Top 10 Social Media Marketing Tools for Brand Awareness Growth

Branding for your business or start-up is the most important & dedicated task to get your business on top. And social media marketing tools have changed the meaning of promotion with online tools for social media marketing.

You need to decide how you can target the right audience with social media techniques & also use social media marketing tools free to analyze your insight. Using Social media tool will guide to increase your engagement with audience & help to boost up your branding.



Social Media Marketing Tools List

To make it handy here are some popular Social Media Marketing tools, and you can go creative ways, share regular trends & track the report’s insights every day. Here are some tools which may lesser your efforts of making tools for social media marketing creatives & powerful to keep you engaged with your activities.


1 Tweepi 

Tweepi is the best social media marketing tool that supports you to increase your followers day by day. Later, you may engage your audience with your tweet updates even by following them back.


2 Audience

Here is another Social Media tool-Audiense, which allows you to discover your targeted audience. It also supports making you understand how your audience is ticked & you can optimize the insights of your audience to creating reports. I must say that the tool helps to build up a smooth relationship with the audience.


3 OptinMonster

They are very powerful tools for social media to raise your lead generation by engaging the audience at the right moment. You may create a proper creative by using its features like lightboxes, landing pages, popups, etc to create your template. Even OptinMonster can handle your social media campaigns & even interestingly you can add a chatbot to get engaged with many people at the moment.


4 Socialbakers

Socialbakers will compare your activities with competitors based on your follower’s data & helps to improve your post content. Even you can monetize your campaign budget effectively to boost up your growth.


5 LastPass

It specially designed for Social Media activities & beneficial to use it. LastPass saves your password & keeps it strong with all characters & symbols to keep protected. When you will enter the app you will get login automatically due to saved passwords. Once you will change the password you won’t be able to log in automatically.


6 ZeroFox

ZeroFOX is the most popular Social Media tool for security purposes. It keeps you secure from hackers after taking control of your account. Even more, it balances the online reputation of the clients by removing intentionally disruptive & offensive content, ignores spammer followers & profiles.


7 Follower Wonk

Followerwonk is compatible with a Twitter account and helps to monetize your Twitter audience. It adds your account to people’s suggestions to follow you which will increase your audience & online business growth.


8 Crowd Booster

CrowdBooster shows you the real-time data that you may access on a very quick response. You can also create the reports for your activities to measure the performance rates & also export the format of graphs or tables. And this format of information will increase your audience’s interest and engagement.


9 Agora Pulse

Agora Pulse is one of the most trustable & affordable social media marketing tools free. It supports you in scheduling your post and analyzes the insight for the post. Also, you can make the quiz & content to boost the engagement of the audiences. Moreover, it also guides you to handle your social media campaigns by comparing your competitors. You may take a free trial to understand the benefits.


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10 Twitter Analytics

Twitter, social media for sharing the updates. Twitter analytics helps to get your post insight & target audience. You can make complete report insight for the likes, views, engagements & retweets of your posts. You may understand the tricks to engage your audience more towards your posts and how you interact with them.


Tips for Best Social Media Marketing Tools


You may select any tools for social media marketing from the above listed & use them as per your business requirement & budget. Social media marketing tools free or paid are available to manage your creative post & increase your audience & their engagements towards your activities. You just need to remember that your post content must have the interest which influences your audience to follow you & respond to your activities.

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