How valuable is the CCIE certification?

This has been a long question on whether CCIE certification is worth the time and money invested or not. CCIE will definitely command a higher salary, but there are so many other points to focus on. Whenever the matter revolves around prestige, nothing will matter, much like CCIE certification in the end.

Whether CCIE is worth it or not, it always comes down to whether it is worthy enough to improve your future. It is going to be an individual decision that you might have to make before devoting money and time to certification. Some of the reasons why CCIE is still worth giving out a try are listed below!

The reason behind its worth:

For the starters out there, any certification signals dedication and skill towards an employer. The CCIE certificate will bring immeasurable bona fides to your current resume as it is the pinnacle of the certification pathway. Surely, the certification is expensive, and the exam is tough with lots of practice, but all worth the end result that it comes with.

  • Some people will even compare CCIE certification to being more a PhD-level certification as CCIE is here with a lot of clout among employers and peers.
  • When it comes to the cost, it is one expensive exam, which will cost over $2000 to take the written and lab section of the exam. Even though the cost is pretty steep, the value in earning potential is always greater than the cost of achieving the same. 
  • And you will get the chance to find some major opportunities beside you. As per most of the trainers, CCIE certification will get you a lot of attention from the recruiters. So, ending up with higher-level job opportunities won’t be that difficult anymore once you have this CCIE by your side.

Unfortunately enough, you won; be receiving a bomber jacket upon completion of the CCIE. But, there are so many other reasons why going for CCIE certification is worth every bit of your second. Understand this content of CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure more to understand how this certification helps you to get a better job profile later on in life.

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CCIE and its different parts to follow:

There are practically 6 different flavors of the CCIE as offered by Cisco. Those options are service provider, security, wireless, collaboration, routing and switching, and data center.

  • These certifications are high-level and expert qualifications that are perfectly designed to make you stand out from the crowd.
  • So, you get the chance to gain opportunities to grow and then advance your career as Cisco Network Engineer.
  • Any one of these certifications will surely help in highlighting the intimate knowledge of the present Cisco Systems within the allotted domain where each one is based. So, that will make CCIE cents pretty desirable.

It is always worth pointing out that there is always a final tier available above the CCIE R&S. It is considered to be the holy grain of the networking and is called the Cisco Certified Architect or CCAr. It will need a mere amount of $15,000 to just take and entails an in-person board exam. Here, you need to defend the network architecture that you have worked so hard to design. Around 10 people ever have been certified with this course module, and most of them are working at Cisco.

How many CCIEs will you come up with?

It is another major question that comes to your mind, and fortunately, there is a straightforward answer to it. Most people will opt for just one CCIE certification. But then you have a small subset of individuals who are willing to earn as many CCIEs as possible.

Multiple CCIEs will only make sense if you are about to play the role of trainers or educators. Interestingly enough, most of the CCIEs will start with the routing and the switching exam. Around 17% of the CCIEs who have passed the R&S exam will go for that 2nd or 3rd CCIE certification.

Get your hands for one at least:

So, next time you are willing to make a huge mark in the Cisco department, you should get your hands on the best CCIE certification course right away! It is pretty valuable, even to this date.

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