ATTYT Global Network Services International

The company ATTYT Global Network Services International Inc. was founded in 1999. The company offers its customers a wide range of communications and network services. The company was first registered in New Zealand on 21-May-1999 and is currently based in New York. The company’s annual reports were filed on 18-July-2018. Its current status is removed, as it no longer provides any services.

Numerous Offices in Various Locations

Its main business is providing network services to customers in different countries. This company was established in the Philippines. It has numerous offices in various locations. It has a solid local presence in MAKATI CITY. The business is also present in other parts of the world. The company has been a leader in the Philippines. At its head office, it has a staff of over 1,300 employees. The company’s main office is located in Manila, the capital of the country.

ATTYT Global Network Services International is a service provider that focuses on data network security. Its services include telephone communication, except radio. It is headquartered in MAKATI CITY, Philippines. The company has an extensive presence in the Philippines and has been in business for over two decades. The company has its headquarters in the US and is headquartered in the United Kingdom. The company has offices in the Philippines.

Telephone & Data Networking Services

The company offers a full range of telephone and data networking services. The main business of ATTYT Global Network Services is telecommunications and data networks. It also provides Internet connections to businesses. At the moment, it operates in the Philippines and the US. It has many subsidiaries and divisions across the globe. Most of these subsidiaries have been operational since 2001. All of these companies are part of the AT&T Group.

It provides network services to a wide range of industries and sectors. It also offers an excellent range of services for enterprise customers. Its network services include phone, data, and Internet connectivity. The company provides secure and reliable data and information solutions to its clients. The company’s security policies are designed to protect the privacy of its clients and employees. In addition, the security documents provide a complete and comprehensive overview of the company’s services.

Data & Internet Communications

The company was established in the Philippines in 2009. Its services cover data and Internet communications. It provides internet and intranet solutions to a variety of clients and organizations. The business specializes in providing broadband services. The network infrastructure serves many clients. It also includes data and Internet technology.ATTYT servers in the Philippines serve the same purposes. The company’s global network service providers. They offer a range of data security solutions.

The company has a global presence and has many branches in the Philippines. Its headquarters is located in MAKATI CITY, a prime location for the communications industry. It offers a variety of services, including data and Internet access. Its customers are served with a wide array of options, from data protection and information to VoIP. In the Philippines, the company’s business is mainly focused on delivering reliable and secure services.


Impressive Track Record

The company is based in the Philippines. The company specializes in Telephone Communications, Except Radio. It was established in the Philippines in 1990. Today, AT&T is an established global company in the Philippines. It has offices in Manila and other cities in the country. It has an impressive track record. Its security measures will ensure that your data is protected. The security measures that it provides are practical and efficient.

The company’s security measures are centered on the protection of personal data. The company processes data in several countries as an initial controller, processor, and exporter. The organization has centralized these functions and focuses on crucial security initiatives and elements to protect customer information. The security procedures that the company uses are designed to keep data confidential. The entire process takes a maximum of six months. The information that the companies hold on the internet is encrypted.

Final Thought:

The company has appointed data protection officers for the Philippines. These data protection officers will help the company comply with local privacy laws. Contact these representatives by email. The list is updated regularly. At the time of writing, this document has been updated. A copy of the latest version is available here. Its policy will be more comprehensively explained on its website. You can also learn more about privacy ATTYT Global Network Services International.

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