Advantages and disadvantages of electric blinds

Electric blinds are developing in today’s world, and over the years, they have become quite common. Moreover, technology innovations are now being highly appreciated compared to other years. Therefore, people are more desirable to have automated homes, thus the increase in electric blind installations. Electric blinds come in variety and range at prices. Therefore, you may consider checking out the various types of electronic blinds available in the market today at Electric blinds from Swift Direct Blinds. Electric window coverings are one component of home automation that offers various advantages, ranging from entertainment to improved home security. However, they also have some disadvantages that you should know before fully settling for electric blinds for your homes.

Listed below are some of the pros and cons

  • Pro: provide safety for kids and pets

Blind cords that come with the manual blinds to help draw out the drapes pose a danger for children and pets. In research in the United States, the results stated that most kids rushed to the ER are due to strangulations or injuries from blind cords. Additionally, cats and dogs or other pets allowed to roam freely in the house may get harmed from these blind cords. For instance, cats that are more likely to play with dangling strings may get hurt playing with the cords. Therefore sine electrics blinds require o cords or strings o draw; they prove to e the safest to avoid these accidents.

  • Pro: provides you with control over lighting and privacy.

Automated window treatments allow you to have complete control over the quantity of light that enters your home. Additionally, you can open and close your blinds from other rooms in your house with automated window treatments, so you may close them before entering your bedroom, bathroom, or any other room. Moreover, you can have timers on your blinds on when to open and close. For instance, you may have them closed during the day and open before you arrive. This helps in saving energy, especially during hot seasons. Also, it enables you to have control over the unreachable or high-end windows.


  • Con: Initial costs are higher.

Electric blinds are more than just blinds; they involve using technology such as motors, solar panels, and add-ons that connect your window treatments to your phone or remote control. Therefore, an automated window may become more costly upfront. Moreover, some use batteries, and thus once they die off may require a replacement every once in a while. However, despite the initial costs, these treatments help in saving energy costs in your house. Moreover, to help save up on the installation costs, you can add up automation to existing window treatments.

  • Con: dependent on electricity

Automated window treatments are limited to a power source such as electricity, solar, or battery. Therefore,  in places that are prone to electricity outages, these window treatments may be inconvenient. This is an exception to blinds fueled by battery power. However, that too can run out.  Moreover, technical devices are prone to technical glitches, and window treatments are no exception. Therefore, when choosing window treatments, it is important to be aware of these factors.

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