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                                    1.Who is Tim Tebow & a little bit of summary

Timothy Richard Tebow is a professional pro-American football quarterback, professional baseball player, and telecaster. He played school football for the University of Florida. He wins the Heisman Trophy in 2007 and showing up in BCS National Championship-winning groups during the 2006 and 2008 seasons. In the National Football League, Tebow played for only Denver Broncos and the New York Jets.  He additionally played minor league baseball as an outfielder in the New York Mets association. Tebow is referred to for his candid Christian confidence as his athletic ability; his act of bowing in supplication on the football field has gotten known as “Tebowing”.

Tim Tebow এর ছবির ফলাফল

 Tebow became the Florida Gators’ beginning quarterback during the 2007 season when he became the main school sophomore to win the Heisman Trophy. In 2008, Tebow drove Florida to a 13–1 record and its second national title in three years and was named the hostile MVP of the national title game. The Gators again went 13–1 of every 2009, his senior year. At the finish of his school vocation, he held the Southeastern Conference’s unsurpassed records in the two professions passing the proficiency and complete hurrying scores, showing up second and tenth (individually) in the NCAA record book in these classifications.
The Broncos were 1–4 preceding he became their starter, yet started winning with him on the field, regularly fighting against eminent loss late in the final quarter. With Tebow as the starter, the Broncos won their first AFC West title and furthermore won their first season finisher game since 2005, overcoming the Pittsburgh Steelers in extra time. During the outputting 2012 offseason, the Broncos exchanged Tebow to the New York Jets and he did it!!!. He got small playing time and was delivered after the 2012 season. Tebow later endorsed with the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles but didn’t play in any games for one or the other group.
In 2016, Tebow chose to seek a vocation in professional baseball. He marked a minor league contract with the New York Mets and played in their association as a left defender and assigned hitter until resigning in 2021.

                                         2.what is Tim Tebow doing now?

Despite being a mediocre quarterback on a non-contending NFL squad, Tim Tebow was perhaps the most well-known competitor. In the wake of becoming famous in Urban Meyer’s Florida groups, Tebow just had a solitary year of reliable NFL play, however, this year put him in the books. Presently, Tebow stays occupied with a few different undertakings both all through games.

Tim Tebow’s football journey

Tebow never had a typical path to sports stardom. He was homeschooled before college, meaning the average high-school football experience was out of the picture. Still, Tebow’s family found ways to help him dominate the sport. This got the attention of Florida’s scouts. Tebow committed to the school before the 2006 season. Tebowmania was officially born.

The QB spent most of his freshman season on the bench. But after getting promoted to the starter as a sophomore, he never looked back. Tebow’s 2007 season was one for the history books, as he passed for 3,286 yards, 32 touchdowns, and six interceptions, as well as nearly 900 rushing yards for 23 additional touchdowns. This gave him his first and only Heisman award. However, his last two years were equally impressive, and the quarterback was third and fifth in voting over the next two years.

When the draft time came around, it was the Denver Broncos who took a chance on Tebow with the 25th pick of the 2010 Draft. Tebow was a different quarterback. What he lacked in polish and traditional skills he made up for in heart and drive. He spent much of his first year on the bench, but after two critical injuries in 2011, Tebow found his way into the Broncos’ starting lineup. He led them to a 7-4 record and secured a victory in the playoffs over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

After getting shipped off to New York in favor of an aging Peyton Manning, Tebow played sporadically in 2012 and never saw the field past training camp again.

Tebow’s life after sports

New York Mets' Tim Tebow

Tebow’s rise to fame had a lot to do with his devout religious beliefs. He was unashamed to express his Christian faith throughout his football career. This made him a star in evangelical circles. Despite relatively little NFL success, he was a household name beyond football and used his image as the evangelical boy next door to get opportunities beyond football.

The quarterback has released several books, produced several movies, and served as a college football analyst for ESPN for several years. More recently, he has rebranded as a health and wellness expert. Tebow has been a staunch supporter of the ever-popular Keto diet, and he recently hosted a seminar about the health benefits of avocados.

However, as far as sports go, however, Tebow is still chasing his dreams, although it isn’t football he’s looking toward.

                                      3.what Tim Tebow eats in a day?

What Tim Tebow Eats in a Day


Tim Tebow is scouring his mini-fridge for everything he needs to make coffee. So far, nothing on the table looks like it belongs in a cup of java. There’s a stick of Kerrygold butter. A small green vial with an eyedropper in it. Heavy organic whipping cream.

“Oh, I love unsweetened almond milk, too,” he says, placing a quart on the table, next to a black Keurig.

Now he’s ready.

Fresh from co-hosting Saturday’s episode of SEC Nation at Ole Miss in Oxford, MS—where the Rebels were vying for a spot in the College Football Playoff on New Year’s Eve on ESPN—Tebow has agreed to show us his secret recipe for bulletproof coffee (his go-to drink to get pumped before a taping or serious workout), while also sharing the aww-inducing best meal he’s ever had, and breaking down what it’s really like living on a ketogenic diet.

He Takes His Coffee with a Smidge of Butter, Plus…

Bulletproof coffee has become known as simply adding butter to coffee—Dave Asprey, who’s credited for launching the trend, advocates using unsalted, grass-fed butter and ‘Brain Octane Oil’—though Tebow’s recipe is a bit more involved. (Unlike Asprey, however, his ingredients listing doesn’t include anything that sounds like it’d be fought over in the next Avengers movie.)

He mixes half-regular, half-decaf coffee—”I don’t want that much caffeine,” he says—before stirring in “a tap of heavy organic whipping cream,” a sliver of butter, a little unsweetened almond milk, and two-to-three drops of liquid Stevia, English Toffee flavor. The end result is a bit unsettling at first, given that the coffee has an oily film on top, but the smooth drink tastes remarkably like a Toffee Nut Latte—or, as Tebow describes it, “a little bit like a milkshake.”

“It really kickstarts your day,” he says. “It’s fantastic.”

Tim Tebow Makes Bulletproof Coffee

He Admits His Regular Diet Seems “Boring.”

Tebow sticks to a ketogenic diet, which means eating a lot of healthy fats, moderate protein, very few carbs, and hardly any sugar.

“A lot of people would think that’s very boring, and sometimes it is, but you find ways to really spice it up,” he says. “I eat a lot of things that run, swim or fly; I eat a lot of greens, a lot of Greek yogurt, a lot of avocados.”

More specifically, though, here’s what his typical food day looks like:

  • Breakfast: Eggs. “I have eggs in some form, whether it’s an omelet with spinach and ham and bacon and sausage all in there, or a scramble with avocado.”
  • Lunch and Dinner: Sparkling water—specifically La Croix, if he can get his hands on a can—and plain Greek yogurt are must-haves throughout the day. Beyond that, Tebow sticks to lean meats, like chicken, steak, and salmon, often pairing them with asparagus, spinach, or avocado. And guacamole: “Love it.”.

Nobody Cooks Like His Mom.

“Mom’s food is the best; it’s not even close. I’ve had the privilege of eating at a lot of fancies, really nice restaurants, and they just don’t even compare,” Tebow says.

Every year for his birthday, his mom would make ground beef or turkey tacos, which remain his favorite food to this day. “Back when I wasn’t as cautious about what I ate, we’d take a soft-shell taco, mix it with cheese, then wrap it around the hard shell, and fill the hard shell with whatever you want. It was so good.”

His mom also makes a killer Pizza Pie, which they demo’ed in a segment on Good Morning Americaand is exactly as it sounds: A pizza, made in pie form—like deep-dish taken to the next level.

Tim and Pam Tebow

There Are Three Foods He Misses from the Philippines. 

Tebow, who was born in the Philippines and opened the Tebow CURE Hospital in Davao City in 2014, has spent plenty of time in the country over the years, and says there are three dishes there that are unlike anything you’ll try anywhere else: Mangos—”They’re unreal there. You can grab one anywhere, cut it in half, and it’s a crazy meal,” he insists—rambutans (a red, furry fruit that’s “very hard to peel”), and Calamansi Juice, a citrus-y drink that some liken to lemonade.

“[The juice is] very sweet-tasting, maybe a little bitter. It makes you go like this,” he says, puckering his lips and closing his eyes. “It makes you squint a little bit, but it’s very sweet and good.”

4.what’s Tim Tebow’s net worth?

Tim Tebow Net Worth:

$5 Million

Tim Tebow’s Salary:

$1.6 Million

Tim Tebow Net Worth: Tim Tebow is an American professional football quarterback who has a net worth of $5 million. During his time in the NFL, Tim earned a little under $10 million in total salary. During his time with the Eagles, Tim earned $4.1 million. As an Eagle, he made a grand total of eight passes. In other words, he earned $512,500 PER PASS.

Early Life: Tim Tebow was born on August 14, 1987, in Makati, Philippines. His parents were Baptist missionaries who moved to the Philippines to build their own ministry. When Tim was three years old, the family moved to Jacksonville, Florida. He is the youngest of five children and they were all homeschooled by their parents. Despite not being enrolled, he was allowed to play on the football team of Trinity Christian Academy and later switched to Nease High School. He was named Florida’s Player of the Year and led the team to a state title.

Football Career: He enrolled at the University of Florida and Tebow played college football for their team, taking home the Heisman Trophy in 2007 and appearing on BCS National Championship-winning teams during the 2006 and 2008 seasons. Tebow was selected by the Denver Broncos in the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft. As a member of the Denver Broncos, he started the last three games of his rookie season and became the team’s full-time starting quarterback beginning in the sixth game of 2011. The Broncos were 1–4 before he became the starter, but began winning with him on the field, often coming from behind late in the fourth quarter, until they won their first AFC West title and first playoff game since 2005, defeating the Pittsburgh Steelers in overtime. Tebow was traded to the New York Jets during the offseason after the Broncos acquired free-agent quarterback Peyton Manning. Tebow received little playing time for the Jets and on April 29, 2013, the Jets released Tebow after drafting quarterback Geno Smith. He signed a two-year, non-guaranteed contract with New England on June 11, 2013, before being cut from the team on August 31, 2013.

