Tips to improve productivity in the office

Encourage Collaboration

There are a few things more frustrating than working in an office where teams do not collaborate. It is interesting that solid working remains one of the biggest hindrances to productivity in the workplace. Fortunately, there are many ways to encourage collaboration without having to organize meetings or plan team-building activities.

If your teams are working in different locations or time zones, project management software is a good tool to get them talking. The system enables users to safely and securely upload documents into the cloud, which eases daily tasks. If you are new to such systems, try nominating a champion in each part of the business to get the teams set up. It will amaze you how fast collaboration tools boost productivity and ease engagement.

Go paperless

Adding something simple like automation to processes that are paper-based can have a huge impact on productivity in the office. For instance, you can use an electronic signature system that lets you send and receive contacts securely and in a time-effective manner. 

Define your sign off procedures

One other sure way of increasing productivity in the workplace is to have a definitive and streamlined sign-off process. In big organizations, there may be a tendency for a large number of stakeholders to need to sign off work. While it may be an advantage to have many people viewing a piece of work during a sign-off, the process can be lengthy and frustrating. It consumes time for the employees who could use the time doing something else.

A better idea would be to look into your current sign-off processes and work on them with the main stakeholders to establish which person needs to see what. It allows you to reduce the steps that your team needs to go through during a meeting, which means that they will have enough time to engage in other activities. It promotes productivity and engagement between colleagues.

Additionally, using a work time tracker system allows multiple stakeholders to upload contracts/other documents in the cloud. You can do this by sending a link through the system where the stakeholders can provide comments and consent right there.


Change your system of agreement

No matter where you work, the probability of having a system of agreement in place is high. The current collection of tech and processes used for making, signing, working on, and managing agreements is what a system of agreement is. However, most of the time, the traditional system of agreement has outdated processes. They may include emailing scanning or printing agreements. It only serves to delay your projects.

If you are looking to save some time, it is best to automate the processes. They will also save you paper because you do not have to print anything. There are various applications that can cover an agreement process such as DocuSign Agreement Cloud.

Get your systems working jointly.

Another useful way to increase productivity is to get your systems to communicate with each other. You can use a CRM system like Salesforce to give you some apps to pick from. These are designed to blend with the setup you are using currently. Salesforce and DocuSign are good examples of such.

Having all the systems put in order and a single origin of truth when it comes to company data will help in speeding up certain processes. This, in turn, improves data integrity and enables your teams to collaborate effectively.

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