Casie Colson Baker: How did Machine Gun Kelly Adopt Casie?

Machine Gun Kelly is a famous rapper and the father of Casie Colson Baker. He is married to actress Megan Fox. The two started dating in 2008 and their relationship is known to have ended after she cheated on him. However, it was rumored that the rapper was gay. After their relationship dissolved, he began dating a model named Emma Cannon. The two later separated, and their daughter is named after her former model mom.

Instagram Account

The two reportedly met in 2007 and got married in 2011. After meeting on a blind date, the singer decided to adopt his daughter. She was just two years old when she became a father, and the two are still close to each other. They have been together ever since, and the singer has shared photos of them on his Instagram account. He also shares a picture of their baby on his Twitter account.

The father and daughter were married in 2011 but never publicly introduced. Both are known for their love of music and their sexy lifestyle. Their relationship has been a major source of drama for many fans and has led to a split in the family. During the past few years, the mother of Casie has appeared on TV with other celebrities. This time, the two have a child of their own.

Talk of City

Despite a public relationship, MGK and Casie have not been in the spotlight yet. The couple were recently spotted on the red carpet at the AMAs. While the couple has a busy schedule, they have been keeping their daughter out of the public’s eye. They have been swiping the headlines on social media. As a result, the pair are becoming the talk of the city!

As a result of the relationship between MGK and Casie, the rapper has a daughter and a sister. The mother and daughter met at a Blink-182 concert in 2009. Their relationship began in 2010, and they later welcomed their daughter the same year. This relationship has lasted a long time, with the rapper taking their daughters’ relationship to the next level.

Devil-May-Care Personality

While the singer has a devil-may-care personality, he has a softer side that he hides from the public. His daughter, Casie Colson Baker, is his best friend. He is known for his wild lifestyle, but it is also a great father. His daughter, aka Casie, is a real star in the making.

Instagram Posts

Although the rapper is known for his tattoos, his relationship with Casie has been very public. In his Instagram posts, the rapper is seen holding her daughter’s hand. Both are extremely devoted to their daughter. In fact, Kelly is so soft with his daughter that he calls her “the love of his life”. The rapper is also a very protective dad, as he has always been there for his daughter.

Gun Kelly & Casie Colson Baker

Machine Gun Kelly and Casie Colson Baker are a couple of best friends. The rapper is also the father of his daughter’s two younger siblings, Casie and Emma Cannon. The pair met at a Blink-182 concert and later welcomed their daughter in the same year. It is unclear when the rapper began to feel the pressure of being a father to his daughter.

The rapper is very protective of his daughter. He has been shown to be a good parent, and the children are happy and healthy. During the time of the adoption, the rapper’s daughter has been the star of many of his AMA awards appearances. MGK and Casie are not related but are best friends. The singer shares his son with Emma Cannon.

Final Words:

The rapper is engaged to Emma Cannon. They are parents of two children, Casie Colson Baker and Emma Cannon. The rapper, who is 31 years old, has a son, and he is engaged to her. The two are very close and often share photos of the family. MGK and Casie are also in the public eye on Instagram, and they’re always posting a photo or video on social media here.

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