The video format is the most popular form of content enjoyed globally. The combination of audio and visuals serves all purposes all at once. Between reading how to fix an old TV and then seeing the same tutorial on a video, what would you pick?

Since its launch, it has become a medium for publicization, income, and advertising. It is the second largest search engine and the largest video search engine. It is because YouTube is owned by Google and works hand in hand.

Now you understand why some of your questions receive their responses as video suggestions.

But how does one ensure top performance and ranking on YouTube? What are the ways to pierce through the competition without having to buy youtube views?

These are the four top tools to help you with your YT ranking.

Google Trends

One of the most popular and widely used SEO tools for YouTube is Google Trends. It was first launched in 2006 and later modified in 2008. It helps to measure the popularity of a particular search term compared to the total volume of all search terms.

It is crucial to understand the interests of your target audience, to develop a strong SEO strategy for your YouTube channel.

You can specify your geographical region, time, and category to refine your search and narrow down the focus. Thus, you can see what the popular topics that fall under your niche are to boost traffic to your YouTube channel.

YouTube Analytics

YouTube analytics gives you, in numbers, the information on the most viewed videos, watch time, and other general analytic reports. You also learn how people reach your content, i.e., by suggestions, keyword search, other YouTube channels, etc.

This super-tool also tells you which device your YouTube videos get played on the most. If maximum views are coming from mobile phones, then you should switch to shorter videos of a maximum length of 10 minutes. It also helps you optimize ads and content to best suit the needs of your audience.

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Google Ad Keywords

Keywords are central to all forms of SEO, whether websites, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube.

With Google Ads keywords, type a particular word and check the amount of traffic pulls. The number of times a term appears in searches helps you optimize your channel accordingly.

You can refine your search by specifying your audience as pp demographic groups, regions, interests, and affinity segments.

You can show your YouTube video ads on specific channels and videos by using placement-targeting videos to attract viewers from other channels.

Who needs to buy Youtube views then!


If the reviews are right, it is hands down the best SEO tool for YouTube. It is not just a tool but also available as a chrome extension that directly connects to youtube.

It has more than 50 amazing features that can completely change your YouTube game and increase your likes and views.

The four most loved features are the upload suite, suggested tags, advanced video lyrics, and video A/B testing.

Upload Suites

It suggests the perfect keywords for your YouTube video based on the glossary of keywords available. The right keywords help your video show up in the searches of your target audience and even in their suggested videos.

Suggested Tags

This feature works with the upload suite, suggesting suitable tags as your keywords for an uploaded video. It is embedded in the upload page and begins working immediately as you add your keywords.

Advanced Videolytics

While maintaining your pace is vital, equally important is to ensure that you are at par with your rivals’ channels. TubeBuddy gives you an insight into other people’s rankings, tags, and keywords. If it is helping their videos, then you too can gain some traffic by taking inspiration.

Video A/B Testing

The trial and error method is used everywhere, but how much error can you tolerate on your channel? This feature provides a refuge in this case.

If you have two top video thumbnails and titles, you can use both to see which one works better. Simply give TubeBuddy these two titles and thumbnails, and it will change them alternatively, tracking which works better.

Finally, it will give you the title and thumbnail that worked best. Isn’t it amazing?

Several other tools work equally well. The ones mentioned above not only have the best reviews but will also help you understand better how an SEO tool works.

However, there is no hard and fast rule to gaining the top rank. It is all a matter of perseverance and patience. Many people buy Youtube subscribers to raise their rank while, others buy youtube views. However, these are temporary measures.

With changing trends and algorithms, one needs to stay up-to-date to beat the competition; these tools make your work easier.

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