What is the Best Way to Keep AOL Mail Account Secure?

AOL mail is designed as one of the most famous and leading webmail services, used by millions of users from all across the world but at the same time, because of this, it is also level to more cyber threats such as ‘Hacked accounts.’

Therefore, it is necessary that AOL users should know about the few best practices of keeping their AOL mail account safe and secure from all kinds of threats and malicious activities. And, to help AOL users in this matter, below-we’ve mentioned the correct ways of accessing AOL mail accounts. So, let’s get started:

However, before signing in to your account, you should first check the ‘URL’ of the login page. It is necessary to ensure whether you’re signing to your account from a correct/official AOL login page or not; because if you randomly log in from a site/page that looks similar to AOL mail then, you might get yourself and your AOL account data in trouble (the various similar-looking fake sites can steal your data and login information). So, ever keep 2 things in your mind:

First: Login from the URL ‘AOL.COM’ while accessing your AOL email account from a browser.
Second: To avoid hacking attempts, never use any link to redirect yourself to the AOL login page.

Now, moving forward, let’s learn the correct way to login to your AOL email account with the help of the below-mentioned step-by-step guide:

Consistently to direct yourself to the AOL login page, open your browser and enter “” in its search box.
Then, press the ‘Enter’ button to reach the new window of the ‘AOL Mail Sign-in page.’
There, in the required email address text field enter your ‘AOL Email ID’ and click on the ‘Next’ button to continue the process further.
On the next page, enter your ‘AOL Password’ in the required password text field, and while doing so make sure your ‘CapsLK’ key is on/off according to your password requirement otherwise you’ll get a password error message.
After entering your password correctly, click on the option of ‘Sign-in’ in order to open the ‘AOL Homepage that gives you access to all the recent headlines and news.
Now, you’ve to click on the ‘Email Icon’ that is there on the upper-right side of the screen of the AOL homepage, in order to finally access the ‘AOL Email Inbox Page.’
That’s it! You can now start the process of sending and receiving AOL emails.

After this, what is considered important to have in mind is that you should use the ‘AOL stay signed in’ button more carefully. So, let’s read more about when and where you can use this ‘Stay signed-in’ feature of your AOL Mail account:

It is worth mentioning that, you should only use this option on the computers that you trust such as your personal home computer or on your mobile device. Other than this, never use this ‘Stay signed in’ option when you logged in to your AOL account from some other computer or laptop such as your college, friends, or cyber cafés.

It is so because, if you use this option while accessing your account from any public computer then, anyone who is visiting ‘AOL.COM’ after you can have your AOL account automatically logged in and this is scary as they can steal your data and your login credentials.

So, keep in fact in mind and never use the ‘Stay signed in’ option until and unless you’re accessing your account from your personal computer or laptop.

However, if you still keep the ‘Stay Signed in’ option always on then ensure that you’re logging out of your AOL account in the correct manner to keep your account safe and secure. Considering this point, let’s learn how to log out of AOL Mail account correctly with the help of the below-mentioned steps:

In order to sign out of your AOL Mail account, navigate yourself to the ‘AOL email inbox page’ and from there; look out for the ‘Sign-out link’ which is right there below your ‘AOL Mail Username.’
So, from the upper-right corner of the ‘AOL email inbox page’ click on the ‘Sign-out’ option.
Once you have done that, you’ll be able to close your AOL Mail account correctly.

That’s it! This is all about the few best practices that you and all other AOL users should definitely follow to ensure the safety and security of your AOL Mail account.


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