What Can You Do with a Data Analytics Certification?

8Data is transmitted every day exponentially as almost all companies command a digital presence today. This data is of enormous value when it is structured and studied. It helps to recognise patterns in business as well as in forecasting future trends. Businesses can use this data to strategize on new business steps and ventures. This data is exchanged at a very fast rate in the form of messages, comments, images, videos etc. But most of the time this data comes in an unorganised way and when not structured, it is of no value.  This is where data analytics come in. These professionals are responsible for cleaning, categorising and analyzing such data with the help of different tools. 

If you are considering a career in data analytics, give this article a read as we explore what are the different career paths you can follow in this field. To earn all the skills and make a start in this career, consider opting for a data analysis certification programme

  1. Business Analyst 

A business analyst is responsible for reading data and finding patterns in it. This helps business leaders in making effective business decisions based on insights. This step helps in increasing the value of the work a business does. They are experts on working with SQL and other tools that help in categorising databases. A business data analyst has to have excellent communication skills and should be comfortable working with people of different skill sets. A business analyst makes an average of 95 thousand dollars in a year. 

  1. Data analyst

Data analysis is the process of gaining insights from data to help business leaders make informed business decisions. Data analysts follow a process of identifying data they want to analyse, collecting that data, cleaning the data to prepare it for analysis, analyse the data, interpret the analysis. This is very important for analyzing the performance of a company and in exploring new business ventures or avenues. Data analysts work across all industries and earn quite a bit. The average salary of a data analyst in the US is about 75 thousand dollars a year. They work with SQL and other tools for database categorising. 

  1. Data scientist  

Data scientists and data analysts have a lot in common even though the work profiles vary.  Data scientists are experts on the technical work of data analysis. These professionals are skilled at working with programming languages, software, tools and can perform data visualisation. A data scientist also collects and analyses data for informed business decisions. This position is an advanced one and an average data scientist makes about 90 thousand dollars per year. 

Data is one of the most valuable things in today’s business world. There is always a high demand for skilled professionals to work and assist businesses in expanding and working efficiently. 

Join a program today and make a start on your data career. 

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