How to make your assignment or homework presentable

Assignments and homework play an important role in the life of a student. More than often these assignments and homework carry a significant number of marks that get added to the final exams of the students.

Most students do their homework quite roughly which can leave a negative impact on the teachers or their avoid this take assignment help.

In this article we will explore ways through which students can make their assignments or homework more presentable.

1.Outline the assignment or homework

Students should adopt the habit of outlining their content

Outlining means students should organize their content properly, in order that is expected from their teachers or mentor.

Students, while writing homework, should always highlight the question number and answer with a different ink so it becomes easy for the teacher to find a particular question.

Similarly, while writing assignments should highlight the topics with different ink and write the main content with different ink.


Proofreading is a technique that is most forgotten about but is the most essential one that students should use, to make their content more presentable and impressive.

Proof -reading significantly increases the quality of the assignment or homework.

Proof-reading, involves re-reading of the written content, manually or via homework help of a software or any app.

There are many websites available online that in a few minutes proof-read the whole content as well as provide solutions wherever needed.

Proofreading using apps involves checking for plagiarism, checking for spelling errors, word count limit, etc.

Proof-reading manually could be a lengthy process and might contain human error, as even if students read and re-read the content, the chances are they may miss a punctuation error or even a spelling error.

Proof reading manually is preferred when assignments or homework is to be expected in a short span of time, or in class itself. Assignments that need more time, can be tested for proof reading using apps or websites online.

When students decide to write their assignments and homework, all by themselves using their own knowledge and books for references, there are but no or slight chance of plagiarism only, so while proofreading student can skip to check for it, but if students are copying the content as it is from internet source, then the chances of plagiarism increase which affects the personality of the students in front of their teacher.


Editing is a part of the proof-reading technique, whereby the students correct the mistake they found while going through the proof-reading process.

Editing can also be done using the same websites and apps that the students used for proof-reading the content.

Certain websites provide the option of re-phrasing the content that is plagiarized, which make it easier for students to edit the content without re-writing the whole content again.

Editing also involves correcting the spelling errors as well as punctuation.

Editing also involves rephrasing the tone of the content when and where required.

Students while writing the content in a short span of time can easily edit their content, by themselves, without using the app.

The trick is to read the whole content at the least three times. Students should start by reading the content at normal pace to find any obvious mistakes or errors, after that students must move ahead with slowly reading the content to test the tone of the content.

At last students should recheck the editing they have done, to make sure they did not make things worse, instead they did the right editing or not.


One of the best ways to make your assignments or homework presentable is by using the technique of highlighting.

Highlighting involves making a bullet list or number list of the content when and where required with bold ink or different color pens.

In the same way students can also highlight the main topics and sub topic of the assignment or homework in order to make the content easier to read.

Many a time students write their whole content with a single pen, which puts pressure on the eyes of the reader and makes it hard for the reader to look for the topics and subtopics.

Students should also highlight any important information that they want the reader to not omit reading, students can do this using different color inks or simply using pencil to underline and highlight the information.

Also many students are of habit to cut the wrong information or incorrect words or phrases with the pen which make the assignment look ugly and chaotic, in order to make the assignments more presentable students should use pencil to put a single cut on the wrong or incorrect content that the student wants to omit.

5. Student’s page

Whether students are working towards writing an assignment or homework, students should make a very minimalist and simple but eye0-catching front page.

The front page or the students page contains the details of the student, subject details, assignment details and also the name of the teacher. Along with that students should also include the title page, as well as acknowledgment page.

Adding such pages improves the quality of the assignment and makes it look more professional.

Another page that students can include is the index page.

In the index page students must make sure to include only the main topics of the assignment or homework along with the page numbers so the reader or the teacher can easily access any part of the assignment easily by referring to the index page.

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