How to see someone’s activity and likes on Instagram

Everyone loves Instagram, a visual social media platform. It’s quite common to be part of this platform in today’s world. In fact, Instagram has become so popular that almost everyone you know will be an Instagram user. The activity on Instagram is booming with people liking and commenting on other’s posts. However, not everyone can post and interact every day. This is why Instagram is so popular. There is a solution: Buy Instagram Views, Likes, and Followers Lightning Likes offers services – Fast, Reliable, and Affordable with (Prices starting at $2).

Instagram can also be a way to gain popularity, and the influencer market proves that. You can learn a lot from following the activities of popular Instagram pages. If you also aspire to grow your page on Instagram, a great first step would be to gain more Instagram likes with Leoboost service.

This social media giant’s popularity is due to one simple reason: We are social beings. We are curious about what other people are doing. The app’s features such as visual feed, videos and stories, IGTV video videos and reels all come together to show how a person lives every day.

Instagram’s Following tab has been removed so users can’t see what other people are doing on the app. But still there are many apps which can help you to track your instagram followers. Before we get into this, let’s first understand how Instagram works.

Instagram Added the Following Activity Tab

Instagram’s Following Activity Tab was removed, and many people asked the question, “How can I see my friends activity?”

An earlier version of the app allowed users to see comments, likes and follows made by friends on Instagram posts. Privacy concerns led to the removal of this feature. According to Instagram, many users didn’t feel comfortable sharing content they don’t like. The Following Activity Tab was not widely used.

Instagram removed the tab completely as a result. It’s not as simple as just swiping the tab to see other people’s activity. The app retains many features that allow you to view people’s most recent posts, likes and comments. It’s not enough, though.

Because of the constant updating of Instagram templates’s algorithm, it can get tricky to stay in loop with its latest functions. These updates make it difficult to use other functions such as seeing who is following you and which posts you are engaging with. Users are now unable to do the things they used to be able to do.

But don’t fret! This is how you can track an individual’s Instagram activity without having to use the Following Activity Tab.

Keep track of the most recent uploads made by someone

To see the most recent posts from your followers, simply visit their news feeds. Scroll through it to find out if they have posted.

You can also search for their username using the Search & Explore tool and go to their feed. You will see their posts chronologically.

Check out When a Person Is Online

To see your last Instagram followers seen, you’ll need to first start a conversation on the app’s Direct Message.

Clicking on a username in the Direct Message feature will show you who is online at the moment or when they were last online.

Find out who someone followed recently

The following option will display a list of people when you click on the number followers of an Instagram account. But, this list does not include users in chronological order.

You can log into Instagram from a web browser to see the most recent followers. You can track someone’s most recent activity by accessing the app via a web browser and not through an app.

Talking about followers, if you’ve ever wondered how many pages end up having thousands of followers, you will find the answer in companies like Leoboost.

You can track someone’s activity without following them

There are many Instagram activity trackers that can help you track user activities. These trackers are constantly improving to help you track user activity.

Activity trackers allow you to track what posts people like and which content they’ve been exploring, even if your account is in a private mode.

Even better, you can read messages that have been deleted after they are read. You can also track how much time someone spends using the app each day and the people they are targeting.

These trackers allow you to track the Instagram profiles of people using notifications, which include likes, comments and new Instagram stories.

These activity trackers usually come with demos that provide detailed information about how to use them to track user activities. These activities can be performed easily without any technical knowledge.

You can also find other important Insta gram metrics and analysis by exploring a variety of Insta gram analytics tools.

Bonus: How to hide your user activity

Here’s what to do if you don’t want someone following your activities on Instagram.

  • Three lines will appear in the top right corner of your Insta gram feed. These three lines can be tapped.
  • Next, select the Privacy section and then the Settings options. Next, click on “Activity Status.”
  • You can turn off the “Show Activity Status” button to make sure that your activity is not visible on Insta gram.

Last Thoughts

It is easy to track Instagram user activity for your family members, friends, and other people you know. You can track the activities of your closest friends and also research how popular Insta gram pages gain followers and engage with them. This will help you develop your own strategies for gaining followers and popularity on Insta gram.

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