How To Sign Up For Online Apps With A Virtual Phone Number

These days there are not many online applications left that do not require users to verify their mobile phone number when signing up for an account. Even though this tendency can be explained and understood. Developers implement this technical feature in order to improve security as well as reduce spam on their platforms. However, it is not always possible to use a personal number for profile registration due to various reasons.


First of all, it is kind of frustrating. But in addition, it can also prevent you from accessing the necessary app right when it is heavily needed. That is why recently more and more people wondering if anything can be done to solve such a problem. Well, there is surely no real reason to get upset. You can simply get and use virtual phone numbers which are set up to receive SMS from specific applications.

Explaining the essence of a virtual number

A virtual phone number is closely the same number that people use on their smartphones. It is also issued by a mobile provider, has a SIM card assigned to it, and works on a cellular network along with all other numbers. But, as its name implies, it is different in that it is virtual.

Instead of mobile phones, such numbers work online on the internet. It becomes possible by connecting physical SIM cards to a mobile network using specialized hardware. Most often this task is accomplished with the help of devices like GSM modem and GoIP gateway. As a result, the number becomes virtual and available for online use. There is even no need for a cell phone in order to use a virtual number. Everything required in this case is any modern gadget with an internet connection.

Everyone can set up their own virtual phone number. It is not a really difficult process. However, when it comes to bypassing OTP, it is much cheaper to use services that provide virtual numbers for this purpose. In this case, there is no need to purchase a SIM card and expensive hardware. Moreover, it is time efficient. Using those platforms does not require going anywhere so it is pretty quick and easy.

What is the cost of such a service?

The cost of a virtual phone number for receiving SMS depends on two parameters. The first one is the country of its issue. Numbers from different countries have different costs. Also, as a rule, numbers from countries with a high standard of living are usually priced higher than others.

The second parameter is the service for which the virtual number is intended. With that said numbers for registering accounts on forums and dating sites are usually the cheapest while numbers for receiving SMS from online marketplaces are much more expensive.

So the price for a virtual phone number that is designed to perform such a task as bypassing OTP can vary greatly. In most cases, its cost is just a few tens of cents. But even though sometimes the price may slightly exceed the one dollar mark, it is still cheaper than buying a new SIM card, making a virtual number a more affordable and cost-effective solution.

How to register in online apps with a virtual phone number?

A few years ago virtual numbers were available for use to a limited range of people. However, with the increasing availability of technology this service has become accessible to everyone. There is no more need to go through complicated processes and spend hours in order to obtain one virtual phone number. These days it can be done in a few minutes via special services for OTP verification such as SMS-Man. This platform has been in the virtual telephony industry for a few years and currently offers all possible solutions at an affordable price.

Obtaining through it a virtual number for creating an account on a certain website or application is simple. Just follow the instructions below:

  1. Register at platform and verify your profile.
  2. Log in with your new account and proceed to the payment tab.
  3. Select one of the available payment methods and use it to top up your balance.
  4. Open the main page of service and choose the country of the mobile operator for the virtual number.
  5. Scroll the page a bit down and pick the website or application that you are going to sign up for.
  6. Press the purchase button to get a virtual phone number with the chosen settings.

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It was just a matter of time. Now just enter the purchased virtual number on the registration page of the selected service and request a verification code. After it is sent, go back to SMS-Man and click on the “Get SMS” button. Use the received code to create a profile. This way you can register at any internet resource without the need to use your personal phone number in just a few minutes.

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