Benefits of DIA (Dedicated Internet Access) For Your Business

When you select leased line internet connections or business internet plans for your enterprise, you must ensure that it adds great value and endows you with a good connection. There are over 336 million internet users, so not selecting the correct provider can slow your work. In this scenario, a DIA (dedicated internet access) connection can be more efficient and work quicker than any other conventional internet service. Note that DIA is a premium leased line internet connectivity product which is completely dedicated and offers a symmetrical internet speed. 


Opting for a dedicated internet connection can play a major role in increasing your overall speed, while a stumbling internet speed can be extremely deadly for your work. As per Quicksprout, even a 1-second delay in loading the website can lead to a 16 per cent audience satisfaction loss. 

What is a DIA (Dedicated Internet Access)?

Dedicated internet access ensures that your enterprise receives dedicated bandwidth and high-speed internet connection. However, many of the business routes for the shared internet connection. Note that such connections fail to generate the high speed you require. 

A shared connection while reduces costs, its speed is most likely fluctuating in nature. There are a lot of differences between shared and dedicated internet connections. Few of them are – 

Clarity – Dedicated internet servers have better clarity of videos, images, and sound. 

Quality – Dedicated internet servers offer better reliability and quality of the internet. 

Speed – Depends on the business internet plans you opt for. 

Advantages of DIA 

Using DIA, a high-end version of a leased line internet connection serves a lot of benefits. Pharmacology companies, car dealerships, and hotel chains must use DIA. Such industries hold a regular influx of various customers, thus entailing faster internet access. This enhances security and even contributes to overcoming the challenges. Note that network bandwidth is a crucial parameter to consider for enterprises because in case the bandwidth is low, then the internet connection may even decline. A few popular advantages of DIA for businesses are – 

Better network security 

Security is one of the crucial parameters for enterprises. If your enterprise is responsible for managing important data, you must enhance your network security. Most of all, the enterprises involved in financial record maintenance require focusing on ameliorating safety. Using a dedicated internet connection can help improve network security. As businesses or enterprises does not have to share the connection with others, there are fewer chances of hacking. 

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Businesses with DIA do not need to worry about external threats. Moreover, it even plays an important role in keeping all transactions secure. 

Guaranteed bandwidth

Slow internet connection is one of the main issues of many enterprises. However, with the assistance of DIA, you are rest assured of receiving a dedicated and reliable bandwidth. 

Scalable internet access

Not many enterprises realize the importance and necessity of scalable internet connection in business. Startups must consider installing a dedicated high-speed connection if they want scalability in business. With a scalable connection, businesses can manage massive amounts of data and ameliorate the load speed without hampering the internet on the audience’s end. 

In case you are looking to enhance your business, you must consider installing this dedicated internet access. 

Better customer support

Businesses can depend on DIA service providers to offer support 24X7. Almost all dedicated service providers have a service agreement to abide by. In this, they assure to fix the issue within the timeline as mentioned in the agreement. Also, the service level agreement consists of details linked with how much time the enterprise will take to solve the problem. 

Ending note

When it is about DIA, you must select a reliable provider.  Based on the chosen provider, you will get the download and upload speed. Security is even a crucial parameter to consider. Nonetheless, integrating this into your business internet plans can play a major role in enhancing your productivity.

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