Revealed: Best mattresses for back pain

.A recent review has named the Amerisleep AS2 Hybid as the best mattress for back pain. Mattress experts Sleep Junkie reviewed a number of mattresses currently on the market to find which ones can help ease a sore back. Amerisleep appeared twice, with AS2 Hybrid ranking best overall and the Organica model being named as the best latex mattress for back pain.

Other brands that appeared on the list include Zoma, Vaya and Purple. Latex and memory foam tend to get rated as the best materials for back pain, although individual preference has a large part to play when mattress shopping.

Best mattresses for back pain

The Amerisleep AS2 Hybrid is considered to be the best mattress for back pain as it contains a combination of contouring memory foam and supportive pocketed coils. This model features 2 inches of sustainably produced Bio-Pur® on the top layer of the mattress, which is designed to relieve pressure.

HIVE® technology in the mattress gives zoned support to the sleeper’s major joints to optimize their sleeping position and spine alignment. This makes the AS2 Hybrid a good choice for plus-size sleepers and people who prefer to sleep on their side. The AS2 Hybrid is rated as a medium-firm mattress, with a rating of seven.

All mattresses have a firmness rating out of ten, with one being the softest and ten being the firmest. Traditionally, it was believed that firm mattresses are the best option for people suffering from back pain because they need more support. It all comes down to personal preference, however. Flippable mattresses are a good option if you can’t decide on a soft or firm mattress, as you can turn the mattress until you decide what you like.

Some people want a mattress that can specifically target and support a certain area of their back that experiences the most pain. The Zoma mattress has been rated as the best mattress for lower back pain, whilst the Helix Midnight LUXE is considered to be the best mattress for upper back pain.

A hybrid mattress combines materials such as memory foam and gel with pocketed coils to provide optimum comfort and support. The Zoma mattress has five inches of gel memory foam that helps to support the sleeper’s back whilst relieving pressure on their shoulders and legs. A further seven inches of encased pocketed coils help to limit motion transfer and give support to the layers of foam.

The Helix Midnight LUXE targets the shoulders to provide relief to the sleeper’s neck and upper torso. Many people’s back pain originates from these points, which then causes upper back pain. This model features Memory Plus Foam, which gives the mattress a medium firmness rating of 5.5.

The table below shows the top-ranking mattresses for back pain, along with the categories that they excel in.



Amerisleep AS2 Hybrid

Best Mattress for Back Pain Overall

Zoma Hybrid

Best Mattress for Lower Back Pain

Vaya mattress

Best Budget Mattress for Back Pain

Amerisleep Organica

Best Latex Mattress for Back Pain

GhostBed Flex

Best Hybrid Mattress for Back Pain

Purple Hybrid Premier 4

Best Mattress for Side Sleepers with Back Pain


Best Mattress for Hot Sleepers with Back Pain

Saatva Classic

Best Innerspring Mattress for Back Pain

Helix Midnight LUXE

Best Mattress for Upper Back Pain

Nolah Evolution 15

Best Luxury Mattress for Back Pain

Bear Hybrid

Best Mattress for Back Sleepers with Back Pain

Memory foam mattresses can help give pressure point relief by contouring around the sleeper’s body. Some people prefer latex mattresses as they are made from sustainably sourced plant-based materials and feel similar to traditional foam. Gel memory foam is also a good option for people that get too hot during the night because the cooling gel can regulate their body temperature.

Amerisleep Organica is considered to be the best latex mattress for back pain. Not only is the foam eco-friendly, but the mattress also contains upcycled steel coils. The latex conforms to and supports the sleeper’s body, which can help ease chronic back pain. This model is a medium-firm mattress, with a rating of five to six out of ten.

The WinkBed is considered the best mattress for people who suffer from back pain and get too hot during the night. It contains several cooling features, such as a breathable Tencel™ cover, gel-infused Hypersoft Foam and Triple Layer Heat Disperse™ technology. This supportive mattress also features an Extra-Edge™ structure, which prevents the edges of the mattress from sagging and prevents the sleeper from feeling as if they might fall off the edge.

There are mattresses that can help ease back pain for each sleeping position. The Purple Hybrid Premier 4 is recommended for people who sleep on their side, whilst the Bear Hybrid has been rated as the best mattress for people who suffer from back pain and sleep on their back.

Side sleepers often experience neck and shoulder pain, which can lead to a sore upper back. A good mattress to combat this issue is the Purple Hybrid Premier 4 as it is specifically designed to reduce pressure build-up. The Purple Grid™ structure collapses under the sleeper’s weight whilst still maintaining enough support to promote spine alignment and provide a good night’s sleep.

A slightly firmer mattress option is the Saatva Classic, which comes in three firmness options. The Plush Soft has a mattress firmness rating of three, the Luxury Firm is rated between a five and seven and the Firm is rated as an eight out of ten. The Luxury Firm option is the most popular Saatva Classic as it provides a good combination of lumbar support and pressure relief.

The pocket sprung mattress has botanical antimicrobial treatment, which keeps the mattress smelling fresh.

If you’re looking for the right mattress on a budget, the Vaya mattress is a viable option. It’s one of the medium-firm mattresses on the list, with a firmness rating of five to six out of ten. It is 12 inches thick, with a three-inch comfort layer and nine-inch base.

However, the Nolah Evolution 15 is a good choice if you want to splash out on a luxury mattress. It features a cooling graphite-infused AirFoamICE™ layer, along with durable foam that is supported by tri-zoned, HDMax™ Eco Support coils.

One of the best hybrid mattresses for back pain is the GhostBed Flex, which is made with the innovative Ghost Bounce responsive layer. The hybrid memory foam mattress features two layers of gel memory foam along with GhostBed’s exclusive Spirited Edge™ support that prevents the sides from drooping.

What causes back pain?

There are many reasons for back pain, such as injuries, poor posture and strains. However, one cause that many people don’t consider is sleeping positions or their mattress. A bad mattress can put undue pressure on someone’s spine and can create pressure points on their boy that can worsen over time.

Around 16 million adults in the United States suffer from back pain that affects their everyday activities. A bad night’s sleep can increase the pain and can sometimes even be the main source of the discomfort.

Some sleeping positions are especially bad for people’s back pain, such as lying on their stomachs. This places extra strain on the neck and spine, which can aggravate sore muscles.

Sore backs and other aches and pains can severely impact the sleep quality that people get each night. A disturbed night can lead to further physical health problems, as well as having a negative impact on their mental health.

The best way to ease and potentially eradicate back pain is to find a comfortable mattress that is supportive and offers pressure relief. This can help to give long-term pain relief and encourage healthy sleeping positions.


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