Here are some of the expert tips to pick best hostels in Pune

The most challenging part during your trip is to search for the better stay and also to find a perfect hostel that suits your stay. Any mistake in choosing the hostel might spoil the stay and keep you uncomfort.

With any kind of traveling into the city, either it might be for your studies, or trip or other reasons, finding the suitable hostel might be challenging task.For all these, staying a comfortable place should be your main priority as itmight give you comfort and a destination that you will recommend others as well.

Here in this article, we bring some of the exceptional tips to choose hostels in Pune for better stay:

  • Choose the best location


One of the topmost points you need to consider is to look for thelocation of the hostel. You might need a hostel that stays near to yourwork location or if you are unsure of where you move around in the city,it is advisable to prefer the hostel located in the center of the city to havegood connectivity. Especially when you are traveling with friends,considering the location is highly important as this might help you notto travel over a long time to reach once after you are done with thework.


  • Look for the hygienic and cleanliness of hostel by viewing reviews


The next point you need to look into before finding the hostel is to check the hygienic and cleanliness factor of the hostel. You can checkthis through the reviews of the hostel wherethere are people who shared their experience. Especially while planningwith the friends, assure that the hostel contains basic facilities thatinclude a separate room, decent bed, attached bathroom and other safety features. 


While booking the hostel in Pune online, you need to check for thereviews from the people who have stayed at the hostel before. Throughsocial media, online forums, trip advisor, or Google sites can help you infinding the right hostel that possesses all the facilities and requirementsyou need to stay there.


  • Look for amenities and facilities that suits you


The hostel should be equipped with all the basic amenities such asspacious ventilated rooms, bathrooms, laundry services, wificonnections, Television, room services, and parking facilities. When youare traveling with the friends or would like to stay alone, assure if the hostel contains large roomswhere there are enough beds to take rest. Also, check if they can provideadditional pillows and beds and a hot water facility beforebooking the hostel.


  • Size of the room


The other thing you need to look into is the size and other facilities inthe hostel room. When you wanted to move around with the family orfriends, then you need to look for the extra bed. Prioritize and check therooms if they have with the availability of the bigger rooms. Check forall the specifications including size, view, bed options, bathrooms,heating conditions, etc. before choosing one for you and your family.

Ensure they provide other required amenities in the room as well.


  • Choose the hostels after looking into the pictures posted by travelers


The other best ways to choose the hostels are to look into the reviews ofthe hostels or get the advice from your friends or relatives. There mighthave great reviews for the hostels as many of us are travelling around,and looking into those reviews might provide you with the clear idea ofwhether to check in or not. The people sometimes provide with theexcellent images taken by them and this might even help you to imaginehow big is the room size and also the bed.


  • Check if the hostel has better transportation facility


There are many hostels that can provide complimentary shuttle servicesand also offer private drivers for you to move around the place. Withthis type of facility, you can enjoy your trip without much worries orspending time and money renting the car or driving towards theunfamiliar streets. These facilities can help you to pick you up duringthe nights and if you are travelling to the remote places where there areno facilities, these complimentary services might help you to enjoy yourtrip without many efforts.


  • Do not always check the cheapest hostel to save money


Most of us pick to choose the cheapest hostel in the city to save some money with the thought that we won’t stay long in the room. Which is not advisable? Cheaper is not always better, ensure to read the description mentioned about the hostel online as they end up providing you with cheaper amenities and facilities including dirty showers, unhygienic conditions, very slow WiFi and thin discomfort mattresses. It is better to go for the middle budget hostel to keep you safe and comfort. 

Other important tips you need to consider before choosing the hostel in Pune include:

  • Get the hostel that provides you complimentary breakfast
  • If they accept any kind of late checkout based on the comfortability of your tickets and travelling details
  • Ensure the hostels have lockers to keep your things safe
  • Check if the hostel has bar facilities if you would like to 
  • Ensure the staff are knowledgeable and friendly to the customers
  • Check if the showers are fine and no push buttons as they tend to provide low shower and they get turn off during the mid-shower often. So, it is recommended not to choose push button shower hostels
  • Check if they provide free Wi-Fi and internet facility to the customers staying 


The smallest details can make a huge difference when you are staying away from home. When you are on the road, there are many factors that might keepyou unfocused and worse, thus keeping you unsafe. Choosing the right hostel is the best way to do both. Considering the above best tips to choose hostels in Pune, you can surely have a great stay.

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