During his time with the Broncos, Tebow became known for publicly acknowledging his faith in God by dropping to one knee in a pose that looked much like Auguste Rodin’s bronze sculpture “The Thinker” after scoring or making a great play. The genuflecting, signature move was coined “Tebowing” and proceeded to be mimicked throughout the country. The origin of the phrase came from fan Jared Kleinstein, who posted a photo on Facebook of him and all of his friends mimicking the stance. Kleinstein went on to set up a website showing photos submitted by people around the world showing their own version of Tebowing. The site had 20,000 submissions and 20 million page views after just two months. Tebow legally trademarked the name.

On December 30, 2013, he was hired by ESPN as a college football analyst. On December 30, 2013, he was hired by ESPN as a college football analyst.

Tim Tebow: 27 real answers you have never heard before

Baseball Career: In early August 2016, Tebow announced that he wanted to pursue a career in pro baseball and invited 30 Major League teams to his open tryout at the end of August. He had not played baseball full-time since his junior year in high school when he was an all-state player.  40 MLB scouts attended and he later participated in the Mets Instructional League. He hit a home run on the first pitch. Tebow was assigned to the Scottsdale Scorpions. In 2018, he was invited to Major League camp with the Mets and they promoted him to their Double-A team. He then was assigned to the Syracuse Mets of the Class AAA International League. Tebow hit three home runs over a six-game stretch but had to miss the remainder of the 2019 season due to a pinky finger injury. Tebow announced in February 2020 that he had accepted an invitation to play for the Philippines national baseball team.

Personal life: Tebow got engaged to Miss Universe and South African model Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters in January 2019. They were married in South Africa on January 20, 2020. Tebow is famous for his outspoken Christian beliefs. He spent summers as a teenager working at his parents’ ministry in the Philippines, preaching at schools and villages, and assisting with medical care. Tim financially supports 40 national evangelists working in the nation. Tebow has shared his Christian faith by preaching in schools, prisons, and youth groups across America. He is a vocal advocate for faith-based abstinence and is a group leader for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Philanthropy: Tebow created a foundation to give back to others during college. He along with some of his peers at the University of Florida created First and 15, which raised funds for an orphanage that was founded by his father’s ministry. Tebow has raised money for Shands Hospital pediatric cancer center in Gainesville and a trip to Disney for disadvantaged children. In January 2010, Tebow launched the Tim Tebow Foundation. The foundation announced plans to build a children’s hospital in the Philippines in 2011. The Tebow CURE hospital in Davao City opened in 2014 and specializes in orthopedics. The cost of the project was $3 million and came from donations from CURE and the Tebow Foundation. The foundation also throws Night to Shine, which is an event that holds a prom for disabled teens so they have a safe place to attend prom. Tebow was designated a Great Floridian by Governor Rick Scott for his major contributions to the progress and welfare of Floridians.

                                        Tim Tebow met his fiance?

Tim Tebow‘s good deeds away from the field have also led to him finding love.

The Heisman Trophy winner, former NFL quarterback, and current minor league outfielder for the New York Mets opened up Tuesday on TODAY about how he met his girlfriend, 2017 Miss Universe winner Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters.

Nel-Peters, 23, is a South African native who met Tebow, 31, through Night to Shine, which is part of his non-profit Tim Tebow Foundation.

“She is a very sweet, young girl,” he said.


This year’s Night to Shine event involved more than 500 churches from around the world throwing a prom night for special needs children ages 14 and older.

“Her sister has special needs, so we invited them to Night to Shine in South Africa,” Tebow told Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb. “We kind of met and started talking through that and haven’t stopped.”

The couple made their relationship Instagram official last month when Nel-Peters wished Tebow a happy birthday.

They have since had the “meet the parents” moment when their families connected earlier this month.

In addition to his athletic feats, Tebow has also written multiple books, including his latest called “This Is the Day,” which focuses on inspiring people to chase their dreams.

Tebow was inspired to write it by his father, Bob Tebow, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2016, as well as an incident on a plane that same year. Tebow left his seat to pray with a woman whose husband suffered what proved to be a fatal heart attack during a Delta flight from Atlanta to Phoenix.

“You can’t take a moment for granted,” he said on TODAY.

Tebow knows that in his own life, as his baseball season was cut short in July when he suffered a broken hand after playing half the season for the Mets’ Double-A team in Binghamton, New York.

He is looking to resume his improbable dream of becoming a Major League Baseball player next spring.

“Sometimes you have setbacks, but that just gives you another opportunity for a comeback,” he said.

                                                             6.when Tim Tebow kneel?

Tim Tebow: 27 real answers you have never heard before

Tebow, who has played football for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Denver Broncos and now plays baseball with the New York Mets, has never knelt during the national anthem. Tebow has famously taken a knee in prayer before each game throughout his athletic career.

SnopesCheck Your Fact and PolitiFact have fact-checked similar claims over the past three years.

Nelson has not returned USA TODAY’s request for comment.

The image does not depict Tebow protesting

The meme shows Tebow bowing with a clenched fist to his forehead and claims he was doing so in protest of abortion.

According to the original image caption, the photo was taken by Associated Press photographer Julie Jacobson on Dec. 11, 2011, while Tebow knelt in prayer before a Denver Broncos game.

Tebow is a devout Christian and has expressed his opinion on abortion. In 2010, he and his mother starred in a Super Bowl commercial for the anti-abortion group Focus on the Family. But these views are not his motivation for kneeling before games.

Tebow made his kneeling position — commonly known as “Tebowing” — famous during his professional athletic career and even trademarked it.

“It’s something I do that’s a prayer for me, and then it got hyped up as Tebowing. So I think (it’s) just to control how it’s used, as well. Make sure it’s used in the right way,” he told ESPN in 2012.

“I did it from my sophomore year in high school all the way through the NFL, that before and after games I would get on a knee to thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and also put things into perspective.”

Tebow on kneeling in protest

On June 8, 2018, Tebow said he had never knelt during the national anthem. After Kaepernick began his highly controversial kneeling protest against police brutality in August 2016, some questioned whether Tebow’s famous kneeling was also politically driven. Tebow said he knelt to pray, not to protest abortion.

Tim Tebow: 27 real answers you have never heard before

“I never did anything during a national anthem but stand and support my country,” he said.

When asked about his thoughts on NFL players kneeling during the national anthem to protest police brutality, Tebow avoided criticizing other players.

“I think when people believe in something and they stand for that, I don’t knock them for that,’’ he said. “So I think there’s a lot of players that I’m friends with that have been on both sides and I understand it and I think what’s more important is to know their heart and where they’re coming from and where the conviction stands in their heart and what they really want to share.”

Neither USA TODAY, Check Your Fact, Snopes nor PolitiFact has found any evidence of Tebow kneeling during the national anthem at an NFL or Major League Baseball game.

Our rating: False

We rate the claim that Tim Tebow knelt in protest of abortion before Colin Kaepernick knelt in protest of police brutality FALSE because it has been debunked several times and Tebow has denied it. Tebow has famously knelt in prayer before NFL and MLB games throughout his career but has never done so during the national anthem.

                                                  7.when is Tim Tebow getting married?

January 23, 2020
January 23, 2020 at 3:55 p.m. Former Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow married Miss Universe 2017 Demi-Leigh Nels-Peters earlier this week in a ceremony in Cape Town, South Africa.
Tim Tebow: 27 real answers you have never heard before
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                                                    8.when was Tim Tebow drafted?


Player Team Time
Tim Tebow Florida Gators Football 2006
Tim Tebow Denver Broncos 2010
Tim Tebow NewYork Jets 21 March 2012
Tim Tebow New England Patriots 10 June 2013
Tim Tebow Filadelfia eagles 20 April 2015
Tim Tebow Scottsdale Scorpions 2016
Tim Tebow Gulf Coast League Mets, Columbia 5 June 2017
Tim Tebow Binghamton Rumble Ponies 2018
Tim Tebow Syracuse Mets 29 March 2019

Who was in the 2010 NFL draft?

