The Best Features Tesla Has To Offer Drivers

Of all the electric cars, Tesla is by far the most well-known. And while cars are not cheap, they offer the best value for money, especially with an extended warranty for a Tesla.

When choosing a brand new car, there are many things to consider. Picking a used car comes with similar criteria, such as knowing your budget and requirements. 

A Tesla has many unique and extraordinary features that you won’t find in most classic cars. There may be other electric car brands, but Tesla is the most innovative. Here are some of the best features they have to offer. 


Self-driving cars are something out of a futuristic world that Tesla has brought to its drivers. Autopilot can be activated, but you should always keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel. 

The advanced driving system can auto-steer, keep up with other vehicles, brake for slower traffic, and assist highway driving.

Super Charging 

Tesla has established an extensive and exclusive charging network (just for Tesla owners). If you’re away from home, Tesla Superchargers can charge your car up to 200 miles in 15 minutes, making them the fastest charging option. 

This is a very convenient feature, especially compared to the usual three miles per hour of charging you would usually get. A standard charger is best used at home to charge your car overnight. 

Dog Mode

A dog can quickly overheat in a parked car; luckily, Tesla has come up with the perfect solution. When you enable “Dog Mode,” the center console will display an on-screen message saying, “my owner will be back soon,” advising passersby that your dog is safe.

Dog mode will automatically keep the car cool with the air system, even though the car is parked. 

Sentry Mode

Most cars have security systems, but they do not compare to Sentry mode. The cameras begin recording if someone gets too close to your Tesla for too long. 

As classical music plays from the audio system, an alert appears on the screen indicating that the car is recording. You can activate Sentry mode to keep potential burglars or vandals at bay.


Tesla is continuously recording from four cameras positioned around the car for your safety. All videos are saved to a USB, making them easily accessible if necessary. You can even watch the videos while in the car.

Unless you actively select to save it, dashcam footage is automatically overwritten after an hour. You can easily save the past 10 minutes of footage with a simple tap of the dashcam icon. 

Some of the presets can enable you to have the car save recordings for you if you get into an accident or honk the horn. A dashcam has many benefits, including video evidence in case of an accident or theft, easy vehicle tracking, and preventing fraud. 

To top it all off, a Tesla also has secret modes and settings, like Bioweapon Defense Mode and easter eggs to look out for. Who wouldn’t want a Tesla with all of these fantastic features?

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