A Beginner-friendly Guide To Google Trends

Google Trends is a crucial search engine feature that enables users to see recent and past popular searches and trends. A user can find out how many times other online visitors have entered a search term on Google’s search engine. Using Google Trends, one can learn about trending news, popular topics, search volumes for a certain term or phrase, search volume history, and other details about a keyword. The feature shows the search trends results per geographical area too. Master how to use Google Trends as a researcher, digital marketer, or SEO specialist, and you will enhance your results.  

How to use Google trends

Brands and individuals can use Google Trends in various ways: 

Keyword Research and Content Planning

Google Trends will enable you to find hot topics, search trends, new keywords, and queries related to your brand. Use the tool to qualify keywords before including them in SEO and content marketing. You can validate keywords by checking the keyword search volumes, trends, user intent, preferred wordings, and other metrics. This way, you choose keywords and plan content in such a way as to rank high on search engines. 

Improve your SEO 

Use Google Trend to select short-tail, long-tail, short-term and long-term keywords. The insights will also inform your geo-targeting and intent-targeting SEO tactics. If you are in eCommerce, Google Trends can also enable you to identify the proper customer- and product-defining keywords. Besides, you could study high-ranking pages to learn proper ways to use the keyword on meta descriptions, titles, and meta tags.  

Define a personalized approach to your audience

You can discover the interests of your target audience by looking at Google Trend data. Whether you are listing products for e-commerce or creating content, use the insights to design your content or list your products to match your target audience’s needs and preferences.

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Find most in-demand products

Google Trends is an insightful tool for anyone looking to enhance their products categories and lists, find new affiliate marketing opportunities or begin a new eCommerce store. All you need is to type a product, and you’ll see historical search data and information about related items. You also discover the specific regions where your products are popular and seasons when the interest is at peak. 

Measure your brand awareness and reputation

Type your brand name and phrases used in your products or adverts on Google Trend and see how much interest they have generated. Review the data to see changing trends since you went online. Google Trends shows search history over the past two decades. 

Approximate your competitors’ popularity and rank on search engines

Just like you can see your brand’s popularity on Google Trends, you check that of your competitors too. Explore the results see where they stand in the search engines. You’ll also discover competitors you didn’t know by checking related searches and topics. Use the comparison feature to compare your brand with different competitors to gain a broad view of the general performance of industry players.  

Choose a niche or identify the hottest new markets

With Google’s keyword comparison feature, you can find insightful data about search demand for topics in different industries. You can type in up to 5 terms, and the tool provides comparison data for you to explore. So, if you’re multi-skilled and want to figure out which niche to specialize in, use Google Trends to discover audience interest for each and pick accordingly. 

How Google Trends Works

To use Google trends, you need to open the tool first. Just type Google trends from your search bar, and it’ll show the website. Click the page and scroll down to see different trending topics. You’ll also see other details about popular topics in your geographical location. You’ll notice a search bar where you can type your specific search phrase, and the tool will display helpful insights about the term.

The tool divides the data point for each search phrase by the total searches for a chosen location and the specified time range to give relative popularity. You can filter the date range to several years back, up to 2001, and compare how interest in the phrase has changed. From the tool, you’ll also see related questions, searched topics, content categories, and kinds of industries interested in the topic. 

Final Thoughts

From the above sections, you can tell that Google Trends is a powerful tool that enables you to visualize search behavior. It helps you uncover trends in Google news, YouTube search, web search, image search, and Google shopping. Gaining a sample size of this data will give valuable insights into your SEO, product and service categories, marketing, brand popularity, and much more. 

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