What is the purpose of logos and why do they matter?

A logo is the soul of the brand it represents. There are numerous entities or products around you which carry a unique logo onto them. You may not recognize the brand with its name, but you instantly identify it by its logo. They strongly influence our decisions and trust. People process the image faster than the text so that is why the logo acts as a visual ambassador of the brand.

The word logo is a Greek word meaning ‘reason’ or ‘plan’. A logo is symbolic of aspirations, virtues, and souvenirs. In medieval times logos were part of the trademark companies which are used to differentiate them from others in the trade. They were used as a sign or stamp to establish their well-trained skills and to protect both the trade and skillset. During the industrial revolution, trademark perception evolved more intensely, and later in the corporate sector logo was being used as an image and brand identity. A logo is adaptable in the reproduction of intangible media. It is universal which appeals consistently to a diverse range of people. Logo tends to be effective to unveil the pure view of the brand. It can be visible and well interpreted at a glimpse even in the shade of black and white.

Designviva has discussed the purpose of logos and their importance in our life.

Purpose of logos

The leading purpose of a logo is identification. It identifies the person, company or organization, brand, product, and services it is designed for. It is regarded as a timeless piece that carries your legacy. The logo communicates with your audience about the core values and beliefs of the brand. It acts as a bridge between them.

Logo reveals your identity

The logo lets your audience know who you are, that is it reveals your identity. From the company’s website to official documents and other things associated with your brand like pen, mugs, diaries, pamphlets carry the logo of the brand. Whether you put your brand’s advertisement in a newspaper or billboard its logo is also there.

Concise and blunt

Logos does not have to convey hidden meanings. The clearer a logo is the better and more successful it is. For the sake of making the logo unique do not make it complex as it can fall flat. It confuses the audience as it is difficult to understand and recognize. The message should be clear.

Strategic instrument

Logo can be an art but foremost it is a business strategic tool. It is for instant brand recognition. Fonts, colors, typefaces, and other elements are designed to create the impression of the brand and to convey its message and what it offers.

Why do logos matter???

Designviva has laid down some key reasons why logos are vital for your business-

Steals attention – you have a few seconds to convince your potential customers that your brand is worth trying. Attention extents are short.
Powerful impression – logo imparts ownership on the product you sell or niche audience you dominate.
Foundation of your brand – it is your marketable identity and is everywhere on the branding materials like letterhead, business cards, websites, etc.,
Memorable – customers acknowledge your brand through your logo.
It lets you stand distinct from your competition in the market
Cultivates brand loyalty – it nurtures trustworthiness, consistency, and accessibility
Increases expectation of your niche
Potential customers – logo occupies space in the storefronts, in the newspaper’s advertisement, etc. which captures the reader’s attention prompting them to try your brand.
Omnipresence – logos are omnipresent. Printing advertisements, brochures, printing stationery, etc. have your logo even if your brand name is absent. The logo is the element that is backed by the brand’s name, product, and services, philosophy, core ideas, and vision.

Mascot or face of your business

The logo is an identifier of your brand. Whenever people think of your brand, the first thing that comes in their mind is the visual image that is your logo. Logos are used for swift brand recognition. For example, when you think of McDonalds burgers, the first thing that comes in your mind is the letter M with simple golden arches. Other examples are Nike’s swoosh and Apple’s bitten apple logo.

Converse brand values

Logo resonates with the brand’s core ideas and beliefs. Your niche audience perceives a brand by just looking at its logo. It speaks about what products and services your brand offers and builds a trustworthy relation with your existing and potential customers. Furthermore, it conveys the message and expresses emotions to your audience.

Sway your decisions

Yes, logos influence your decision! People judge your brand and its quality by associating it with your logo. The logo forms the expectations of the people. Your brand’s logo is the tip of the iceberg. One glance at your logo and your brand gets sold the very next moment.

So, this is the magic of a logo!







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