These are all the procedures you can do without going to the DGT


Surely you have ever gone to Traffic to carry out a procedure and upon arrival you have found a huge queue. Well, you should know that there are other ways to carry out the procedures related to the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) without waiting and in an agile and comfortable wayFor this, the DGT has some external collaborators (post office, administrative managers or city councils) that facilitate such common procedures as the payment of a fine, the renewal of the driving license, the modification of some data of the vehicle, etc. There are producers to check preowned cars if you intent to buy a used car online in New Zealand.


In post offices you can carry out the following procedures:

 Request the DGT environmental labels for motorcycles, cars, vans and heavy vehicles. The price of the labels is five euros.
 Ask for a duplicate of the registration certificateTo do this, you must go to the post office and pay the corresponding fee (20.40 euros plus the management fees that Correos applies) and present the identity document (DNI, NIE or passport) and the original circulation permit (in case of duplicate for deterioration).
 Payment of finesAt post offices you can pay traffic fines, although you must add 1.5% of the amount of the fine and 2.50 euros more to the amount of the fine.


Administrative managers can carry out any procedure related to the DGT. However, the most common are the following:

 Application for DGT environmental labels for motorcycles, cars, vans and heavy vehicles.
 Duplicate vehicle registration certificate.
 Duplicate driver’s license due to deterioration, loss or misplacement.
 Change of ownership of the vehicle.
 Application for an international driving licenseFor this, it is necessary that you pay the corresponding fee (10.30 euros) and that you provide a valid driver’s license, an identity document (DNI, NIE or passport) and a passport-type photo.
 Low for export or community transit.
 Vehicle registrationThe fee that you must pay to carry out this procedure is 97.80 euros for cars and 27.30 euros for mopeds.


Just by filling in the official Traffic forms, in the town halls you can modify the address of the driving license and the tax address of the vehicleIn addition, through the Electronic Headquarters of the DGT you can consult the list of municipalities with which there is a collaboration agreement.


When it comes to renewing the driving license, it is necessary to go to a medical examination center to obtain the medical certificate. However, you should know that you can complete the process right there and take your renewed driving license. To do this, you must pay the corresponding fee (24.10 euros) and present the identity document (DNI, NIE or passport) and a passport-type photograph.


In addition to offering a lot of information to users about Traffic, the new DGT electronic headquarters allows endless procedures to be carried out via telematics:

 Change of address of the driving license
 Check the balance of points
 Duplicate of the registration certificate
 Vehicle report
 Designate a regular driver
 Payment of traffic fines
 Identify the driver of a violation
 Presentation of appeals and allegations
 Request an appointment at the DGT
 Check the environmental label of a vehicle
 Seizure record


By calling the 060 phone number, drivers can quickly and easily carry out different procedures, such as: paying traffic fines, changing the address of the vehicle and driving license and requesting a duplicate driving license.

All the procedures you can carry out



Driving license renewal

Recognition centers

Duplicate driving license

060, electronic office and managers

International driving license

Electronic office and managers

Change of address (notifications)

060, electronic office, managers and
municipalities with an agreement

Check the balance of points

Electronic office

Vehicle registration

Administrative managers

Duplicate of the registration certificate

Electronic office, Post Office and managers

Change of tax address

060, managers and municipalities

Vehicle report

Electronic office and managers

Designate a regular driver

Electronic office

Definitive deregistration of the vehicle

Scrap yards or Authorized Treatment Centers (CAT)

Payment of traffic fines

060, electronic office, Correos, managers and Caixabank

Allegations or resources of fines

Electronic office and managers

Apply for environmental badges

Managers and Posts

Request an appointment at the DGT

060 and the electronic office


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