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Smaller teams tend to be more productive, and when your team is only two people, it’s much easier to communicate and plan. Some of the significant accomplishments in the past were achieved by pairs of brilliant minds. Today, in this dynamic text world, the software is no exception. Post pandemic, many software development teams are now distributed and working remotely, and pair programming enables teams to stay connected. But most teams are not able to embrace pair programming due to the high costs associated with it.

Fortunately, Prospero.Live makes pair programming accessible for every developer and a small team. Prospero.Live is a collaborative software development tool designed for remote developers. It is beyond just a pair programming platform. It offers some unique features that make it more of a Swiss Army Knife for distributed developers to work together.

Prospero.Live enables its users to pair programs, talk, draw and run codes in a single browser. Developers often talk about becoming fully immersed in the project and being in a state of flow. Prospero.Live is a tool that empowers developers to engage themselves in a state of shared flow.


Here are some of the core features offered by Prospero.Live:

  • Pair programming editor that allows a pair of developers to work on a task together.
  • A shared cloud file system to store data securely.
  • Video conferencing to stay connected while working together.
  • Code editor to view and edit code together.
  • Screen sharing for better collaboration.
  • A whiteboard to plan and discuss coding, diagram systems, and share research.


“As we all figure out the hybrid office, developers are seeking out tools where they can comfortably work one-on-one with peers.” – Steve Goldsmith, Founder of Aurifex Labs.


Steve Goldsmith, Founder of Aurifex Labs and the Creator of Prospero, is an Electrical Engineer from Wilkes University. Steve was the Co-Founder of the Bay Area Summer Enrichment Camp, where he used to teach coding in Python to middle school students. After teaching programming for many years, Steve started looking out for the best way for small teams to work on code together.

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Steve noticed that many developers could quickly develop an efficient shared workflow if they find the right set of tools. He decided to create a platform that is beyond just a traditional pair programming platform. Steve launched Prospero.Live to revolutionize the pair programming landscape.

Prospero.Live is an ideal tool for pair programming, Dev + QA/UX pairing, and developer demos. It can also be used to teach programming and hackathons.

About Us: 

At Aurifex Labs, we are a team of expert developers and product managers that focuses on building solutions that solve real-world problems. We strive to create affordable collaborative platforms for remote and distributed developers. We aim to provide developers with the best tools to improve their productivity.



HQ Address: Aurifex Labs LLC, 1630 Welton St, Denver CO, 80202

Contact Number: (703)819-7144


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