Is Python Good for Mobile App Development?

Mobile app development popularity is getting beyond a trend and converted into a necessity in recent years. The mobile application has been a source of branding, traffic driver, and commercialization of the business. With 80% of the online traffic coming from smartphones, it is unlikely that businesses wouldn’t want to avail the opportunity for growth.

However, with competition in the industry, a business application should be beyond beneficial for the consumer to give it space on their precious device. Other than the applications competition to claim space in a user’s device.

Among all the popular languages, python is quickly taking a gap in the mobile app development projects.

Python is a detailed code written by the developers as per a certain logic by combining the keywords to create different programs for software, websites, and applications. It is one of the programming languages with simplicity and reliability.

Python is known to be a high-level, general-purpose dynamic programming language that has a simpler approach as compared to the C and Java programming languages making it a favorite amongst developers. Python is excessively popular for backend development and meaningful when it comes to data science and networking.

Let’s Dig into Why Python is Becoming Popular Among the Mobile App Developers

Python is used for the development of APIs of mobile applications. This gives the mobile developers the opportunity to develop apps capable of running on several major operating systems. This has been a huge advantage since the increase in the demand for mobile apps. With code simplicity and easy API development, aided python became a crucial part of development.

Python has implications in a wide array of mobile application development. When it comes to custom mobile app development, python is often the best choice at affordable rates. With python technology, the app can be created on the criteria of ways to understand, interact and be easy to implement. It allows the programmers to code the same program with much fewer lines than PHP.

Python is one of the few readable languages in the world. It is decent and simplified for the developers. The implementation of python is simple with a clean structure as compared to other languages. simplicity also means that developers require way less coding than other languages to create capable applications for iOS, windows, and android.

Python is a basic programming language that compensates for its inability to write GUI for mobile apps by offering its widely used frameworks known as Kivy and BeeWare.  Kivy is an open-source library by python for creating the GUI for mobile applications across platforms. It has the ability to create pure graphical python applications that can run on the major platforms such as iOS, Android, Linux, Windows as well as macOS. Additionally. KIvy is a custom user interface toolkit that offers independent versions of text stickers, buttons, snd text entry forms.

BeeWare is a graphical user interface and mobile app developed by the native Python. The framework offers a set of useful tools. The abstract layer by the framework is used to easily write/ code original desktop and mobile applications. BeeWare uses the native user interface toolkits for all the platforms. With the native tool kit the basic control widgets are provided by the base operating system that boost custom look across applications.

Is Python Good for Mobile App Development?

Python is religiously popular among programmers for its simplicity. However, one of the major drawbacks of this programming language is that it cant be used for all purposes.

Python hasn’t been the ultimate good when it comes to android mobile app development even with the frameworks such as Kivy and Beeware. and are replaced by better alternatives such as Java, Kotlin, Swift, React Native, and Flutter.

Python can be used more as expertise when it comes to developing web pages, firstly based on the knowledge of HTML, CSS, and javascript. Other than python offering every kind of library due to its popularity, it is more prompt in introducing bugs in the mobile application than any other advanced language as claimed by experts and developers with an opinion.

While basic mobile development is more or less can be easily achieved with the simplicity of the python native language and the frameworks, however, as the complexity of an application grows, the language isn’t as supported as we like it to be.


Some of the advanced programming languages that offer better toolkits and customization for mobile application development include Java, Flutter, React Native, Kotlin, and Swift.


Is python good for mobile app development? yes. But is it the ultimate best for mobile app development? no! Other than python there are several better frameworks such as Java and Kotlin for Android and Swift for iOS. However, this isn’t the last for the python programming language because of the advancing technology.

The reason that python would be considered a less great mobile app development programming language is the presence of better sources. Professional mobile app development agencies prefer using programming languages that pose lesser potential for bugs and errors and better UI and UX for user experience.

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