Benefits of an app for your restaurant – The digitization of your premises

What are the advantages of developing an application for your restaurant? Why is digitization important in the hospitality sector and more in these times? What features do apps for bars and restaurants have? If you have an establishment that belongs to the hospitality sector, you have ever wondered what benefits you can obtain with the development of an app, right? Well, keep reading because, in today’s post, we will answer these and more questions. 

Digitization is a reality that is imposed in different sectors, and the hospitality industry is no exception. Through technological solutions such as apps, establishments can take the first steps in their digital transformation process.

The development and implementation of applications in restaurants have led to a revolution in managing the establishment and offering its services to customers. And it is that, as the needs and the way of consuming of the users have changed, the hospitality industry has had to adapt with them and not be left behind.

As we all know, the mobile phone is something that accompanies us almost 24 hours a day. In them, we can find all kinds of apps. For this reason, more and more restaurants and bars have their mobile application. 

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Why develop a mobile application for your restaurant?

The use of technologies, especially tools such as mobile applications, in restaurants is causing a revolution. New ideas and digital solutions emerge every day to adapt to the needs of consumers.

If you have ever wondered why your restaurant should have an application, it is because you do not know the potential that these types of tools have. An app helps you grow and strengthen your business. You can also add value to customers by offering discounts and exclusive content. You will even have a competitive advantage over other establishments.

Considering that smartphones are with us nowadays, having an app for your restaurant is a convenient and fast way for your customers to access it and its services.

In addition, the digitization of the hospitality industry helps reorganization and better management of resources.  Thus, more time can be spent on those aspects of the business that need it most.

7 Benefits of developing an app for your restaurant

If you still don’t know the benefits of developing an app for your restaurant, keep reading. Next, we will tell you the main benefits of having a mobile application. In this way, you will be able to boost your business, giving it greater visibility and serving a larger audience, increasing your income.

Personalize the experience

With an application, you can offer a better and more dedicated experience to users. Apps are a digital solution with great potential. They are easy to update tools with the ability to make integrations that adapt to users’ needs.

Introducing third-party integrations to facilitate payment, knowing the store’s location, or checking where your order is going are just some of the ways to customize the service.

Enhance the marketing

Through the use of beacons, proximity marketing strategies can be carried out. For example, with this type of technology, push notifications can be sent making gastronomic recommendations, offering discounts, or inviting consumers to the last free tables of the establishment. Thus, you will be able to attract customers close to the premises.

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Greater visibility of your restaurant

One of the main benefits of developing an app for your restaurant is increasing your digital presence. It means being able to reach a large audience, giving your restaurant greater visibility and recognition.

Automated reservations and orders

Another essential benefit of having an app is the possibility of automating reservations, orders, and cancellations. For example, through applications, the client can know the availability of a place and automatically make the reservation. Or also place an order either in the establishment or outside of it, being able to pick it up at the restaurant or receive it at home.

The bar and restaurant app software takes care of it all.  It can solve different problems of this nature without having to have a person who is exclusively dedicated to organizing reservations and orders.

On the other hand, including an online menu or digital catalogue where you can see the different dishes and products of the restaurant individually on each smartphone will be key in the coming weeks and months. 

Customer loyalty

One of the most important advantages of having an app is building customer loyalty through different actions, from exclusive offers and discounts to loyalty programs through points for each order or reservation. In addition, your restaurant app can include extra content such as information about events, special appointments or cooking recipes. This news may be sent through push notifications.

With this, you can differentiate your premises and retain customers. Thus, they will repeat their experience in your place.

App statistics

As the person in charge of the management of premises, having data that supports the development of the business is key to carrying out the following steps. Having specific data on your activity is another benefit of having an app for your restaurant. With the app’s metrics and statistics, your restaurant can adapt to people’s needs and anticipate what they may need. Data on the penetration of the application among users, orders, reservations, queries or shared opinions are just some of those that can be obtained.

Better communication between customers and establishment

Finally, improving communication with customers is another benefit of developing an app for your restaurant. With them, you can get feedback from consumers. 

In addition, they can also share experiences and opinions for other users to see. Therefore, implementing a review and share value system will be possible to understand better what consumers want. In this way, you can adapt your products and services.

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