Round Pick Team Player Position School
1 1 St. Louis Rams Sam Bradford QB Oklahoma
1 2 Detroit Lions Ndamukong Suh DT Nebraska
1 3 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Gerald McCoy DT Oklahoma
1 4 Washington Trent Williams T Oklahoma
1 5 Kansas City Chiefs Eric Berry DB Tennessee
1 6 Seattle Seahawks Russell Okung T Oklahoma St.
1 7 Cleveland Browns Joe Haden DB Florida
1 8 Oakland Raiders Rolando McClain LB Alabama
1 9 Buffalo Bills C.J. Spiller RB Clemson
1 10 Jacksonville Jaguars Tyson Alualu DT California
1 11 San Francisco 49ers Anthony Davis T Rutgers
1 12 San Diego Chargers Ryan Mathews RB Fresno St.
1 13 Philadelphia Eagles Brandon Graham DE Michigan
1 14 Seattle Seahawks Earl Thomas DB Texas
1 15 New York Giants Jason Pierre-Paul DE South Florida
1 16 Tennessee Titans Derrick Morgan DE Georgia Tech
1 17 San Francisco 49ers Mike Iupati G Idaho
1 18 Pittsburgh Steelers Maurkice Pouncey C Florida
1 19 Atlanta Falcons Sean Weatherspoon LB Missouri
1 20 Houston Texans Kareem Jackson DB Alabama
1 21 Cincinnati Bengals Jermaine Gresham TE Oklahoma
1 22 Denver Broncos Demaryius Thomas WR Georgia Tech
1 23 Green Bay Packers Bryan Bulaga T Iowa
1 24 Dallas Cowboys Dez Bryant WR Oklahoma St.
1 25 Denver Broncos Tim Tebow QB Florida
1 26 Arizona Cardinals Dan Williams DT Tennessee
1 27 New England Patriots Devin McCourty DB Rutgers
1 28 Miami Dolphins Jared Odrick DE Penn St.
1 29 New York Jets Kyle Wilson DB Boise St.
1 30 Detroit Lions Jahvid Best RB California
1 31 Indianapolis Colts Jerry Hughes DE TCU
1 32 New Orleans Saints Patrick Robinson DB Florida St.
2 33 St. Louis Rams Rodger Saffold T Indiana
2 34 Minnesota Vikings Chris Cook DB Virginia
2 35 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Brian Price DT UCLA
2 36 Kansas City Chiefs Dexter McCluster WR Mississippi
2 37 Philadelphia Eagles Nate Allen DB South Florida
2 38 Cleveland Browns T.J. Ward DB Oregon
2 39 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Arrelious Benn WR Illinois
2 40 Miami Dolphins Koa Misi LB Utah
2 41 Buffalo Bills Torell Troup DT Central Florida
2 42 New England Patriots Rob Gronkowski TE Arizona
2 43 Baltimore Ravens Sergio Kindle LB Texas
2 44 Oakland Raiders Lamarr Houston DE Texas
2 45 Denver Broncos Zane Beadles G Utah
2 46 New York Giants Linval Joseph DT East Carolina
2 47 Arizona Cardinals Daryl Washington LB TCU
2 48 Carolina Panthers Jimmy Clausen QB Notre Dame
2 49 San Francisco 49ers Taylor Mays DB USC
2 50 Kansas City Chiefs Javier Arenas DB Alabama
2 51 Minnesota Vikings Toby Gerhart RB Stanford
2 52 Pittsburgh Steelers Jason Worilds DE Virginia Tech
2 53 New England Patriots Jermaine Cunningham LB Florida
2 54 Cincinnati Bengals Carlos Dunlap DE Florida
2 55 Dallas Cowboys Sean Lee LB Penn St.
2 56 Green Bay Packers Mike Neal DE Purdue
2 57 Baltimore Ravens Terrence Cody DT Alabama
2 58 Houston Texans Ben Tate RB Auburn
2 59 Cleveland Browns Montario Hardesty RB Tennessee
2 60 Seattle Seahawks Golden Tate WR Notre Dame
2 61 New York Jets Vlad Ducasse T Massachusetts
2 62 New England Patriots Brandon Spikes LB Florida
2 63 Indianapolis Colts Pat Angerer LB Iowa
2 64 New Orleans Saints Charles Brown T USC
3 65 St. Louis Rams Jerome Murphy DB South Florida
3 66 Detroit Lions Amari Spievey DB Iowa
3 67 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Myron Lewis DB Vanderbilt
3 68 Kansas City Chiefs Jon Asamoah G Illinois
3 69 Oakland Raiders Jared Veldheer T Hillsdale
3 70 Baltimore Ravens Ed Dickson TE Oregon
3 71 Green Bay Packers Morgan Burnett DB Georgia Tech
3 72 Buffalo Bills Alex Carrington DE Arkansas St.
3 73 Miami Dolphins John Jerry T Mississippi
3 74 Jacksonville Jaguars D’Anthony Smith DT Louisiana Tech
3 75 Chicago Bears Major Wright DB Florida
3 76 New York Giants Chad Jones DB LSU
3 77 Tennessee Titans Damian Williams WR USC
3 78 Carolina Panthers Brandon LaFell WR LSU
3 79 San Diego Chargers Donald Butler LB Washington
3 80 Denver Broncos J.D. Walton C Baylor
3 81 Houston Texans Earl Mitchell DT Arizona
3 82 Pittsburgh Steelers Emmanuel Sanders WR SMU
3 83 Atlanta Falcons Corey Peters DT Kentucky
3 84 Cincinnati Bengals Jordan Shipley WR Texas
3 85 Cleveland Browns Colt McCoy QB Texas
3 86 Philadelphia Eagles Daniel Te’o-Nesheim DE Washington
3 87 Denver Broncos Eric Decker WR Minnesota
3 88 Arizona Cardinals Andre Roberts WR Citadel
3 89 Carolina Panthers Armanti Edwards WR Appalachian St.
3 90 New England Patriots Taylor Price WR Ohio
3 91 San Francisco 49ers NaVorro Bowman LB Penn St.
3 92 Cleveland Browns Shawn Lauvao G Arizona St.
3 93 Kansas City Chiefs Tony Moeaki TE Iowa
3 94 Indianapolis Colts Kevin Thomas DB USC
3 95 New Orleans Saints Jimmy Graham TE Miami (FL)
3 96 Cincinnati Bengals Brandon Ghee DB Wake Forest
3 97 Tennessee Titans Rennie Curran LB Georgia
3 98 Atlanta Falcons Mike Johnson G Alabama
4 99 St. Louis Rams Mardy Gilyard WR Cincinnati
4 100 Minnesota Vikings Everson Griffen DE USC
4 101 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mike Williams WR Syracuse
4 102 Houston Texans Darryl Sharpton LB Miami (FL)
4 103 Washington Perry Riley LB LSU
4 104 Tennessee Titans Alterraun Verner DB UCLA
4 105 Philadelphia Eagles Trevard Lindley DB Kentucky
4 106 Oakland Raiders Bruce Campbell T Maryland
4 107 Buffalo Bills Marcus Easley WR Connecticut
4 108 Oakland Raiders Jacoby Ford WR Clemson
4 109 Chicago Bears Corey Wootton DE Northwestern
4 110 San Diego Chargers Darrell Stuckey DB Kansas
4 111 Seattle Seahawks Walter Thurmond DB Oregon
4 112 New York Jets Joe McKnight RB USC
4 113 New England Patriots Aaron Hernandez TE Florida
4 114 Baltimore Ravens Dennis Pitta TE BYU
4 115 New York Giants Phillip Dillard LB Nebraska
4 116 Pittsburgh Steelers Thaddeus Gibson DE Ohio St.
4 117 Atlanta Falcons Joe Hawley C UNLV
4 118 Houston Texans Garrett Graham TE Wisconsin
4 119 Miami Dolphins A.J. Edds LB Iowa
4 120 Cincinnati Bengals Geno Atkins DT Georgia
4 121 Philadelphia Eagles Keenan Clayton LB Oklahoma
4 122 Philadelphia Eagles Mike Kafka QB Northwestern
4 123 New Orleans Saints Al Woods DT LSU
4 124 Carolina Panthers Eric Norwood LB South Carolina
4 125 Philadelphia Eagles Clay Harbor TE SW Missouri St.
4 126 Dallas Cowboys Akwasi Owusu-Ansah DB Indiana (PA)
4 127 Seattle Seahawks E.J. Wilson DE North Carolina
4 128 Detroit Lions Jason Fox T Miami (FL)
4 129 Indianapolis Colts Jacques McClendon G Tennessee
4 130 Arizona Cardinals O’Brien Schofield DE Wisconsin
4 131 Cincinnati Bengals Roddrick Muckelroy LB Texas
5 132 St. Louis Rams Michael Hoomanawanui TE Illinois
5 133 Seattle Seahawks Kam Chancellor DB Virginia Tech
5 134 Philadelphia Eagles Ricky Sapp DE Clemson
5 135 Atlanta Falcons Dominique Franks DB Oklahoma
5 136 Kansas City Chiefs Kendrick Lewis DB Mississippi
5 137 Denver Broncos Perrish Cox DB Oklahoma St.
5 138 Oakland Raiders Walter McFadden DB Auburn
5 139 New York Jets John Conner RB Kentucky
5 140 Buffalo Bills Ed Wang T Virginia Tech
5 141 Chicago Bears Joshua Moore DB Kansas St.
5 142 Kansas City Chiefs Cameron Sheffield DE Troy
5 143 Jacksonville Jaguars Larry Hart DE Central Arkansas
5 144 Houston Texans Sherrick McManis DB Northwestern
5 145 Miami Dolphins Nolan Carroll DB Maryland
5 146 San Diego Chargers Cam Thomas DT North Carolina
5 147 New York Giants Mitch Petrus G Arkansas
5 148 Tennessee Titans Robert Johnson DB Utah
5 149 St. Louis Rams Hall Davis DE La-Lafayette
5 150 New England Patriots Zoltan Mesko P Michigan
5 151 Pittsburgh Steelers Chris Scott G Tennessee
5 152 Cincinnati Bengals Otis Hudson T East. Illinois
5 153 Jacksonville Jaguars Austen Lane DE Murray St.
5 154 Green Bay Packers Andrew Quarless TE Penn St.
5 155 Arizona Cardinals John Skelton QB Fordham
5 156 Baltimore Ravens David Reed WR Utah
5 157 Baltimore Ravens Arthur Jones DE Syracuse
5 158 New Orleans Saints Matt Tennant C Boston Col.
5 159 Philadelphia Eagles Riley Cooper WR Florida
5 160 Cleveland Browns Larry Asante DB Nebraska
5 161 Minnesota Vikings Chris DeGeare G Wake Forest
5 162 Indianapolis Colts Brody Eldridge TE Oklahoma
5 163 Miami Dolphins Reshad Jones DB Georgia
5 164 Pittsburgh Steelers Crezdon Butler DB Clemson
5 165 Atlanta Falcons Kerry Meier WR Kansas
5 166 Pittsburgh Steelers Stevenson Sylvester LB Utah
5 167 Minnesota Vikings Nate Triplett LB Minnesota
5 168 San Diego Chargers Jonathan Crompton QB Tennessee
5 169 Green Bay Packers Marshall Newhouse G TCU
6 170 St. Louis Rams Fendi Onobun TE Arizona
6 171 Atlanta Falcons Shann Schillinger DB Montana
6 172 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Brent Bowden P Virginia Tech
6 173 San Francisco 49ers Anthony Dixon RB Mississippi St.
6 174 Washington Dennis Morris RB Louisiana Tech
6 175 Carolina Panthers Greg Hardy DE Mississippi
6 176 Tennessee Titans Rusty Smith QB Florida Atlantic
6 177 Cleveland Browns Carlton Mitchell WR South Florida
6 178 Buffalo Bills Arthur Moats LB James Madison
6 179 Dallas Cowboys Sam Young T Notre Dame
6 180 Jacksonville Jaguars Deji Karim RB Southern Illinois
6 181 Chicago Bears Dan LeFevour QB Central Michigan
6 182 San Francisco 49ers Nate Byham TE Pittsburgh
6 183 Denver Broncos Eric Olsen C Notre Dame
6 184 New York Giants Adrian Tracy DE William & Mary
6 185 Seattle Seahawks Anthony McCoy TE USC
6 186 Cleveland Browns Clifton Geathers DE South Carolina
6 187 Houston Texans Shelley Smith G Colorado St.
6 188 Pittsburgh Steelers Jonathan Dwyer RB Georgia Tech
6 189 St. Louis Rams Eugene Sims DE West Texas A&M
6 190 Oakland Raiders Travis Goethel LB Arizona St.
6 191 Cincinnati Bengals Dezmon Briscoe WR Kansas
6 192 Buffalo Bills Danny Batten DE South Dakota St.
6 193 Green Bay Packers James Starks RB Buffalo
6 194 Baltimore Ravens Ramon Harewood T Morehouse
6 195 Pittsburgh Steelers Antonio Brown WR Central Michigan
6 196 Dallas Cowboys Jamar Wall DB Texas Tech
6 197 Houston Texans Trindon Holliday WR LSU
6 198 Carolina Panthers David Gettis WR Baylor
6 199 Minnesota Vikings Joe Webb WR Ala-Birmingham
6 200 Philadelphia Eagles Charles Scott RB LSU
6 201 Arizona Cardinals Jorrick Calvin DB Troy
6 202 Carolina Panthers Jordan Pugh DB Texas A&M
6 203 Jacksonville Jaguars Scotty McGee DB James Madison
6 204 Carolina Panthers Tony Pike QB Cincinnati
6 205 New England Patriots Ted Larsen C North Carolina St.
6 206 San Francisco 49ers Kyle Williams WR Arizona St.
6 207 Tennessee Titans Myron Rolle DB Florida St.
7 208 New England Patriots Thomas Welch T Vanderbilt
7 209 Buffalo Bills Levi Brown QB Troy
7 210 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cody Grimm DB Virginia Tech
7 211 St. Louis Rams Marquis Johnson DB Alabama
7 212 Miami Dolphins Chris McCoy DE Middle Tenn. St.
7 213 Detroit Lions Willie Young DE North Carolina St.
7 214 Minnesota Vikings Mickey Shuler TE Penn St.
7 215 Oakland Raiders Jeremy Ware DB Michigan St.
7 216 Buffalo Bills Kyle Calloway T Iowa
7 217 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Dekoda Watson LB Florida St.
7 218 Chicago Bears J’Marcus Webb T West Texas A&M
7 219 Washington Terrence Austin WR UCLA
7 220 Philadelphia Eagles Jamar Chaney LB Mississippi St.
7 221 New York Giants Matt Dodge P East Carolina
7 222 Tennessee Titans Marc Mariani WR Montana
7 223 Carolina Panthers R.J. Stanford DB Utah
7 224 San Francisco 49ers Phillip Adams DB South Carolina St.
7 225 Denver Broncos Syd’Quan Thompson DB California
7 226 St. Louis Rams George Selvie DE South Florida
7 227 Houston Texans Dorin Dickerson WR Pittsburgh
7 228 Cincinnati Bengals Reggie Stephens C Iowa St.
7 229 Washington Erik Cook C New Mexico
7 230 Green Bay Packers C.J. Wilson DE East Carolina
7 231 Washington Selfish Capers T West Virginia
7 232 Denver Broncos Jammie Kirlew DE Indiana
7 233 Arizona Cardinals Jim Dray TE Stanford
7 234 Dallas Cowboys Sean Lissemore DT William & Mary
7 235 San Diego Chargers Dedrick Epps TE Miami (FL)
7 236 Seattle Seahawks Dexter Davis LB Arizona St.
7 237 Minnesota Vikings Ryan D’Imperio RB Rutgers
7 238 Indianapolis Colts Ricardo Mathews DT Cincinnati
7 239 New Orleans Saints Sean Canfield QB Oregon St.
7 240 Indianapolis Colts Kavell Conner LB Clemson
7 241 Tennessee Titans David Howard DT Brown
7 242 Pittsburgh Steelers Doug Worthington DT Ohio St.
7 243 Philadelphia Eagles Jeff Owens DT Georgia
7 244 Philadelphia Eagles Kurt Coleman DB Ohio St.
7 245 Seattle Seahawks Jameson Konz TE Kent St.
7 246 Indianapolis Colts Ray Fisher DB Indiana
7 247 New England Patriots Brandon Deaderick DE Alabama
7 248 New England Patriots Kade Weston DT Georgia
7 249 Carolina Panthers Robert McClain DB Connecticut
7 250 New England Patriots Zac Robinson QB Oklahoma St.
7 251 Oakland Raiders Stevie Brown DB Michigan
7 252 Miami Dolphins Austin Spitler LB Ohio St.
7 253 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Erik Lorig DE Stanford
7 254 St. Louis Rams Josh Hull LB Penn St.
7 255 Detroit Lions Tim Toone WR Weber St.

