All About The 5 Rigorous Days SSB Interview

Twice every year aspirants from around the country appear for the National Defence Academy examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission. The examination process involves a written test followed by 5 days challenging Services Selection Board (SSB) interview process. The selection process of the UPSC NDA examination is very intensive; it is both cognitively and physically demanding. Therefore, a candidate needs to be holistically prepared to qualify for one of the most pursued, most prestigious and one of a kind defence institutes in the world. 

As mentioned above the first stage of the selection process is the written test. It involves two papers, the first paper has questions on mathematics while the second paper has questions on general ability. A candidate can successfully pass the written stage with rigorous practice and a planned approach. However, the Services Selection Board interview is a tough nut to crack as it is not only extensive but extremely intensive. For an SSB interview, a candidate needs patience and perseverance and to work on cognitive and personality attributes. 

Furthermore, find out all the important details related to the UPSC NDA Application form and prepare accordingly.

In this article, we will feed you with some crucial facts about the 5 days of the SSB interview. Therefore, make sure that you go through the article thoroughly and prepare yourself for the rigorous routine from now on.

Check your responses with the UPSC NDA Answer key and evaluate your result before the final result.

Facts About The 5 Days UPSC NDA SSB Interview 

  • On the first day of the SSB interview routine, candidates are put through intelligence, picture perception and discussion tests. The intelligence test is formulated to check a candidate’s logical and analytical dexterity. Based on the performance, candidates are marked between 1 to 5. In the picture perception test, candidates are given a picture and based on the characteristics shown in the picture they have to write a story. Through this test, they assess a candidate’s language proficiency, expression and confidence.
  • The second day is allotted to the psychological test which involves group tasks and personal interviews. Candidates are provided with question sheets in which they are supposed to fill in their natural responses. The test involves 60 TATs and 60 WATs.

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  • The GTO test is held on the third day of the entire SSB interview process. In the GTO test candidates are made to interact with each other. This stage is very slippery, as every action and activity is observed and judged. A candidate is judged based on body language, mental and physical strength. Therefore, first of all, make sure that there is no pretence and that you appear confident and cheery.
  • The fourth day of the SSB interview involves interaction with an experienced senior or an officer from the academy. The purpose of the interview is to know you wholly as a person, this involves knowing about your interest, relationships, achievements etc. Be very truthful with everything you share and don’t try to hide anything from the interviewer.
  •  On the final and the fifth day of the SSB interview process, a conference is held in which a candidate will be tested for strong and weak attributes. This stage assesses whether or not a candidate is fit to be a part of the academy and whether or not a candidate can be turned into an officer with proper training and time at the academy.
  • Candidates with the higher scores in the first intelligence test will get an upper hand in the final result at this stage.

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