How will the continuous improvement of DEEPFAKE technology affect content marketing?

AI technology is nothing new, but its impact on content marketing continues. Today, it has been achieved to create Internet influencers through AI face swapping, and they can even have numerous fans. How will the continuous improvement of deepfake technology affect content marketing?

AI technology is nothing new. Compared with the previous two years, the fusion effect of intelligent technology and the real world is more natural, making it more difficult for people to distinguish. For example, South Korean influencer Rui has gained many fans on YouTube with her sweet and natural appearance and solid singing skills.

  1. Deepfake to create an indistinguishable influencer

Video blogger Rui Covery is a well-known cover singer on YouTube. Her cover videos and travel vlogs have attracted a lot of fans with her sweet appearance and solid singing skills. The dynamic often receives 50,000 or even more than 100,000 likes.

However, at the beginning of 2021, Rui admitted in the video that her image was completely created by the technology company DOB Studio. In the video, only the hairstyle, body and voice are actually from the “actor”, while the face is completely made by artificial intelligence and facial synthesis. There are also many comments saying, “AI technology is so advanced that it’s hard to imagine what the world will be like in the future.”

Rui said in a media interview that she has always wanted to be a singer, but she is very insecure about her appearance. Later, she decided to use AI technology to swap faces, but she did not expect that videos using virtual human faces would be so popular.

  1. The basic logic of deepfake

deepfake technology

Deepfake includes face replacement in the form of pictures, voice replacement in the form of audio, and synchronous replacement of faces and voices in images. The “deep” in Deepfake refers to “deep learning”.

Deep learning systems are able to process certain tasks over and over again, using machine deep learning for deep face swapping, which means that one person’s face could become another person’s face in ways that hadn’t been expected or detected.

  1. Partial impact of AI face-swapping applications on the content industry 

①Used in TV and film production

Nowadays, AI technology has been widely used in the field of film and television production. Actors can swap their faces through deepfake. Deceased actors can “revive” in a series of movies.

For example, after actor Paul Walker died in a car accident, the film team of Fast and Furious 7 hired one of the best digital effects studios in order to be as faithful as possible to the film and respect the actors, in the form of AI face-swapping. He was involved in the final part of the film. The team collected 350 CGI shots of Paul Walker and paired them with his own brother. For example, in the shot after the jump, the original actor’s face was replaced by a CG version of Paul.

deepfake technology

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②Personalized marketing and advocacy will be enriched

A UK health charity has teamed up with David Beckham and an artificial intelligence company to produce a video. Through machine deep learning to recognize Beckham’s face and replace the shape of his mouth, he can speak nine languages seamlessly in the video.

With machine deep learning, people in the video can always keep their facial movements matched with their voices. Therefore, with the help of AI face-swapping technology, people can better share ideas, films, and other creative works on a global scale.

This will improve the diversity of personalized marketing and content promotion in the future. In other words, language barriers will be broken down and more content will be presented to audiences in a personalized way.

deepfake technology

  1. How do common people make deepfakes?

It is not difficult to swap faces with one click. There are many deepfake apps and websites, but the good and the bad are mixed. Today I will recommend a deepfake website DeepSwap that I have tried.

Deepswap allows everyone to benefit from deepfake tech. It is very easy to operate, just upload the face photo and the video you want to change, and you can make it.

This site might be the quickest and easiest. It cuts out the hours of alignments and rendering to be able to produce an amazing deepfake within a few seconds. Compared with other products, it supports the 60s video face swap, which can better meet people’s needs for long videos.

There is one more thing I believe that everyone will like. This site is amazing because you can upload any content without limitations.

If you are already on the point of stirring up trouble, you might as well try it right away. I believe you will be full of surprises in the process of using it, just like me.

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