Tebow spent the 2012 season mostly waiting around on the bench, throwing only eight passes in total. … There was little reason to keep Tebow on board, despite the hype. His NFL career petered out in fits and starts from there, until a total lack of regular season playing time called curtains on the whole thing in 2015.

The Biggest Reason Why Tim Tebow Didn’t Make It in the NFL

Tim Tebow is generally considered an NFL bust, given the gap between his hype and actual on-field performance. The former quarterback entered the NFL with a wave of excitement. Tebow bolstered this with isolated performances seemed like miracles. His humble personality combined with his habit of praying during games made fans even more curious about him.

Tebow leveraged the attention into a healthy post-NFL career. He’s even active in the sports world, albeit largely out of the national spotlight. It all comes down to one big flaw in his overall abilities as a QB — something that concerned pundits dating back to his college days.

There was never a point where Tebow was anything less than controversial. His college resume, in the most low-level terms, was spectacular. He won two championships with the University of Florida Gators. He was the first sophomore to win the Heisman Trophy. His Sports Reference page reveals a kid who threw 3,286 yards for 32 touchdowns and just six interceptions. Yet he always had flaws, and no shortage of critics noticing them.

He even had the patience to try and develop his game further, sticking with the Gators for his fourth year instead of going for the 2010 NFL draft. The Florida Times-Union reported at the time that Tebow had just as many detractors as fans among scouts. His SEC dominance showed a natural talent who lacked many of the fundamental tools required to survive in the NFL.

Once Tebow entered the NFL, his detractors were largely vindicated. Granted, Tebow didn’t have much time to develop or prove himself, due to the Denver Broncos leaping on the chance to pick up one Peyton Manning. Tebow spent the 2012 season mostly waiting around on the bench, throwing only eight passes in total.

Bleacher Report broke down his one shining moment shortly after it happened. An overtime 80-yard Hail Mary that swiped victory from the Pittsburgh Steelers in shocking fashion. It’s here where Tebow became a sensation outside the NFL faithful and turned into a pop culture phenomenon. It’s also, in a roundabout sort of way, a telling moment that was largely passed over.

Tebow, as starting QB, wasn’t closing out games until well past the last minute. This was his third OT win of the season. It implied an offense just barely holding on, and the miracles couldn’t last forever. There was little reason to keep Tebow on board, despite the hype. His NFL career petered out in fits and starts from there, until a total lack of regular season playing time called curtains on the whole thing in 2015

Tebow’s Achilles heel

Tim Tebow: 27 real answers you have never heard before

How They Play recently dissected the many flaws of Tebow’s skill set. Most are a combination of the physical and mental, in particular his inaccurate arm. He was unable to make on-the-fly changes to his approach. The Jets immediately gave him a vote of no confidence as a “real” QB, instead of using him to run the ball.

His truest failing is a fundamental one. As in, literally the fundamentals. His athleticism and all-in attitude made him overwhelm opponents at the college level. But in the NFL, he was unable to work with the complex offenses required to seal off games. When luck wasn’t on Tebow’s side, he brought the offense down with him — unless it happened to be a situation where a simplistic play was the right call.

Today, Tebow is still in pro sports. He plays in the New York Mets’ farm system, serving as a competent AAA player. He deserves credit for being legitimately solid at the game, capable of working his way up to the highest level before the majors. But he has been slow to improve beyond that level, where he most likely found his limit once more.

He also works in broadcasting, as Deadline reports. He’s a regular on ESPN’s college football programming when he isn’t playing baseball. He even earned a multi-year contract extension with the network, a vote of confidence in his natural skills as an interviewer and a play-by-play analyst.

                      10.Does Tim Tebow really make his retirement?

Tim Tebow: 27 real answers you have never heard before

The 33-year-old former college and NFL quarterback, who played in the New York Mets’ minor league system, announced his retirement from the sport Wednesday.
“I want to thank the Mets, Mr. Alderson, the fans and all my teammates for the chance to be a part of such a great organization,” Tebow said in a Mets statement.
“I loved every minute of the journey, but at this time I feel called in other directions. I never want to be partially in on anything. I always want to be 100 percent in on whatever I choose. Thank you again for everyone’s support of this awesome journey in baseball, I’ll always cherish my time as a Met.”

Tim Tebow: 27 real answers you have never heard before

Tebow, winner of the Heisman Trophy in the 2007 college football season, won two national championships when he was with the Florida Gators.
In a three-year NFL career, he played for the Denver Broncos and then the New York Jets.
“It has been a pleasure to have Tim in our organization as he’s been a consummate professional during his four years with the Mets,” said Mets team president Sandy Alderson.
Someone says that: “By reaching the Triple-A level in 2019, he far exceeded expectations when he first entered the system in 2016 and he should be very proud of his accomplishments.

                                     11.when did Tim Tebow get engaged?

Tim Tebow announces his engagement to the 2017 Miss Universe.

Tim Tebow: 27 real answers you have never heard before

Tim Tebow is off the market. The 31-year-old Mets farmhand and former quarterback popped the question recently to his girlfriend, 2017 Miss Universe Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters and as he put it in a social media post, she said “YES.”

According to People, which on Thursday trumpeted exclusive details and photos from the occasion, the proposal took place the day before at a farm near Jacksonville belonging to Tebow’s family. After he dropped to one knee, popped the question, and received the answer he clearly expected, the Heisman Trophy winner put a 7.25-carat solitaire ring on her finger and said, “This ring is internally flawless. Just like you.”

