Marketing Implementation: Dos and Don’ts During Pandemic!

Marketing Implementation using digital marketing techniques to reach out to potential customers is great. But there are different requirements for any unusual circumstances. Let’s take a live example of our surrounding COVID-19 pandemic. This pandemic already had its effect on various industries. It has entirely taken hold of our attention and the news cycle.

The economy is seeing the major impact, more people are staying online for working purposes. Events are being canceled. It also has changed the way things revolve around in the digital world. More and more focus is now on digital means to communicate to the targeted audience.

More and more people are building websites and shifting their services online. Digital competitive marketing strategies are being changed. It is an incredibly tricky time for some marketers to navigate. And it is the perfect time to keep an eye on do’s and don’ts of digital marketing implementation.

 There are still a lot of ways to grow business online even in this pandemic. You can use effective digital marketing techniques to reach out to your targeted audience. Even it would be easier these days as lots of people are spending their time online. But before just going to the digital marketing area here are a few do’s and don’ts of digital marketing implementation that you should know.

8 Dos:

1.DO Review the campaigns

This is one of the most important steps in the Do’s of digital marketing. Review all the current and upcoming campaigns. They should send an ideal message. If the content is already written and scheduled then you need to recheck it.  These posts should sound appropriate according to today’s situation. Otherwise, your company might receive a backlash.

For example, don’t share any ad which shows any kind of handshakes, or hugs with strangers. Because in the COVID-19 situation you have to give a message of maintaining social distance. Try to replace these things with some product-focused theme.

2.DO Update location on business listing sites

If your business has any physical location, then update it on all the business listings sites like Manta, HighFive Listings, Yelp and more you are registered with. It doesn’t mean that you are going to change the location. But you will give all the updates about the changed visiting hours, in this pandemic. Tell your audience if you have closed your office due to COOVID-19 and tell them how they can contact you now.

3.DO Deliver your information to the right audience as fast as possible

Sometimes to save time you need to use paid tactics to deliver the information to the right people. It will help your company to let the coronavirus related content out as fast as possible. Paid ads can be used for this purpose; it will distribute your information quickly. Among the do’s and don’ts of digital marketing this point is very vital.

You can tell users about canceled events through a boosting article. Or any important news that will ensure that your targeted audience will see your message immediately. You have got two options here. The first is to use sponsored content for a wide audience. The second is to target only the exact audience you want, maybe only those who live near your location.  

4.DO Increase the lead generation through digital ways

If the events are canceled it doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on the lead generation. Of course, you must be expecting a large number of leads through the canceled events. But don’t worry numerous digital ways will boost your lead generation.

You can direct the users to your website and ask them to provide email addresses for them to download the resource. Reach out to such customers with email campaigns and calls.

5.DO Start online webinars and meetings

To compensate for the replacement of live events, you can start video conferencing and webinars. In this way, you still will be able to host the event, but online this time. Try to make the meeting shorter and brief. Make sure that most of the audience has an internet facility. Use good sound and video quality to make the meeting more effective for the audience.

6.DO Rearrange the budget according to pandemic  

We all know that the situation isn’t normal at all. Where it requires you to change the business methods, it also brings changes in the budget. Your budget might get a little different from the canceled events.

Now you must rearrange it in a manner that will help the digital marketing strategies to boost your business. You might receive extra refunds of some expenses. Use this extra budget in the most useful way. Create more content, go towards the paid tactics for online marketing implementation.

7.DO Make your external communication more creative

You will need to change the usual communication method. Try to keep it productive, more engaging, and creative. As there will be no in-person communication. So, you have to make your content strong enough. Do live streaming, video recording, and many other things.

8.DO Remote collaboration

As your company might need the employees to work from home during COVID-19. Make sure that your team is ready for this new method. Use tools that ensure maximum employee participation. Encourage them to collaborate as much as they can.

2 Don’ts:

1.DON’T be close-fisted on rules

You might need to change certain rules for your company during this pandemic situation. You cannot always be too stingy on certain rules. You have to let go of a few things. Try to offer online discounts, attractive deals to your clients. Give social media news and email blasts to your customers. You should know this point of do’s and don’ts of digital marketing to stay atop the lists.

Adjust your rules in such a way that it will ensure the best services to your customers and the general public. Make interaction with your customers by offering them any sort of help.

2.DON’T get greedy just for clicks

It is very necessary to remember that no matter what the situation is, we always have to stay within our limits. Never take advantage of this situation just for the sake of a few extra clicks. You should only provide accurate and valuable information to your clients. Don’t post anything that your company is not offering in this situation.

Before posting any ad, properly check it, evaluate it. See if this thing that you are going to post is helping the people out there or not. Is this post helpful? it should not add any sort of noise in the internet world. It should be something useful.

These were some of the do’s and don’ts you can’t afford to ignore in your detailed marketing implementation plan. You must keep them in sight to make sure you win on the digital space.

Mentioned eight Dos and two Don’ts should be your main focus while developing an effective marketing strategy for your any sized business. These points are mostly ignored or not properly incorporated in marketing plans that results in loosing potential leads and sales.

Coronavirus is a big challenge for most business owners while a golden opportunity for most businesses. It all depends on industry niche. But while following above mentioned advices and smart techniques you can fight these damaging COVID-19 waves and can make your business running in any crisis.

Digital Marketing may not work as magic initially but can surely help your business in breathing while pandemic. All you need to do is that be more creative and wiser while marketing your product or service.

I understand that It is easy to write and easy to advice while execution is the actual challenge. Hire experts if you can afford or start learning online. Research, research & research. Try experimenting things yourself. I would still recommend to consult experts to study where you and your business stand. You can reach out consultants online. Ping all suitable ones you find to decide better what’s best for your business.


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