Top Five Task Management Software to Look For In 2021

The main goal of using technology is to make things easier and convenient in our day to day life. So, a question like “Why should I use a task management software becomes quite vague. What is Task management software? A task management software helps in effective communication with the team members. It saves you from using long email chains as a communication channel. Also, it can help to maintain budgets and update you about your projects. A task management software is like a virtual assistant with an easy to track system.


It brings the entire team together

Project managers are the glue which keeps the team together. Efficient and fluid communication is important to collaborate on projects. A project management software ensures that everyone is working towards a common goal, instead of pursuing their ideas. Functions like file sharing, group chats, and dashboards help in effective collaboration.


Effective management of resources

Keeping a tab on tasks and team members is not the only work of a project manager. He/she would also have to take note of tools and supplies. Also, make cuts in project expenditures when necessary. Also, project management software helps in easy communication with other project managers.



“Time is money”.

Completing tasks before the deadline is one thing which every person strives for. In the business world, Planning is important. Assigning tasks to teams and setting deadlines is common for a project manager. But, taking notice of any leaks, and planning out future targets are also very important. These are a part of the project manager’s day to day life. A project management tool is the need of the hour for the organization of all these things.



A project manager would need different apps for storing and documentation of projects. And also to get a progress report on the project. A Project management tool not only helps in effective documentation as well as helps in providing insights about performances and data storage facilities.



What should be the key features in a task management tool?


Prioritization of tasks

Team members can know about the upcoming tasks with the help of this software. Prioritization is an important feature to look out in task management software.


A calendar

The entire team should have a shared calendar synced across. It is a basic need. It helps in keeping the entire team updated about upcoming events and task. A shared calendar can help in Planning of upcoming meetings


Scheduling of tasks

A basic but important task. It gets done easily with the help of task management software. The entire details of the tasks should be available from a single platform. Options to attach relevant documents is another important feature.


Management of resources

A project management software should help with keeping a track on physical assets as well as tools which would help in the project management. 


Tracking of time

If you are working on a project billed by the number of hours worked, then this is a common feature you would have to use. Also, time tracking is useful to make plans for similar tasks.


Storage of documents

Documentation is the root need for a project. Project management software should be able to store all the documents and spreadsheets. Everything related to a project all within a hand’s reach. 


Team communication features

Group chats group messages forums and comment sections on the task tab is important. It helps in easy communication between the team and to prevent misunderstandings.


Seamless file transfer and sharing

Attachments on documents are quite common. File, tasks and resource sharing between team members and stakeholders is important.



A project manager should always know what the entire team is doing. A dashboard helps in keeping the entire team on a check under a single screen. A task management software should also include a KPI feature. It offers the ability to track time spent on each project.


Budget dashboards

Automated tasks about payment collection from clients is an extra feature. This feature is quite useful for those working in large groups and organizations.


Let’s take a look at the top five Best Task management software to look for in 2021.


1. PlanStreet

Tailored for organizations which are in the social service domain. It has automation systems with effective case tracking and dashboards. Top of the line software available in the market.

 A free version is also available for trial purposes.
 Windows, Mac, Android and iPhones are compatible platforms.
 Online tutorials and webinars or even in-person training are available. 
 24 * 7 customer care is available for technical issues.



It’s a smart and balanced task management software. It’s also an established project management system. Features like Task management and prioritization are the highlights of the app. Time tracking, resource management and even budget management are available on

 Has an intuitive user interface
 It has easy to operate a task management system.
 Dashboard with customization.


3. Basecamp

It’s a perfect tool used for tracking tasks across many projects. It also bridges the communication gap between teams.

 It has a simple dashboard which requires only some time to get used to.
 Using the tag feature for each task, you can assign tasks or subtasks to individual team members.
 It allows easy transfer of task-related resources like documents and spreadsheets.
 It has easy file upload and transfer system. The comment and messaging platform integrated with email notifications is another plus point.
 It doesn’t offer any budgeting features.


4. Mavenlink

Mavenlink has a lot of features which a task management software should include.

 The task management system is very easy to learn.
 It comes with task prioritization and scheduler system. A resource management system is available to keep live track of resources and tasks.
 The time tracking feature is also included as an “online timesheet”. There is a separate option for tracking Billable and non-billable hours.
 Mavenlink also features a common file storage area.
 It has a comment section in tasks bar.
 The dashboard features everything related to tasks, resources and projects. 


5. Asana

It’s a task management tool tailored for small teams. Its focusses on factors like collaboration and accountability.

 For technical novices, the navigation system is very simple and easy to navigate. 
 A user can create a schedule and prioritize tasks with the help of task list and timeline charts etc.
 The entire team can have a synced calendar. It helps in keeping the entire team updated about upcoming events and task.
 Time tracking features are also included.
 It doesn’t have any budgeting features.
 Resource management feature is absent.


It may not seem so, but a Task Management Software will make your work much simpler and efficient.


So these are the top of the line Task Management Software available. Try out any of them, though PlanStreet works out to be the best, and then choose one which best fits your requirements.


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