Tebow reportedly flew the family of Nel-Peters, a 23-year-old from South Africa, in for the event and kept their presence a secret from her. Once the ring was in place, South African singer Matthew Mole emerged “from behind a hay bale,” as People described it, and serenaded the happy couple.

when did Tim Tebow get engaged? এর ছবির ফলাফল

“I actually wasn’t really nervous,” Tebow said of the proposal. “I was excited. I wanted everything to be perfect and to go smoothly. But I wasn’t nervous to actually ask her.”

“I’m so excited for the wedding,” said Nel-Peters (via People), “and I can’t wait to spend forever with Tim.”

Despite his unsuccessful NFL career, Tebow has maintained a high degree of celebrity status, in part by maintaining his visibility as an ESPN analyst, TV host, and author, as well as in his unusual quest to switch sports and reach the major leagues. Since his days as a superstar college player in Florida, there has been considerable interest in his personal life. A devout Christian, Tebow claimed in 2009 that he was saving himself for marriage.

That adherence to abstinence was reportedly a factor in Tebow’s 2015 breakup with Olivia Culpo, who happened to be at the time a 23-year-old former Miss Universe. Asked about his ability to resist temptation, he said in 2017, “I think when your focus is on certain things that matter, for me my faith, loving people, helping people, caring for people, it’s not about focusing on the things that you’re not going to do. It’s about focusing on the things you are going to do.”

Tim Tebow: 27 real answers you have never heard before

Shortly after that, Tebow addressed the fact that he was still single, saying, “Of course I want a woman who I’m attracted to. That’s a very big part of it. But I’m looking for someone who loves Jesus and loves people. Someone who makes me want to be a better person for her. And she has to want kids and has to want to adopt. That’s a requirement.”

At that point, Tebow was in his first full year as a Mets minor leaguer, having signed with the organization in 2016. Last year, he played at the Class AA level and was named to the Eastern League All-Star Game, but his season abruptly ended when he broke a bone in his right hand.

That injury prevented the outfielder from possibly becoming one of the Mets’ September call-ups. In November, the team’s new general manager suggested that if Tebow played exceptionally well in spring training, he might start this season on the big league roster. Brodie Van Wagenen also said that Tebow was expected to start off 2019 at Class AAA Syracuse, with the Mets keeping him on a fast track because of both his age and his popularity.

Tebow has been dating Nel-Peters since at least July 2018, when he confirmed the relationship with ESPN. “She is a really special girl and I am very lucky and blessed for her coming into my life,” he told the network’s, Pedro Gomez. “I am usually very private with these things but I am very thankful.”

To make sure Nel-Peters didn’t suspect something was up to during their stay at his family’s farm, Tebow wasn’t above a little deceit, telling her his apparent excitement derived from a plan to give his father a new truck. According to People, he even went so far as borrow a vehicle from a local dealership and put a large bow on it and Nel-Peters subsequently told her impending father-in-law, “I’m sorry you didn’t get a new truck, but you’re getting a new daughter!”

“She’s just perfect for me,” Tebow said of Nel-Peters. “I’m really blessed to have her by my side for the rest of my life.”

12.when did Tim Tebow win the Heisman?

Tebow capped an unprecedented season by becoming the first sophomore in NCAA history to win the Heisman Trophy. He joined Steve Spurrier (’66) and Danny Wuerffel (’96) as Gator Heisman winners.

The tough, physical Tebow rushed and passed for 51 touchdowns during the regular season, becoming the first of the great ‘spread’ quarterbacks to win the Heisman.

when did Tim Tebow win the Heisman?

Tebow, the youngest of five children, was born in Makati City in the Philippines, making him one of three Heisman winners to be born outside of the U.S. (the other two being Robert Griffin III and Frank Sinkwich).

His family later settled in Jacksonville, Fla., where Tebow attended Trinity Christian Academy, playing tight end for the football team. He later enrolled at Nease High, where he earned national recognition as a dual-threat quarterback. During his senior season, he led Nease to a state title, earned All-State honors, and was named Florida’s Mr. Football.

The highly-recruited Tebow chose Florida as his choice of college in 2006. He spent that fall as a key true freshman backup to Chris Leak as the Gators won the national title. He totaled 13 touchdowns running and passing and was the team’s second-leading rusher.

Tebow took over the starting quarterback job in 2007 and proceeded to record one of the finest seasons in NCAA history. He threw for 3,132 yards and 29 touchdowns, with just six interceptions, and rushed for 828 yards and 22 scores (the last figure an SEC record) as he won the Heisman solidly over Arkansas running back Darren McFadden. Along the way, he shattered a long-held Heisman streak that saw only juniors and seniors win the trophy.

Tim Tebow: 27 real answers you have never heard before

But Tebow wasn’t finished with the Heisman. He flirted with history in the next two seasons, nearly joining Archie Griffen as the only two-time Heisman winner. As a junior in 2008, he led the nation in passing efficiency and finished a close third in the Heisman race despite garnering the most first-place votes. He led the Gators to another national title, too. He turned in another fine season in 2009 and returned to New York for a fifth-place Heisman finish.

At the end of his college career, Tebow held five NCAA, 14 SEC, and 28 Florida statistical records. Among many mentions in the NCAA Division-I record book, Tebow is ranked second in career passing efficiency, third in career yards per attempt (9.33), eighth in career rushing touchdowns, and also owns the record for most consecutive games in which he both threw at least one touchdown pass and scored at least one rushing touchdown (14).

Tebow was selected in the first round of the 2010 NFL draft, the 25th pick overall, by the Denver Broncos. He played sparingly as a rookie but led Denver to a playoff win over defending Super Bowl champs Pittsburgh in year two. He later had stints with the New York Jets, New England Patriots, and Philadelphia Eagles.

     13.why Tim Tebow quit football?

It is not expected and the truth about this information. But if you are curious go to this link Tim Tebow explains why he switched from football to baseball

14.why is Tim Tebow so famous?

Tim Tebow: 27 real answers you have never heard before

For a 25-year-old with a Heisman trophy, two BCS Championships, and a statue in his honorTim Tebow has taken quite a fall from grace since arriving in New York last May.

Even when he was at the bottom of the Broncos roster, there was still hope for Tebow as an NFL quarterback. A former first-round pick who had already defied plenty of odds in football and in life, betting against Tebow was almost sacrilege.

But just months after being a symbol of hope and triumph in a league consumed with numbers and bottom lines, Tebow’s name is synonymous with quarterbacking ineptitude and a stark reminder that attitude and determination are not enough to last in the NFL.

tim tebow

Just how does a player go from being the subject of a documentary to the brink of elimination from the NFL ranks in such a short amount of time? Well, we have to look at how Tebow became such a huge icon in the first place, starting in the Sunshine State.


While it is difficult to pinpoint one specific reason why Tebow’s popularity has transcended sports, to Tebow, nothing defines him more than his religious belief.

Shortly after moving to the Philippines to serve as a Baptist missionary, Tim’s mother, Pam, contracted amoebic dysentery. During treatment, she discovered that she became pregnant with Tim and that the medications she was taking would result in a stillborn child.

Tim Tebow: 27 real answers you have never heard before

Despite a high risk of losing her own life, Pam refused to have an abortion. By nothing short of a miracle, Tim and his mother survived, and Tim dedicated his life to serving the God he believed saved his family.

This is the core reason why Tim Tebow spent his spring break circumcising children in the Philippines. This is why he put out Super Bowl ads to speak out against abortion, ignoring the public relations consequences.

This is why he does things like this, an hour after a game with no cameras around:

It is not an act. Tebow truly believes in his religion, and it has driven him to become the man he is today. Religion allows him to keep everything in perspective, and as much as he wants to win a football game, he understands that there are more important things in life—which is how he got the core of his following.

More Than a Football Player

Compare Tebow to a player like Collin Klein, the former Kansas State quarterback who is trying to convince NFL scouts that he is more than a high-character, running quarterback with limited passing ability.

Tebow is a national champion and a Heisman Trophy winner, and Klein was a finalist for the award. He wants to win just as badly as Tebow, and their on-field skills are almost identical.

So what makes Tebow, well, Tebow?

Tebow did not reach college football immortality by simply winning a lot of games and accolades. He did it with this press conference, following an early-season loss to Ole Miss.

Tim Tebow: 27 real answers you have never heard before

Florida won every game from that point forward and then won a national championship.

When Tebow scores a touchdown and wins a game, it simply is more meaningful to casual fans than if someone else does. People appreciate hard work and determination because they can relate to it in their own lives; no one can relate to having Aaron Rodgers‘ right arm and making NFL quarterbacking look easy.

This is why, when Tebow wins a single playoff game, it is seen as a much greater feat than when someone like Colin Kaepernick takes over his team and leads them to the Super Bowl. Kaepernick got plenty of credit for what he was able to accomplish, but SportsCenter is not going to celebrate his birthday.

Becoming a Pro

As any NFL draft evaluator will tell you, great college production does not translate into the NFL. Specific physical traits do. This is the reason why you see relatively unheralded players like Jason Pierre-Paul explode in the professional ranks.

This is also the reason why great college players like Tebow disintegrate when they are not playing against future accountants and insurance salesmen every week.

The NFL has seen plenty of great college players fail in the NFL—but they have never been confronted by the unstoppable high-character train of Tim Tebow before.

Despite a horrendous throwing motion, an inability to make the most elementary of reads (including the option), overrated athleticism, and nightmarish footwork, Tebow earned the esteemed title of “former first-round pick” when all was said and done.

And that’s because of nothing more than his off-the-charts intangibles.

Success in the Mile High City

It was hardly all fun and games for Tebow during his time with the Denver Broncos. Despite flashing in a handful of starts in his rookie season, he remained the backup quarterback in 2011 with a new head coach in place, John Fox.

The Broncos started the 2011 season with a dismal 1-4 record. Most of their problems were on the defensive side, and an experienced coach like Fox had little interest in trying to fix things with a young quarterback who could hardly complete passes in practice.

Tim Tebow: 27 real answers you have never heard before

However, in the middle of Week 5, Fox succumbed to the public pressure and benched Orton in favor of the popular backup signal-caller. Tebow rallied his team to make the game close in a losing effort, but he gave Fox no choice but to start his immensely popular quarterback for the rest of the way.

The rest is history.

Tebow led the Broncos to a string of miracle, come-from-behind victories that captivated the sports world. He won games while completing as little as two passes Earn score under 10 points to win also benefited from an almost inexplicable improvement of his defense and offensive line.

