Keep Benefitting from Google Adwords After Transition to Google Ads

The Benefits of Google Ads Over Google Adwords

Google Adwords has been an integral part of online marketing for a long time. Recently they experienced a rebranding to Google Ads, which also involved a revamp of their services to help them serve their customers better. 


While the change from Google Adwords didn’t involve too many drastic changes, there are many benefits to the new system that businesses who are interested in this tool platform should be aware of. 

Multi-platform Advertising

Google is definitely a wide reaching company with so many different aspects to its business on the internet that it is an essential tool for any online marketer to know about. One part of Google Adwords that has been improved upon in Google Ads is the ability to advertise across all of Google’s platforms, including reaching out to customers offline when using certain Google tools or apps. The ability to post ads to any of Google’s platforms including Youtube, Google Play, Google maps, Gmail, or Google searches make this tool even more effective than it has been before.

Easily Measure and Evaluate Results

Another great new feature that has been added to Google Adwords in Google Ads is the ability to measure and evaluate results of your campaigns more easily. With new features you can track the results of individual campaigns, allowing you to see which approaches or locations of ads are most effective and reaching your target audience most consistently. This allows you to adjust your campaigns accordingly for great results.

Smart Campaigns

Google Ads has also improved upon Google Adwords campaign planning resources by introducing smart campaigns. This is part of Google’s machine learning technology, which allows the AI to manage and adjust campaigns for you to provide optimal results. This easy, hands-free solution allows you to take advantage of great results even when you are short on time. This feature is so accurate that Google states companies utilising smart campaigns are three times more likely to show their ads to the intended audience.

Set Campaign Goals

Another unique feature included in the new Google Ads platform is the ability to plan your campaigns from the beginning and set goals for each individual campaign. This allows you to more easily evaluate if your campaign is doing what you need it to do. Some of the goals that you can set for your campaigns include bringing more visitors to your website, getting customers to fill out a lead form, getting customers to call or visit your business, or increasing interest and purchase in a particular product or service. You can set whatever goals you need to for your specific business objectives and see how well you are hitting your targets.

Putting Google Adwords To Work For You

Google Adwords’ transition to Google Ads has definitely provided improved services and made it easier for smaller businesses in particular to use their services for promotional purposes. Getting to know this system or even taking Google’s training for their Adwords platform is an extremely valuable undertaking for anyone working in SEO or content marketing. Be sure to check out how advertising through Google can benefit you an your clients’ businesses.


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