As a model, why must you look out for Onlyfans alternatives?

We know the title may sound absurd to you now, and we don’t blame you. After all, Onlyfans is the most extensive network for models to put up their content online without having to fear the haunting warnings of censorship and earn in large numbers. But what if we tell you there are other options similar to Onlyfans with a few features that can be considered better than Onlyfans. 

This article will list some big reasons why as a model, you should start considering alternatives for Onlyfans.

It is always wise to have plan B

The community of creators came to a standstill when Onlyfans announced banning content on the platform. Although they didn’t proceed with the ban, the danger of an content ban will always loom around, which is why you always have a backup. Considering an alternative to Onlyfans will provide something to fall back on and help you earn extra. However, if you post nudes with explicit imagery as a model, OnlyFans might still be your best option. But if you plan to go beyond that, you must start considering other options.


Earn more 

While all the sites similar to Onlyfans take a 20% cut from your earnings made on the website, do you know that Onlyfans has set an upper limit on the amount you can charge a fan or subscriber? Yes, you read it right, but the good news is that there are sites that allow you to set your fans and subscribers without worrying about a limit. Sites like AVN Stars don’t put an upper limit on the money. Also, platforms like Fancentro allow charging for subscription tiers, which is not available in Onlyfans. 

Easier Payouts

In Onlyfans once every 21 days, you can request a payout, but what if there is some emergency and you immediately need a payout. We have some good news for you; there are sites like Onlyfans where you can apply for instant payouts. In AVN Stars, you can request a payout whenever you want. The best part is these payouts usually do not take more than a few hours to a maximum of 2 days, even if the payments are international. In extreme cases, the Payout gap can stretch for seven days but isn’t that better than a 21 days gap?

Better options to spice up your content

As mentioned in one of the sections above, websites like Fancentro allow you to create subscription tiers to earn more and add a touch of excitement to your content. Sites like Fansly enable the users to follow your account for free without giving them access to the premium content. You can use this feature to put a few posts on the complimentary area as a tease to attract users to subscribe to your premium content. Also, you will find sites where you can give access to specific posts to a particular chunk of fans.

Better Service

Once you sign up as a model into a site similar to Onlyfans, getting familiar with the system’s UI and functions takes you a while. There are times when you end up making some rookie mistakes in the beginning. To avoid that from happening, platforms like Fancentro, Unlockd, JFF, MYM, and more give a comprehensive rundown of how to use the website with their tech team and tutorial videos. 

List of popular alternatives for Onlyfans

Now that we have given a set of reasons why considering an alternative for Onlyfans is essential, here is a list of platforms that you can consider as good options:

  • AVN Stars: AVN Stars is a popular subscription-based platform that specializes in providing content. It is a social media network created by the AVN Media Network. AVN stars aren’t just an content specialist that lets you monetize through a subscription; it also allows you to charge on a per-clip basis. It has features like adding private Snapchat, post scheduling, and more. One of the best perks is that AVN Stars doesn’t put an upper limit on the amount you charge for your content; based on your popularity, your earnings can skyrocket. 
  • Fancentro: This platform was launched in 2017. Fancentro is a prevalent subscription-based content platform that allows models/content creators to upload content and secure good earnings. As a model, it will enable you to put your content in the form of pictures and videos. It also allows you to put up a chunk of your content in the free bracket, and the rest of it is kept secured behind a paywall. You can charge between $10 and $20 per month to access your private content on FanCentro. For extra content like private messaging, you can charge around $5 to $10 a month. The Payouts are rolled out every Tuesday. 
  • Unlockd: Unlockd is another platform similar to Onlyfans that was launched in 2020. Just like Onlyfans, Unlockd allows the addition of content. One of the best features of Unlockd is the lesser fee fraction that it charges. You will be charged a 15% cut off of your earnings, which is less than other sites, including Onlyfans. Unlockd also gives you the freedom to tailor your rates to suit the content.

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  • MYM: MYM stands for Meet Your Model; it is a social media platform allowing content kept behind a paywall. Despite being a French company, they accept all the payments in USD. Unlike most platforms like Onlyfans, MYM charges according to the type of transactions. For subscription-related transactions, it takes a massive 25% cut; for private content, it takes 20%, and for tips, it charges a tiny amount of 10%. 
  • LoyalFans: LoyalFans has a good name as an themed social media platform. It allows you to keep hidden content that can only be accessed through a subscription. Like AVN Stars, LoyalFans doesn’t put an upper limit on the amount you can charge your fans. This feature will let you maximize your earnings. LoyalFans allows 2 Payouts in a month.

We hope after reading this article you are convinced that you must look for other alternatives for Onlyfans to have a brighter future as a content creator. Use the alternatives mentioned above, and get busy earning. 

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