Macbroo – The Complete Northeast Consulting Firm Overview

Complete Northeast Consulting Firm Overview

Milne & MacBroom LLP, also known as Macbroo, is a multinational employee-owned consulting firm specializing in infrastructure and the built environment. The firm has over thirty years of experience and provides a wide range of services, including environmental sciences, engineering, and construction. Its employees work in various fields, including healthcare, engineering, and also environmental sciences.

Government Agencies & Municipalities

Milne & MacBroo LLP, formerly known as Macbroo, is a significant engineering and consulting firm headquartered in Cheshire, Connecticut. Founded in 1909, the firm has over three decades of experience and is ranked as one of the largest regional consulting firms in the Northeast. With offices in Massachusetts and Connecticut, it provides services to government agencies and also municipalities throughout the Northeast.

Construction & Engineering

Milne & MacBroom LLP is an employee-owned multi-disciplinary consulting firm based in Boston, Massachusetts. Its services range from environmental science to construction and also engineering. Its services range from design to planning, from construction to inspections. Whether you need a professional engineer or an engineer to do a construction project, Milne & MacBroom – The Complete Northeast Consulting Firm Overview is here to help you navigate the process.

Chartered Institution of Engineers

Milne & MacBroom, Inc. is a multidisciplinary consulting firm with seven offices in New York, Connecticut, and Maine. The company has been ranked as the largest engineering and design firm by the Hartford Business Journal in 2018 and ranked among the top 10 design firms by Engineering News-Record in 2017. Its corporate headquarters are located in Cheshire, Connecticut, and its regional offices are based in Boston, Connecticut, and New Haven. The firm is an equal opportunity employer and member of the Chartered Institution of Engineers.

Master-Planned Community

A large consulting firm with seven offices in the Northeast, MMI is an employee-owned company with over three decades of experience in environmental science, engineering, and landscape architecture. Its headquarters are in Cheshire, and the firm has offices throughout the Northeast. Their offices have also been awarded several awards in recent years, including the Meriden Green, a master-planned community in the city. There are currently no locations in New Hampshire for this consulting firm.

All Sizes & Industries

Milone & MacBroom is an employee-owned company with offices in Connecticut and Massachusetts. Its various services are available to clients of all sizes and industries. The firm has a history of over three decades. Moreover, it is an employee-owned consulting firm with a specialized team in every field. They also offer comprehensive planning for cities and municipalities, from the design to the implementation of projects.

Milone & MacBroom – A multidisciplinary firm with offices in Connecticut and also New York, Milone & MacBroom combines expertise in construction, environmental science, and landscape architecture. The firm has offices in Cheshire and several other cities in the Northeast, including New Haven and Meriden Green. Its offices are located throughout the region, and they are committed to helping communities succeed.

Comprehensive Planning Services

Milone & MacBroom – a 185-person East Coast consulting firm with seven offices in Massachusetts and Connecticut. The firm provides engineering, construction engineering, environmental science, and landscape architecture. Moreover, it offers comprehensive planning services and has an extensive network of specialists. Its services include zoning, permitting, and design and include civil engineering and surveying. In addition to offering a full range of services.


Founded in 1923, The company has offices throughout the Northeast, including New Hampshire and Massachusetts. It has over 185 employees and offices in Connecticut. Its collaborative team will provide comprehensive environmental and also advisory services to clients. However, the firm does not specialize in any particular field but instead focuses on a broad spectrum of industries tech daily magazines.

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