Five Reasons Why You Should Purchase a Model From Rolex Cosmograph Daytona

When you talk about watches, it is impossible not to talk about Rolex. It is at the forefront of the watch industry, mainly because of its distinct craftsmanship and innovation. Rolex is probably the dream watch of most people, and it is not just because it is a status symbol one can brag about, but also because it has the most stylish designs and top-notch technology.

The history of the legendary brand started in 1905 in England with the brilliant minds of Alfred Davis and his brother-in-law Hans Wilsdorf. What we know today as Rolex has one been Wilsdorf and Davis. Wilsdorf trademarked the brand Rolex three years later, and then he moved to Switzerland, the heart of watchmaking, to continue the growth of the company.

The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona: Rolex’s racing watch 

Rolex Daytona is a series that embodies the brand’s love for speed and racing cars. This is probably one of the most famous collections of the brand, which we will dive into later. It is not just popular because of its outstanding aesthetics, which is very recognizable. It is also popular for its technological composition, which many watchmakers consider impressive.

Reason 1: It is for professional car racers

The creators of the Iconic Cosmograph Daytona made the brand with car racers in mind. Through this collection, the brand was able to forge a lasting connection with the drag race. Many car racers worldwide were seen wearing models from the iconic brand. Soon enough, not only those involved in car racing but ordinary individuals were seen sporting it.

Reason 2: One of the trendiest collection in the market 

Cosmograph Daytona is one of the most famous collections not just in Rolex’s stash but in the whole industry, competing with the best of the best watches from different brands. Fans specifically love this series because it offers a bulky and unique design, perfect for outdoor activities yet maintaining a flashy vibe. It is also famous for its high-quality movement.

Reason 3: One of Rolex’s best Calibre operates it

Rolex is famous not just because of its models but also because of its workmanship. Fans know them as the brand that self-manufactured almost every piece and composition of their watches. Hence, it is no shocker that the brand manufactured the Calibre 4130 of Cosmograph Daytona. It has a certified chronometer title that guarantees accuracy.

Reason 4: It is a good investment 

In general, luxury watches are investments. This is why most watch collectors would not doubt purchasing a timepiece despite the tag that comes along with it. However, Cosmograph Daytona is a next-generation collection. All of its composition, from the design to the technology, is ahead of its time. Hence, it guarantees a huge return of investment to you.Discuss this purchase with an expert and buy a Rolex when visiting Phoenix.

Reason 5: Top-notch Visuals 

The series’ models are currently the most stylish watch in the market. The designers are not afraid to go out of the box in styling the timepieces, combining the flashiest elements with the most eye-catching colors. From the tiny diamonds, the 18kt yellow gold hardware, the mother of pearl dial, and the high-quality alligator leather, everything is extremely visually pleasing.

Among the most loved watches from the series

The 116515LN-0041 model of the series is one of the most notable watches because it manages to merge luxury and ruggedness. It has an Everose gold 40mm diameter round case on a black rubber band. A thick black bezel embraces its chocolate brown dial with luminous gold-tone pointer indexes, stick hands, and three subdials. It is such an iconic timepiece.

Another one is the  116509-0072 model from the 2018 release of the collection, famous for its immaculate visuals. It has an 18kt white gold 40mm diameter round case. The band is the same white gold material as its case. Its silver dial is set with luminous silver-tone pointer indexes along with stick hands and three subdials. It is a silver lover’s dream watch.

If you are a fan of flashy watches, then the  116595RBOW is for you. It has a Rose gold 40mm round case. The band comes in the same material as it. The bezel is encrusted with diamonds in different colors, so it resembles a rainbow. Its indexes are also colorful diamonds, and its hands are luminous gold sticks. It is among the most expensive of the series.


When it comes to buying luxury watches, there are a lot of things you should consider. It is not just limited to the aesthetics of the watch since any other brand can make a good design; other standards like technology, return of investments, and even popularity also matters. With Cosmograph Daytona, you do not have just two reasons to purchase it; you have five.

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