Different Types of Ties for Men

Ties have long been a staple in every man’s suit, whether for formal occasions or the office. They look and feel more professional when they wear this one. Furthermore, it is a statement with specific ties to a particular event. If you have an essential formal affair to attend, or you are expecting a big client, and a meeting is on the way, then getting a suit may be appropriate clothing to make a good impression. However, your perfect formal attire will never be complete without a matching tie. So, if you’re a curious cat, keep reading to learn about the various ties men should wear.

Five Popular Ties Men Wear

  1. Necktie

The necktie is the most popular and must-have item in every man’s wardrobe. This type is appropriate for any occasion, whether a formal event, a casual wardrobe, or workplace attire. The best thing about neckties is that they are widely available in any clothing store and are likely to be recognized by everyone.

Furthermore, these items differ in color, pattern, and design. There are plain-colored ties and patterned ties. Again, many men prefer earth-toned colored links, while others prefer polka dots. Also, the most common type of necktie is known as an apron. This type is long and has two pointed ends.

  1. Ascot Ties

Different Types of Ties for Men

If you look into it, this type of tie makes a good fashion statement. The ascot style is typically worn beneath the dress shirt but over the undershirt. This is knotted several times and covers a significant portion of the throat line below the chin. Its fastening method includes a scarf pin.

However, this tie is more luxurious than a necktie. These items are also frequently seen at luxury brands such as Dior, Gucci, and Hermes. Some men have custom ties, especially if they are part of a limited-edition collection.

  1. Bowtie

Who doesn’t adore bowties? Aside from being popular, this tie is also suitable for children. Like the bowties on girls’ headbands, this type is narrow in the middle and wide on both ends. Bowties are also appropriate for formal occasions and if you are one of the event’s stars.

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This tie’s style has a unique impact. Furthermore, compared to neckties, it is easier to put on and take off. And this tie looks best with tuxedos, especially black ones. This one is also suitable for children. It is ideal because kids can wear bowties around their necks like a necklace. There is no need to knot, which saves time.

Different Types of Ties for Men

  1. Bolo Ties

Bolo ties may be unfamiliar because you rarely see them in men’s formal wear. But if you are into fashion, you might have spotted this tie at certain events. This type is made of cord or braided leather and has metal tips on both ends. A metal or plastic clasp with emblems and other designs is the usual security of this tie. Furthermore, many people regard it as a luxury item.

  1. Cravat

People easily identify a cravat because it covers the entire neck when worn. You can eventually wrap it around your neck and tie it. This clothing has a long history dating back to 1700 when most generals and high-ranking officials wore them on special occasions. Nonetheless, it is like an ascot tie. However, fashion evolves rapidly, and you can now wear one even if you do not serve in the military. It is also among the luxury ties you can see, with many of them made of precious silks. 


You now know some of the most popular ties that men frequently wear. These clothes have instructions on where they should wear one. Wearing ties can indicate how well you can dress for any occasion.

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