“Tebowing” became a thing. “Tebowtime” was made a regular occurrence on Sunday afternoons. Tebowmania stretched beyond the NFL universe and into the pop culture around the globe. Tebow became an icon and a symbol of hope, whether it was justified or not.

On the way, he beat the New York Jets on Thursday Night Football and won the admiration of his future head coachRex Ryan.

Tebow’s biggest moment came in his playoff win against the Steelers when he threw an 80-yard touchdown pass to Demaryius Thomas in overtime. If a “normal” quarterback had been behind center, the play would be forever remembered for Thomas’ great catch-and-run.

Instead, this was just another instance of Tebow time.

On to the Big Apple

The Broncos’ subsequent beating at the hands of the Patriots the following week was largely forgiven by the Bronco faithful. They were satisfied with the roller-coaster season Tebow had provided them. This was Tebow’s world; they were just living in it.

For Tebow, this was the peak of his professional career.

Yes, the Broncos managed to make the playoffs, but no team can sustain success over the long term with miracle comebacks, and Broncos president and Hall of Fame quarterback John Elway knew he needed to make a change.

Tim Tebow: 27 real answers you have never heard before

Elway eventually found his way out of Tebowmania by winning the Peyton Manning sweepstakes, and he shipped Tebow off to the New York Jets soon thereafter.

At this point, the Jets were coming off of a tumultuous 8-8 season in which they blew an 8-5 record to miss the playoffs. Mark Sanchez was being accused of laziness, which only added to the drama of adding Tebow for the sake of having a Wildcat quarterback under new offensive coordinator Tony Sparano.

Tim Tebow: 27 real answers you have never heard before

Nonetheless, Tebow was a Jet, not to mention the only backup quarterback to have his own press conference bigger than any that the incumbent starters had ever had. And boy, was he excited:


As it turned out, the 2012 Jets were the most anticlimatic disaster in the NFL.

As many predicted, Sanchez, failed to improve, the Jets missed the playoffs and Tebow’s presence became a distraction. The idea that a high-character player like Tebow could keep the Jets together only backfired. The team’s grand plans for an unstoppable Wildcat package were grounded, as Rex Ryan and his coaching staff vastly overrated Tebow’s abilities as both a runner and a thrower.

Tim Tebow: 27 real answers you have never heard before

During the season, a Daily News report listed mostly anonymous Jets players and officials who took unprovoked shots at Tebow, calling him “terrible.” Tebow took the comments in stride, but it became clear that his popularity was not appreciated on a losing team.

Still, Tebow knew that his biggest asset at this point was his character, and saying anything was only going to prevent him from getting another starting gig, either in New York or elsewhere.

But everyone has a breaking point.

It was not until Rex Ryan elected to bench Sanchez in favor of Greg McElroy after a playoff-eliminating loss to the Titans in Week 15 that Tebow’s allure began to wear off. His human side finally came to light:

In fact, he was so furious that he asked to be kept out of the Wildcat package for the following week—though he’d later deny those reports.

Tebow is simply not a good enough player to overcome even the slightest hiccups in character.

Of course, anyone would have been angry for getting passed over, especially when you consider that this may have been Tebow’s last chance to get chance to start an NFL game. But for Tebow, this comes with the territory of trying to turn a high-character reputation into a career in the NFL.

Indeed, the reality of the NFL was starting to sink in for the former Florida star.

Tim’s Future

Where (or if) Tebow plays in the NFL is yet to be determined. The Jets will try to trade him, but his value is at an all-time low. At the peak of his career, the Jets paid a whopping price of a fourth-round pick for him.

More to the point, the Jets have shown just how damaging Tebow’s popularity can be to a team. Those who blindly support and follow him everywhere he goes—”Tebowmaniacs”—have fueled his demise as much as they have helped him.

Tim Tebow: 27 real answers you have never heard before

Whether a team is looking for a starting quarterback, a backup or a fullback, they can find solutions that will not provide the distractions that Tebow does. Why trade for Tebow when you can just draft a late-round quarterback (who is likely a better passer) who wouldn’t bring ESPN cameras to their training camp?

Tebow is now treated like Terrell Owens, in that decision-makers see Tebow as more of a destructive force than an asset—which is incredibly ironic considering how different the two personalities are and how well-intentioned Tebow is.

The dramatic rise and rapid decline of Tebow’s professional career is a stark reminder that players without NFL talent simply do not last in the NFL, no matter how hard they try and no matter how much they want to succeed. Perhaps Tebow is just another one of those great college players not fit for the NFL, though his exceptional character garnered acclaim that most others never would have received.

#tim tebow

Considering everything else that Tebow has accomplished in his young life, there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, because this world could use a lot more Tim Tebows.

15.why was Tim Tebow born in the Philippines?

Tebow’s parents, Pam and Bob Tebow met as University of Florida students in the late 1960s, according to a 2007 article in The Gainesville Sun. A year later, they went on their first date – to the Georgia-Florida game in Jacksonville – and married in 1971, Pam skipping graduation to tie the knot.

In 1985, the Tebows moved to the Philippines with their four children to serve as missionaries. Pam Tebow became ill with amoebic dysentery, which is usually transmitted from contaminated drinking water. She fell into a temporary coma and received strong drugs to combat the infection, the Sun reported. Those drugs resulted in severe placental abruption, in which the placenta detaches from the uterine wall. That condition can deprive the fetus of oxygen and other necessary elements.

#tim tebow

When it was discovered she was pregnant, doctors stopped the drugs but said that the high doses of medicine had already damaged the fetus, the Sun reported. The account is also part of Tim Tebow’s recent best-seller, “Through My Eyes.”

16.will Tim Tebow play in the MLB?

#tim tebow

Tim Tebow is getting another chance at playing baseball at its highest level. On Monday, New York Mets president Sandy Alderson announced that he recently spoke with Tebow about returning for the 2021 season and the former NFL quarterback agreed to another go-around with the franchise.

“So I talked to Tim Saturday, in between Florida football and some other SEC [broadcasting] obligations,” Alderson said. “He’s anxious to come back. And I told Tim, ‘Look, why would you want to end your quest based on a COVID-related reason? You didn’t get a chance to perform this year.’ He was hurt a little bit the previous year. So I think Tim is committed to coming back. And I think we’re committed to giving him an opportunity to do that and we’ll see where it goes.

“This is not a quest without end. At some point, it will culminate. But I think that will be at a time when Tim and the organization come to some agreement about where he is and what his potential is. But I didn’t want him to go out based on some COVID-related interruption.”

Alderson did not make it clear if there were plans to give Tebow a spot on the Mets or if there was a plan to start him in Triple-A Syracuse. The 2020 minor league season was canceled as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and MLB has not announced what the 2021 season will look like in the minors or majors.

In 2016, Alderson served as the Mets general manager when Tebow was signed to a minor league contract. Tebow hit .223 with 18 home runs and 107 RBIs in five different stops throughout the Mets farm system.

Tebow has spent the majority of his baseball career playing left field. The former Florida signal caller reached the Mets’ Triple-A farm team in Syracuse before being sidelined with a hand injury in 2019.

17.will Tim Tebow coach with Urban Meyer?

With Tim Tebow announcing his retirement from professional baseball, could he be heading down to Jacksonville to reunite with Urban Meyer?

On Wednesday, the New York Mets announced that minor league outfielder and former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow was retiring from the game of baseball after signing with the organization for four years. The news came as a bit of a shock, as the Mets invited Tebow to participate in Spring Training days earlier.

will Tim Tebow coach with Urban Meyer?

Tebow gave baseball his all but noted in his statement on Twitter that he felt he was being “called in other directions.” Of course, football fans started connecting the dots and began speculating that maybe Tebow left baseball to join his college head coach, Urban Meyer, who is currently the sideline boss of the Jacksonville Jaguars. When thinking about it, that would not be a bad idea, but he won’t be joining as a player; rather, as a coaching assistant.

Tim Tebow, assistant coach?

Tebow and Meyer have been tied to the hip since their time with the Florida Gators. In Tebow’s four years (three as starting quarterback), the Gators won two SEC titles and two National Championships (2006, 2008).

Tim Tebow, assistant coach?

Prior to the Jaguars and Meyer agreeing to terms on a contract, many speculated that Tebow could join his former coach on the team in some fashion. However, Tebow shut down those rumors when approached by TMZ, saying that he was concentrating on Spring Training with the Mets. Now, Tebow’s baseball career is over, so the dot-connecting continues.

Tim Tebow, assistant coach?

Before you ask, Tebow should not join as a player but as a coach’s assistant or analyst instead. Just think about it: Tebow has familiarity with Meyer’s coaching style. That would be a tremendous help for Jacksonville’s future young quarterback, Trevor Lawrence. It’s not like Lawrence will need much help, as he is considered the most well-polished quarterback prospect since Andrew Luck, but still, that would be an even greater incentive for Tebow if he decides to make the jump back to the NFL.

Again, this is all speculation. It is too early to tell what Tebow has planned following his retirement from baseball. But given Meyer’s presence in Jacksonville, Tebow can not escape the probably never-ending speculation of him joining the Jaguars.

18.will Tim Tebow ever make the majors?

Tebow’s major-league prospects were always a long shot, but after his terrible performance in 2019, they are virtually all but dead at this point. Tebow turns 32 on August 14, and it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for him to continue the grind of a minor-league career when he has no realistic path to the majors and plenty of other professional options including one as a college football analyst at ESPN.

Tim Tebow has plenty of options for life after baseball

Perhaps if the Mets had been sellers at the MLB trade deadline and started a new rebuild in 2020, Tebow could have been promoted as a publicity stunt. But after trading for Marcus Stroman and keeping Noah Syndergaard, New York has its sights set on the playoffs in 2020 and likely won’t want to waste valuable at-bats on a player who has no business in the majors.

Tim Tebow is by all accounts is a great locker room guy and an excellent athlete. But it’s about time that he stop chasing this pipe dream and starts enjoying his retirement from professional sports with his new fiancee.

19.Tebow had a breakout season in 2018?

