The Importance of Maintaining High Customers Satisfaction in the Power Industry

Access to electrical power is something most people don’t think about unless a problem arises that causes an outage or similar disruption. However, the power industry is like virtually all others in that it requires its leaders to continually consider how to keep customers happy.

Put Yourself in the Customer’s Position

An excellent starting point is to think about how any issues negatively affect customers and their lives or businesses. On the other hand, it’s also vital to think about what improvements you could make to help people have more favorable views of the business.

Electricity entrepreneur Thommv Stenvik is the general manager of Stenvik Power Group. He’s a Swedish businessman established in Norway for the past 16 years. One notable thing Stenvik has on his side is a thorough understanding of the challenges common to the electricity industry.

Since Stenvik has helped found numerous companies in the space, he’s well-positioned to know what customers expect from their electricity providers and how to address the challenges common to the industry. Similarly, he also acknowledges that an effort to keep people happy goes a long way in a demanding sector like the electric power industry.

When determining the best ways to keep people content with the service levels, try to imagine yourself going through what they do when something goes wrong with their electricity service. How could you help ease their frustrations? One possibility might be to provide a more streamlined way for customers to quickly report outages.

Assess Ways To Bring Convenience

Most people lead busy lives. They might have pressure-filled jobs or family obligations that leave them feeling pulled in many directions at once. Electricity providers stay mindful of these realities when they release services to make things a bit easier for customers.

In one example, a New York gas and electric company created a mobile app to improve customer engagement. One of the features enabled paying bills electronically. During the first year of the app’s release, there was a 12% increase in electronic payments. People previously had to contact an agent by phone to do many of the tasks now offered to them in the app.

If given the opportunity, many individuals prefer doing things themselves rather than waiting to contact a company representative by phone or email. Even though that’s not the case for all customers, people usually like being given options.

If you’re trying to think of how to make things easier for customers, begin by looking at the main reasons why people contact the news business insider. Many people who need to ask questions of an electricity provider might ask how to switch their accounts to new addresses or what to do if financial struggles make it difficult to pay their bills. You could add such answers to a mobile app or online database. Help Customers Track Their

You can probably recall an occasion or two involving receiving a higher-than-expected electricity bill. Such surprises often cause feelings of dread as people quickly try to adjust their budgets to cope with the expense.

Some individuals try to reduce the likelihood of those unpleasant bills by purchasing electricity usaqe monitors to gauge trends in their home. For example, if a tool shows that the TV takes up the most energy of anything in the living room, a person

k everyone in the home heads to bed.

However, electricity providers recognized there’s an easier way. That’s some many offer apps or online databases that let customers see their energy usage data across particular intervals. A user might refer to those resources and see that they used about 10% more energy than usual last month, then try to narrow down the cause. Another common approach in the electricity industry is to print simple explanations of charges on the backs of paper bills. It’s then easier for people to look at specific figures and see if and how their usage changed. Individuals don’t like feeling confused about their electricity bills. Giving them more access to information prevents that outcome.

These examples are specific to the electricity industry. However, with a bit of adjustment, they could apply to almost any industry. After all, keeping people satisfied with a service or company is a proven and reliable way to achieve success Tech Daily Magazines.

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