a few tidbits that can assist you avoid saree shopping blunders.

Choosing a saree is a challenging chore; as soon as you walk into the store, you desire practically every saree you see. That isn’t practical, no matter how much we wish it were. So, use these guidelines to get the perfect saree for the event!

Saree for the Right Event

When shopping for a saree, bear in mind the occasion and the time you’ll be wearing it. If the event is during the day, choose light-colored sarees; if it is at night, use dark-colored sarees. Check if the colour matches your skin tone at the same time.

Embroidered Saree

If you’re shopping for an embroidered saree, make sure it’s not too costly for the occasion you’re buying it for. Traditional sarees are no longer the only option on the market. The list goes on and on with a large variety of patterns, borders, and blouse designs, but what counts most is what you like. Consider the aforementioned criteria carefully and create room for the right saree that matches you.


Always verify the saree’s colour in natural light. When viewed at the shop, the colour may appear to be different. There are a few colours that look amazing on you and will garner you compliments when you wear them, but this is not the case with every colour you wear. As a result, be certain you get the correct colour.

Trendy Sarees

If you enjoy keeping up with the newest trends, browse the internet or go through publications to find out what’s in style and how to make a style statement by purchasing the latest trends.


The right fabric is one of the most crucial aspects of a saree. Fabrics are quite vital in bringing a saree to life. Feel it with your hands! Check to see if the fabric is real, as there are a number of fake textiles on the market. Check to see if the cloth feels well on your skin. In the end, fashion is about comfort more than style.

Printed Saree

When it comes to the print of the saree, consider your height and weight if you plan to wear printed sarees. Big patterns, such as large flowers and foliage, or any large motifs, will make you appear overweight; instead, if you are short, opt for stripes. Wear plain-colored sarees with just a little work or an attractive border if you wish to appear a little taller than your real height. Wear sarees with delicate little designs if you are a tad on the heavier side.

Saree Draping Style

  • The way you wrap a saree over your body determines how you will seem.
  • You may make yourself seem taller, shorter, thinner, fatter, and odd by draping your saree in a specific way.
  • Regardless of the style of sari used, a saree should be draped properly otherwise it will appear messy, awkward, and can make a lady appear overweight.
  • Pleats should be even and tucked in nicely.

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Border of the Saree

A saree’s border plays a significant function in a woman’s personality. If your height is small, most designers recommend choosing a saree with no border or a reduced border. You should wear sarees with a wide border if you are tall.

Blouse Designs

  • A designer blouse may make a woman appear more lovely, seductive, and gorgeous.
  • If you want to seem stunning and elegant, you should explore the latest stylish blouse designs.
  • Blouses come in a variety of styles, including sleeveless blouses and blouses with short sleeves, long sleeves, short necks, deep necks, deep backs, and backless designs.
  • Apart from sleeves, you should think about blouse length and numerous sensual neck and back designs, depending on how much of your back and front you want to show.
  • Embroidery, sequins, and stone work all add to the appeal of a blouse and give ladies a luxurious appearance.
  • So be cautious while choosing a blouse for yourself; it should complement your personality.

Tall Women’s Saree

  • Choose a saree with strong colours, huge designs, and broad & thick borders, for example, to hide your extra height.
  • Large-print sarees might also make you appear shorter than you are.
  • Cotton, Raw Silk, and Pure Silk Sarees are also suitable.
  • Sheer sarees with net and lace work and a thick border provide taller and thin ladies a stunning and sexier appearance.
  • These days, sarees with elaborate borders are fairly fashionable.

Sarees for short women

  • Slim and skinny ladies should wear heavier sarees; they could attempt sarees made of heavy textiles. They can look for simple cotton sarees. The best shades are considered to be white and golden that add a spark to your look. 
  • Embroidered sarees with thick zari and other work further enhance the beauty and attractiveness of a woman.
  • Slim females appear cool in printed sarees with appealing and stunning designs and huge printing.
  • Sarees made of chiffon, georgette, and crepe will make you appear skinnier and leaner.
  • You can also wear a light-colored saree, such as white, off-white, or any other light-colored saree.


These are some of the tips for the best saree for women. Sarees are not just popular in India; ladies all over the world are enamored with the saree’s elegance and have incorporated it into their wardrobes. In addition to ordinary ladies, celebrities such as Bollywood and Hollywood actresses frequently wear luxury sarees to elegant parties and events. The sarees are really a great way to enhance your look and leave everyone astonished. 

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