Jaden Newman: How Much is the Newman Family Worth?

Jaden Newman is an American basketball icon who started her career at an early age. She credits her father and elder brother for promoting her passion for basketball. She has been a part of several television shows and has even been featured on the Hello, Newman documentary series. She has more than 1 million followers on Instagram. She is currently studying at the University of Miami. Her net worth is estimated at $5 million.

Downey Christian School

Jaden Newman was born on June 13, 2004, in Orlando, Florida. His parents are both former college basketball players and he has an older brother named Julian. His mother, Vivian Gonzalez, is a well-known sports agent. Her father was a coach and he still coaches the basketball team at Downey Christian School. Their net worth is estimated at $2 million.

Commercials & Product Advertisements

The Newmans support their daughter’s career by appearing in various commercials and product advertisements. Their net worth is estimated at $7 million. The Newman family also enjoys traveling, which is probably why Jaden is so popular. The family has a home in Los Angeles, so they are likely to have a nice house, cars, and other possessions. The Newmans have been known to pose for photos in hoop regalia, so it’s not surprising that their wealth is so substantial.

Dreams & Goals

Jaden’s parents are very supportive of her dreams and goals. The family continues to play a huge role in their daughter’s success. The Newmans are even seen posing in hoop regalia in front of their daughters. This is not surprising, considering that they’re both famous in their own right. However, how much is the rest of the Newman family worth?¬†para: In addition to their professional accomplishments, the couple has two children. The eldest, Julian, plays basketball with his younger sister, Julian, and their mom. The brothers practice 500 shots a day. Their sister, Madison, also excels in team sport. Her average game score is 15 points and has four assists. In addition to basketball, Jaden has a thriving Instagram following with more than 750 thousand followers.

Basketball Prodigy

In addition to Jaden, his parents have made a lot of money in the sports world. His mother, Vivian, was a point guard at Colonial High School in Orlando. Her father is also a varsity basketball coach and works for the United States Postal Service. He also has a brother named Julian, who is a 20-year-old basketball prodigy.

Known for their sports talents, the Newmans are an Instagram star and reality TV family. Their children have been featured in several TV shows and on social media. The two boys have been spotted in hoop regalia. While Jaden is still a teenager, the Newmans are a major part of the sport’s success. And their relationship with their son Julian is known for its love of basketball.

Social Media Personality

As a talented basketball player, Jaden is a popular social media personality with more than nine million followers on Instagram and four thousand followers on Twitter. While her parents are not wealthy, they are still highly involved in her career and have been photographed in hoop regalia to promote their daughter’s career. They are extremely involved in sports and their daughter’s success is one of the main reasons why the Newman family is so rich.

Jaden Newman’s parents are both teachers and coaches. His father is a history teacher at a public school in Los Angeles. His mother is a Puerto Rican and a point guard at a private high school in Orlando. She also served four years in the navy. Her mother has a verified Instagram profile with over one million followers. In addition to his basketball success, Jaden is a devoted student.


Vivian Newman is Jaden’s mother. She played varsity basketball at University High School in Orlando. Her elder brother, Julian, is a 20-year-old basketball prodigy. He was a point guard for Colonial High School in Orlando. The family is now working for the United States Postal Service. The Newman family’s net worth is estimated at $300 million here.


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