Why Phone number guy for buying Vanity Phone Nuumbers?

Phone number guy refers to a business based in San Francisco. It was founded in the year 2010. The phone number guy offers vanity phone numbers to everyone. The numbers are provided either for private or business use. A vanity phone number is an easy-to-remember phone number with an easy repeating number frequency, or it spells out a phrase or word. Therefore, the numbers used are easy to recall.

Vanity phone numbers are very important in every business. They are always the best option for those businesses that are willing to have their business branded and acquire an easy-to-remember phone number. When compared with other regular numbers, vanity phone numbers are the best.

A business determined to make great customer call upgrades to the vanity phone number. The number will allow one to communicate more frequently and better. Purchasing a vanity phone number enables one to upgrade to the product identification and sales promotion, while at the same time, one gets a free advertisement, another benefit.

The vanity numbers can be placed at strategic areas such as radio shows, TV, internet, and billboards, as these are the most popular places where the numbers are placed.

Suppose one is willing to brand-match their business with the number of web domain, vanity phone number perfect. Doing this gives a higher chance of the consumers recalling a certain company that uses a branding that matches all the mediums. Therefore, a recognizable and memorable vanity phone number will assist in more lead generation. Lead generated through calls convert to tangible revenue at a higher rate than web-generated leads.

The vanity phone number has other features that are important within the ad’s performance and in the true ROI of the number. These features, which are from the vanity phone numbers, include the following.

The call tracking report lets the owner know the total number of calls and missed calls received in a certain period. Through this, one will ensure that there are no decent opportunities missed and all calls are from consumers are answered.

Vanity phone number allows call recording to listen to conversations that happen for the incoming calls. Call recording enables one to listen and ensure they acquire the expected callers and productive conversations on the vanity phone number.

A report that displays the call volume. The feature allows one to determine the number of calls received in the vanity number either within a day or per week, though daily.

Vanity phone numbers have advantages to companies advertising on billboards, radio ads, televisions, amongst others. These advantages include the following;

Vanity phone numbers will help build a brand that people will easily remember, especially if it is done correctly. Having a custom vanity phone number keeps and builds brand awareness.

In areas such as television commercials and expensive advertising, it is advisable to use a phone number that is easy to recall. The viewers or the listeners cannot recall a number unless it has consistent numerals or numbers. Therefore, using the vanity phone number is significant in improving a business.

They ensure that the communication and products of the company will mix through allowing the business to earn extremely recognizable and a specific phone number, and is designed to maximize the number of clients in the market targeted at the same time.

Vanity number on advertisement allows the users to recall the contact information easily without much effort. They are simpler and more effective for business and marketing campaigns.

The unique marketing packages offered by vanity phone numbers are more than those provided by the regular telephone numbers, as potential customers will recall the number more easily and better.

Statistics showed that clients prefer to use vanity numbers as the chances of recalling a vanity phone number are higher than other regular numbers. In fact, more than 70% can recall the vanity number after more than 30 seconds of advertisement. 

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