Memorable Attributes of Opal Birthstone

It is in the best knowledge of every gemstone lover that Opal is a Libra Birthstone that is dedicated to only those individuals that have date of birth in the dates 22 September and 22 October of every year. The ruling planet for the stone is Venus that is sign of love and affection.

Meaning of Opal gemstone is derived from the Latin word “ Opalus “ that denotes “ precious stone”. The various meaning of this birthstone was introduced in different times of history, for example the civilizations at the start used to consider it as “eye stone” known for its color play, brilliance and lavish. This jewel invites various traits like calmness, contentment in life, happiness, affection, clarity of concepts of life. Roman thought it a stone having the attributes of other stones for example, it owes flame of Garnet, it looks like Amethyst in purple flames, and it owns green color that is beauty of Emerald.

Opal is chosen as jewel due to owning the ability to transfer potential effects of positiveness when it is worn for long duration with the strong belief. It captures the inner feelings, thinking ability and emotions and enforces them to be a practical personality of the society. It collects negative emotions and energies and understands them and finally dish up solution for these irritating entities. It cultivates hope by removing all negative roots that are cause of destruction of one personality.

Opal is a precious gemstone that is discovered in various colors like yellow, pink, green, blue, brown and black color. In addition to these color hues, it is also found as colorless stone and can be considered as opaque and translucent. Libra Birthstone Color is dynamic, therefore the opals are classified into three major types that are

Precious Opal :- the worth of the stone is because of existence of different colors in one gemstone, the amalgamation of dynamic colors in one stone is known as play of colors. This is one of the rarest and high valued stone full of flare and brilliance.
Common Opal:- this stone is available across the world in sole milky glare and less expensive than the precious opal
Fire Opal:- Libra Birthstone Color for this type of stone is from transparent to translucent hues of dynamic red, yellow and orange colors.

Opal has great worth for Australians as it is the national stone of the Australia where more than 70 % of world’s Libra Birthstone is produced. The natural cause of this stone is volcanic disruption underneath the earth. There are a lot of chances of breaking of this stone.

Concepts and use of Opal

Libran prefers to use this stone for personal adornment and to reflect its attributes in their personalities. This stone cultivates mental tranquility, security and saves one’s from the attacks of depressions. It develops an array of positive ideas in the wearers and assists one’s from nightmares. People enjoy pleasant dreams with Opal stone.

Opal is protective layer for those who are suffering from mental sickness and has proved good in getting rid of them from negative thoughts. Further opal dishes up relief to the pregnant women during their pregnancy duration. This stone is emotion stimulator and often supports to the eroticism and sexual desires.

Healing Attributes of Opal

It is discovered about the opal; a stone of healing will power and determination in the owners if they own it with strong belief. It delivers shine to the skin, a filtering power to the kidney, strengthens the visual energy of eyes and cures the diseases of hair. It also balances water level in the body.

Good results of this stone are concerned to the cure of infection in various parts of the body, cleaning blood, creating a proportion in regulating insulin and enhancing memorizing power. This stone has shown marked results in solving issues concerning to the hormones and lessen the pain of the women during the child birth.

No doubt, opal has healing attributes related to the emotions. Emotional passions that are dealt with the jewel are the sexual desire and energy for love to promote eroticism. Despite these traits, Libra birthstone is very useful in planting the seeds of the positive thinking. Being a very assisting stone, opal stabilizes the emotional energy and supports you in raising your honesty level that is very beneficial for your physical and mental health.

Opal also possesses the spiritual healing energies that are very useful for spiritual awareness to the owners of the stone. This stone invokes the energy to broaden the psychic vision of the wearers for the positive and professional decision.

Opal has its own value in the international market for play of colors to use it in the jewelry that is for personal adornment. This stone gives a new look to the jewelry that is a cause of attraction among the folks.

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