5 countries where synthetic diamonds are popular

Lab grown diamonds have steadily increased in popularity over the last decade and are predicted to overshadow the natural diamond market in the upcoming years. Also knows as synthetic or cultivated diamonds, lab grown diamonds are similar to naturally mined diamonds but are created in a laboratory by recreating the process by which the natural diamonds are made. For many years the lab grown diamonds were produced using the HPHT methods where they were created under extreme conditions of high temperature and high pressure. Recently, they are being created by using the CVD technology where the lab grown diamonds are made by chemical vapour deposition. Irrespective of the method they are created with, the lab grown diamonds have been used for both industrial and jewellery purposes.

The cultivated diamonds were primarily used for industrial uses in the past but have slowly crept their way in to the jewellery industry as well. Today, many ornaments are made using the lab grown diamonds like the lab grown diamond engagement rings which are winning the hearts of millions of people worldwide. Even though most people still prefer jewellery made of natural diamonds because of their resale value, synthetic diamond jewellery is expected to continually rise and carve a niche of its own. There are several countries where a large amount of people prefer to buy lab grown diamond jewellery not just because it is more affordable, but because it doesn’t have ethical issues related to the mining of natural diamonds. The people of these countries are more aware of their impact on the planet and environment and hence are voluntarily choosing jewellery which has been created in an ecofriendly and ethical manner. 

Topping the charts on the list of countries where the synthetic diamonds are popular is the United States of America. The people of USA love their jewellery but are also conscious of the choices they make. The open mindedness and awareness of these people have led them to give more preference to lab grown diamonds. Most American celebrities have also been spotted wearing lab grown diamond jewellery which has further increased their sales.

The second country where lab grown diamonds are popular is the United Kingdom. In spite of having most of its lab grown diamonds imported from other countries, UK is one of the top consumers of lab grown diamond jewellery because most people here prefer buying diamond jewellery. Most engagement rings in London are made of diamonds and more recently are being made with lab grown diamonds on them.

Coming at a close third in the popularity of lab grown diamonds is Russia. This country is one of the biggest producers of naturally occurring diamonds, but recently has started producing lab grown ones too because of ethical concerns. Since the lab grown diamonds are predicted to have a successful future, many countries are beginning to produce it to boost the economy.

China and India are the other two countries where the lab grown diamonds are popular. Since these countries are the major producers of the world’s lab grown diamonds, they are easily available in these countries at an affordable price. The lab grown diamonds are the new face of the diamond industry and in order to survive the losses brought on by environmental concerns, the diamond industry should quickly adapt to the changes by accepting and promoting the synthetic diamonds.

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