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Tim Tebow earned mixed reviews from baseball scouts after his two-hour workout in 2016. His athleticism and power made him an intriguing prospect, but at 28-years-old, he was far from the finished product that he would need to be at his age. The New York Mets decided to take a shot on him, signing the former NFL quarterback to a minor-league deal in 2016.

The gamble made sense for the Mets, who could profit from his popularity in merchandise and ticket sales whether he succeeded or not. And on the off chance that his athleticism carried him into the pros someday, even better.

In 2017, Tebow had mediocre results in the Single-A ball. In 126 combined games between the St. Lucie Mets and the Columbia Fireflies, Tebow batted .226 with eight home runs, 50 runs, and 52 RBI. He recorded a .915 fielding percentage in the outfield.

But in 2018, Tim Tebow had a surprisingly solid year with the Double-A Binghamton Rumble Ponies before having his season cut short with a broken hand in July. In 84 games, Tebow had 32 runs, six home runs, 36 RBI, and a .273 batting average to go along with a .988 fielding percentage. These numbers were far from spectacular for a 30-year-old prospect in the grand scheme of things, but they were a significant step in the right direction for Tebow.

20.will Tim Tebow play football again?

It could happen but it seems unlikely. It gets even more unlikely next year as there are better QBs in the free-agent market:

– Jay Cutler
– Josh Freeman
– Tarvaris Jackson
– Michael Vick
– Colt McCoy
– Chad Henne

#tim tebow

while only Culter, Freeman, and Vick are above average potentially, the rest are decent options that are lower maintenance than Tebow.

There is also a fairly strong QB draft class and while it isn’t as strong as 2012 or 2008, it’s a solid class for QB weak teams near the top with players like Bridgewater, Mariota, and Boyd all likely to be average to above-average QB’s in the league, you also have more project, exciting players like Manziel that teams will draft highly as well. It’s just hard to see a team take a chance to put Tebow on the roster let alone start him.

I like Tebow as a person but he isn’t unique in the sense of amazing college QB’s struggling in the NFL. Heck if you look at lists of the best college QB’s ever you’d see the majority go on to be below average or worse in the NFL. From Ward, Tebow, Vince Young to Colt McCoy, Kellen Moore, and Danny Wuerffel, being a legendary college QB doesn’t mean much once you enter the NFL, which can be hard to accept.

21.can Tim Tebow sing?

Have you heard Tim Tebow‘s eleven-second rendition of Awesome God,” the song originally penned by the late Rich Mullins and made ubiquitous in evangelical circles by Hillsong United? It’s awesomely bad. It took a minute, but it seems we finally found the mythical QB’s glaring flaw.

tim tebow sing

Until he embarked on this unbelievable winning streak he’s currently riding, the jury’s been split between Tebow. He’s been blasted and praised by critics and fans in almost equal measure. Folks have finally started to come around. Tebow’s gridiron grit has won them over. His prowess with the pigskin aside, though, there’s one thing we doubt even the Tebow homers will ever say: That he’s a good singer. The dude can’t carry a tune in a bucket, as they say.

tim tebow sing

If you haven’t caught it yet, the NFL network had Tebow miked up during last Sunday’s game for a Sound FX segment. During pregame warm-ups, the mikes captured Timmy singing “Awesome God” as he was throwing passes. Whoo boy. Page down to give a listen.

Tim Tebow singing “Awesome God”

Here is a video about his songs

22.can Tim Tebow run for president?

Probably the answer is “no”. New York Mets outfielder and former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow participated in an interview with GQ Magazine, during which he revealed some interesting facts and thoughts about his life.

Health and diet were one of the topics covered in the interview. Tebow sticks to a strict ketogenic diet that consists of high fat, low carbs and sugars, and moderate protein. Avocados are a major part of that diet.

When asked by GQ if he eats more than 15 avocados per week, this was his response.

“Honestly, probably four a day.”

Tebow is into avocado smoothies and sometimes eats them plain as meal supplements, per GQ. And, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is not the only athlete who enjoys himself some avocado ice cream.

can Tim Tebow run for president?

This was Tebow’s response when asked if he gets cravings for desserts.

“Not really. And one of the reasons is [that] you can make some things that taste really sweet. Avocado is actually something that really helps with that. There’s avocado ice cream.”

Tebow also touched on his future, which could end up involving politics rather than a return to the NFL.

GQ actually asked Tebow about a potential run for president in 2020. His response was rather interesting.

“I don’t know. When I’ve been asked about it, it’s not something that’s out of the realm.”

That’s a pretty heavy, loaded answer. Although, for the time being, it would appear Tebow is concentrating on his regular daily life.

“Right now, other things are my focus. If one day I feel like that’s the greatest way I can help people, then that’s what I’ll do. But that’s not yet. Not this day.”

But now that Tebow has put the words out there, it is hard not to envision him possibly becoming more serious about a presidential run later down the road.

can Tim Tebow run for president?

Tebow certainly has a huge fan following, and pretty much whatever he is doing or saying makes the news. His 3.64 million Twitter followers don’t quite add up to the 25 million President Donald Trump has. But we could imagine Tebow’s following would gain some weight if he did ever decide to dabble in politics.

For now, Tebow seems content with his life, which includes work with his own Tim Tebow Foundation.

23.can Tim Tebow speak Tagalog?

The answer is no but he can speak Filipino. And there is no more information about this question on the internet. If you have please leave the answers here…

24. does Tim Tebow have a super bowl ring?

Now that Super Bowl XLVIII is officially in the books, let us admit now that one quarterback stood out above all others on the NFL‘s grandest stage and in modern America’s greatest cultural extravaganza.

That quarterback’s name is Tim Tebow.

That’s right, Tim Tebow, who once again showed that he is bigger than the NFL.

Tebow didn’t even have to play in the Super Bowl, and he was a bigger star than either of the participating quarterbacks. Tebow’s performance in his hilariously entertaining T-Mobile Super Bowl commercials was much more memorable than Denver quarterback Peyton Manning‘s horrendous effort during the Broncos‘ 43-8 loss to Seattle. As for Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, his performance was overshadowed by that of his own defense.

does Tim Tebow have a super bowl ring?

“Tim Tebow was a big winner on Sunday night,” said Amy Beamer, whose website analyzes Super Bowl ads and polls viewers on the approval ratings of the commercials. “I don’t think anybody going into Sunday night would have thought Tim Tebow would have a better night than Peyton Manning.”

Tebow’s T-Mobile cell phone ads lampooned the fact that he doesn’t have an NFL contract, which allowed him to pursue a variety of other Forrest Gump-like endeavors over the last year such as saving puppies, singing in a rock and roll band, tracking down Big Foot and working for world peace. The commercials were, of course, fictional and farcical, but I believe their message was factual.

And that message is this:

Tebow doesn’t need the NFL to become a cultural icon.

He proved it when he was playing in the NFL, and he’s proven it since he was cast out of the league by short-sighted GMs and head coaches. For the two-thirds of a season, he was a below-average starting quarterback in the NFL two years ago, he was still the league’s biggest rock star.

Now that he’s spent a season away from the league, he’s still one of the biggest celebrities in sports. He was just hired as an ESPN commentator, and he’s still an endorsement gold mine even though he hasn’t started an NFL game in two years. I’ve written it before and I’ll reiterate it here: He has the charisma, the name recognition, and the conservative Christian political support to be president of the United States someday.

#tim tebow

Go ahead and snicker. They used to snicker, too, at the idea that another charismatic, conservative former college football player could become president. That fella’s name was Ronald Reagan.

I had a conversation a couple of years ago with Orlando attorney John Stemberger, who heads Florida Family Policy Council, a politically connected conservative religious organization. Stemberger was adamant that Tebow could become an immense political force in this country.

“If Tim Tebow wanted to be a political candidate, it’s his for the taking,” Stemberger told me. “He would be a political rock star. He’s handsome, he’s humble and he has character and integrity. This young man could be the next Ronald Reagan or Jack Kemp if he wanted to be.”

And if he doesn’t want to pursue politics, he could always pursue a film career as an action-adventure star a la another former college football player – Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

“I think he could be a movie star,” Beamer says. “You see him in these commercials and you see him in interviews, and he has charisma, he has presence, and that’s what people are looking for when they’re casting for movies. There’s something about him that people like; something about him that people find compelling.”

Don’t get me wrong, I still think it’s a travesty that some wayward NFL team (see JaguarsBucs, and Dolphins) wouldn’t give Tebow a true chance to become a starting quarterback. It’s always been baffling to me why one of our three state teams – all of whom have been essentially insignificant for the last decade – has had this perplexing aversion to signing Tebow and becoming instantly interesting and relevant.

Question: Why are so many other quarterbacks who are drafted in the first-round, guys like Blaine Gabbert (Jaguars) and Josh Freeman (Bucs), given years to develop and learn from their mistakes – and, yet, they still fail?

#tim tebow

Not Tebow. All he ever did was win — state championships in high school, national championships in college, and even took the previously pathetic Broncos to the playoffs in his only year as a starter in the NFL – and he still can’t get a sniff of a job. Think about this: Until Tebow, there’s never been a QB drafted in the first round who compiled a winning record (9-7) and took his team to the playoffs in his only year as a starter and never again started a game in the league.

Then again, it doesn’t really matter anymore.

Hey, NFL, take your job and shove it.

Tim Tebow is still a bigger star than any quarterback in your league. to contact Tim Tebow?

If you want to contact with, I have dropped a real email address in here and Both are real.

contact timtebow

N.B: Please don’t misuse it and always try to be good.

 26.What are Tim Tebow and John 316 stories?

#tim tebow

Tim Tebow has a long list of accomplishments. He is a Heisman Trophy winner, National Champion, and a first-round draft pick in the NFL. He is an author of a few books. And he is the leader of a life-changing foundation. But before all of that, he is a follower of Christ.

It was 2009 and Tebow was playing college football in Florida. He was weeks away from competing in the highly televised national championship football game when God led him to write John 3:16 under his eyes for all the world to see while he played. What happened next was no coincidence, but God working through a small act of courage that He used to do amazing things.

The entire video is above, and the complete transcript is below.

When I was at the University of Florida, going into my junior year, we were getting ready to play a rival. And I was in the training room and I was getting stretched by one of our trainers. And I looked over and I saw some of my teammates putting eye blacks under their eyes. 

