The Best Energy-Saving Gadgets For Your Home

Nowadays, there are more ways to save big on energy than ever before. If you are looking to boost your energy savings and keep your home running efficiently, Corgi Home Plan suggests these green gadgets to add to your energy-efficiency arsenal. 

  1. Eco-Chargers

As you may already know, electronics continue to drain energy when they are plugged in but turned off. However, what you may not be aware of is that both your mobile phone and your computer chargers continue to use a consistent stream of power no matter if you’re using them or not. While you could always go through your house and unplug your chargers, there’s a better option that is much less inconvenient. An Eco charger can be a much better solution while delivering you the same energy savings. Rather than continuing to pull power throughout the day and night, it will turn itself off once the device it’s charging reaches its charging capacity. 

  1. Smart Sockets

Another excellent addition to your power-saving toolbox would be smart sockets. Smart sockets can help you cut down on unnecessary energy usage very easily. These sockets can plug directly into your standard wall outlet. They will then cut the power to any devices that are idle or on standby.

  1. Smart Thermostats

One of the major areas of your home that is likely costing you the most in wasted energy would be your HVAC system. Maintaining a consistent temperature throughout your entire home can be difficult. Your system is constantly having to adjust which can cause your system to not only work harder but to utilize a lot more energy than you might like. There are better ways nowadays. With smart and programmable thermostats, you can effectively control your home’s heating and cooling system directly from your favorite mobile devices or even through your voice-controlled assistants. Best of all, these systems can learn your habits and behaviors. For example, if you tend to leave work every day at 9 am, your smart thermostat can learn this and shut off the heating or cooling while you are gone. This can save you hours and hours of unnecessary and wasted energy. What’s even better, it can turn on your heating or cooling based on when you get home so you are none the wiser about how your home felt when you weren’t in it.

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  1. Energy Monitors

If you are very serious about reducing your energy use, you could always invest in energy monitors. An energy monitor can tell you exactly how much you are using in different areas of your home. You can check to see which appliances are pulling the most and it can even show you how much you would save if you swapped them for Eco-friendly options or if you adjusted your energy use.

  1. LED Lighting

Lighting used to be a big expense that you could cut by turning off the lights when you didn’t need them. However, LED lights changed all of that. LED lights require a lot less energy to create the same amount of light as older bulbs. They also have other benefits like instant on, no flickering, and more. However, they consume absolutely no power when they aren’t being used. They are also much more efficient by themselves which makes them more than worth buying. Perhaps best of all, they last as much as 25 times longer than normal incandescent bulbs so you won’t have to grab a ladder so often.

  1. Solar Panels

The sun is the best resource to leverage if you want to save money on energy or become more eco-conscious. With solar panel technology, you can leverage the sun’s infinite power to create usable energy for your home’s appliances and more. While solar panels do cost a lot upfront, they are much more affordable than ever before. They can pay for themselves in 10 to 15 years which makes them deliver a positive return on your investment in most cases.

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