And so I started to think – you know, they’re, like putting their mom’s name or their area code and different things like that. I started to think, you know, “I wonder if I could put an eye black and put, grab a silver sharpie and put something on there that could be encouraging or inspiring or – I don’t know – uplift somebody.”

I started to think, “Well, what should I put?” I started to think, “Well, God bless?” And I was like, “Ah, I don’t know.” And then I thought of Philippians 4:13. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” I was like, “That’s an awesome verse for a football player. That’s what I’m going to go with.”

Tim Tebow and John 316 stories?

So I put Philippians 4:13 under my eyes and we went out there and played. And honestly, it really wasn’t a big deal. A couple of local newspapers wrote about it, but it wasn’t that big of a deal. 

But I kept wearing it under my eyes every single week. And, as most of you know, fans in the SEC are extremely passionate about your teams. So the next couple of weeks they start selling it at the Gator bookstore, on the sides of the streets. They’re selling Philippians 4:13. I’m seeing fans and they’re like, “Alright. Go Gators! Philippians 4:13!” I’m like, “You don’t even know what that means.” 

I actually had one guy come up to me. His name was Phil and he said, “Did you put that under your eyes for me?” What? No. What does 4:13 mean?

But I kept wearing it under my eyes the entire season. And we get to the SEC championship game against Alabama. [crowd cheers] Calm down. 

We’re getting ready to run out of the tunnel. And as a football player, so often it is really tunnel vision. It’s the next thing, the next thing, the next thing. You can’t afford to step back and look at the big picture because you can just lose focus. So so many times, it’s just locked into the next thing I have to do. 

Well at this moment, I really felt like God was putting it on my heart to change the verse. I was like, “Really? Right now?” But I kind of stepped back for a second and realized that if we won, we’d be playing in the national championship and that would be maybe the biggest stage that I would ever get to change the verse and put something meaningful on there. 

So we were blessed to win and the next six weeks leading up to the national championship game, I was contemplating, really agonizing, over what verse I was going to go with. But God kept bringing to my heart and my head John 3:16. Because as a Christian, that’s the essence of our Christianity, it’s the essence of our hope. “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him will not perish, but have everlasting life.” That’s what we believe in as Christians. So I decided that’s the verse I’m going to go with.

Two nights before the game, I go into my parent’s hotel room in Miami, Florida. And they open the door, and I was like, “Alright, Mom, Dad, I’m gonna change the verse.” And my mom’s super supportive and my dad’s like, “Have you told Coach Meyer?”

Because Coach Meyer says he just likes his routines, but that dude is so superstitious it’s ridiculous. If we win with long socks, next week they’re even longer. Whatever is working he’s going to stick with it. So, he was like, “You really need to talk to him.”

So next day we have our walkthrough. After the walkthrough finishes, I was like, “Hey, Coach Meyer, can I talk to you?”

What are Tim Tebow and John 316 stories?

He’s like, “Yeah.” 

I said,– He’s like, “How is your arm? Your leg? Are you feeling good? You got the game plan down?” 

“Yeah, yeah. I’m good. I’m good. Um, you know the verse I wear under my eyes?” 

He’s like, “Yeah, Philippians 4:13. I love it!” 

I was like, “Well, I’m going to change it tomorrow night to John 3:16.”

“WHAT? What are you talking about? You can’t change the verse. That verse got us here!”

I was like, “No…”

So I explained to him why I wanted to go with John 3:16 and he understood and he was supportive. And honestly really, after that moment, I didn’t really think about it.

The next night, I just went out there and we were blessed to win the national championship. And two days after that game, I was sitting in Ballyhoo restaurant eating grouper with my mom, my dad, one of my aunts, and Coach Meyer. 

And Coach Meyer gets a call from our PR guy at Florida, and he’s like, “Mhm. Mhm. Mhm. Alright, bye.” And I looked at him and I was like, “What was that all about?” He told me who it was, our PR guy, and he said, “Timmy, he just told me that during that game 94 million people googled John 3:16.”

And honestly, my first thought was, “How the heck do 94 million people not know John 3:16?” It’s like, it’s Sunday school, bro. That’s the first thing you hear.

But it was just so humbling for me sitting in that restaurant, thinking about how big the God that we serve really is. Like, really, how big the God that we serve really is. So many times we put Him in a box. We put Him in a box. But no, the God that loves us, the God that created us, the God that has a plan for us, the God that wrote a poem about your life, He is a big God that wants to do amazing things. And when we just turn around, and say “Hey, here God.” It might not feel like a lot. Guess what? He can perform miracles. He can do amazing things. And I really believe the God that we serve wants to do amazing things in us and through us.

What are Tim Tebow and John 316 stories?

What was really cool about that game is it was on January 8th of 2009. Well exact three years later, January 8th, 2012. Exactly three years later to the day, we just happened to be playing the Pittsburgh Steelers in the first round of the playoffs. I didn’t think of John 3:16 one time, so I can’t take credit for it. I had nothing to do with it. I just went out there and tried to do anything I could to try to win a playoff game.

And we were blessed to win this crazy game in overtime. After the game, when we were done celebrating, I changed real quick, and I was going down the hall to do my press conference. And I was really looking forward to it because I love talking to the media.

And so, I was getting ready to turn left and go into these curtains to talk to the media. And Patrick, our PR guy, steps in front of me and says, “Timmy, did you realize what happened?” 

And I was like, “Yea. We just beat the Steelers. We’re going to play the Patriots. Like, let me do this.” 

He was like “Timmy, did you realize what happened?”

I could tell he was being serious, so I was like, “Patrick, what’s up man?”

He looks at me and says, “Timmy, this is exactly three years from the time you put John 3:16 under your eyes.”

I was like, “Oh really? That’s awesome. That’s really cool.”

Tim Tebow and John 316 stories?

He says, “No, you don’t realize. During the game, you threw for 316 yards. Your yards per rush were 3.16. Your yards per completion were 31.6. The time of possession was 31.06. And the ratings for the night were 31.6. During the game, 90 million people googled John 3:16 also it is the number one thing on all social media right now.”

And I was just standing in that hallway, thinking, “God, I didn’t know that You were doing anything.” Like, I thought that was like three years ago. 

But it’s amazing how big God is that we serve. He took something that I did three and half years ago, to make a decision to put Philippians 4:13 and then change it for one game. But I thought, “Hey, this is really cool. We impacted some people, but it’s done.” 

But no, God has an awesome plan. He has an awesome plan and you might not even see what He’s doing. You might not even know how He’s working. But the amazing thing is, when we step out and we show a little courage. We step out and we show a little boldness, what God can do with it in our lives, through our lives. But He’s a big God. He’s a big God and He can perform miracles. He can perform miracles. I really believe that He wants to.

You have to understand, the God of this universe loves you so much that He sent His Son to die for you. If He loves you that much, is He not going to want to fight for you? Is He not going to want to fight with you? Is He not going to want to come through for you?

Now that doesn’t mean that life is going to be easy. It’s not. But it means that it’s going to be worth it. It means that it’s going to be worth it. 

27.Overall Tim Tebow’s Biography?

Tim Tebow won the Heisman Trophy and two national championships as a quarterback for the University of Florida. Following a brief NFL career, he turned to professional baseball.

Who Is Tim Tebow?

Tim Tebow's childhood

Tim Tebow helped the Florida Gators win two BCS Championships and was named the Heisman Trophy winner in 2007. Despite leading the NFL’s Denver Broncos to the playoffs in 2011, the popular quarterback was traded to the New York Jets and played just one more season in the league. He went on to work as a television analyst, before turning his focus to baseball and signing a minor league contract with the New York Mets in 2016.

Early Years

Tebow, the youngest of five children, was born on August 14, 1987, in Makati City in the Philippines, to American parents who were there as Baptist missionaries. Tebow was later homeschooled by his mother, who instilled in him the family’s Christian beliefs throughout his early years. Those beliefs became a large part of Tebow’s life and have often colored the media’s coverage of him.

College Football Career

In 2006, Tebow received an athletic scholarship to attend the University of Florida to play for its famed football team, the Gators. He spent his freshman year as a backup but became a key contributor for a team that went on to win the BCS Championship. The following year he became the starting quarterback and won, among other honors, the Heisman Trophy (for the outstanding all-around player) and the Davey O’Brien Award (for an outstanding quarterback).

Tim Tebow's early ears

Running the “wildcat offense,” an unpredictable formation in which the quarterback can be an active rushing threat, Tebow set numerous records in the 2007 season, including the Gators’ single-game QB rushing mark (166 yards) and SEC single-season records for rushing touchdowns (20) and total touchdowns (passing and rushing; 55).

At the close of the 2008 season, Tebow led his team to victory in the BCS National Championship Game and was named the winner of a slew of athletic awards.

Move to the NFL

Standing 6’3″ tall and weighing around 240 pounds, Tebow was referred to by one NFL coach as “the strongest human being that’s ever played the position [of quarterback].” He was chosen by the Denver Broncos in the first round of the 2010 draft and signed a five-year contract to play second string behind Broncos QB Kyle Orton.

Tim Tebow's move to the nfl

After a 1-4 start to the 2011 season, Tebow replaced Orton as the Broncos’ starting quarterback. In his first start, he led the Broncos to a come-from-behind 18-15 overtime victory against the Miami Dolphins, after being down 15-0 with less than three minutes left in the game. Tebow led the team to six wins in their next eight games and into the playoffs. The Broncos beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in the wild-card game of the playoffs before losing to the New England Patriots in the division championship game, ending Tebow’s first season as the Broncos starting quarterback.

A few months after the season came to an end, in March 2012, Tebow was traded to the New York Jets in a firestorm of media attention and scrutiny. There was much debate as to whether he would replace Mark Sanchez as the team’s starting quarterback. However, as the football season began, Sanchez remained in the leading position. Tebow only played briefly during the Jets’ first game against the Buffalo Bills in September 2012 — a pattern that would prove to be consistent throughout the rest of the season.

By the end of 2012, he had participated in only 72 offensive snaps with the New York team. In late April 2013, the Jets released Tebow, after the team was unable to find a trade partner.

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