Mobile Live Wallpapers – Best Apps to Download and Create 3D Wallpapers

Even today, only a few wallpapers are officially offered by Android OS. But most Android devices support different types of amazing live wallpapers, including 3D wallpapers that are more and more popular among all users. As people are searching for the latest moving backgrounds, the Android wallpaper apps have improved tremendously. Some of them are a reliable source of new phone wallpapers and HD backgrounds, showcasing new colors and styles for cool screen wear fans.

So we took a deep dive into the ocean of live wallpaper apps on the Play Store in search of cool moving backgrounds. We hope this selection will help you choose the best apps to update your phone background with cool HD wallpapers and 3D artworks ready to use or made by you with a Live Wallpaper Maker.


For those who prefer darker themes like Black Wallpaper, AMOLED, Dark Background: Darkify is the right app. It offers several wallpaper options black-themed: animals, superheroes, cartoon characters, landscapes and much more. The app also has a random button, which chooses one among all the images available for you to use. 

Although the app is touted as free, most of its framing functions are only available to those upgrading to the Pro version.

4K Wallpapers – HD, Live Backgrounds, Auto Changer

Inspired by traditional reminder boards, it allows you to use your favorite photos, stored on your smartphone. The result is very interesting for the moving wallpapers category.

For fans of extreme sports and passionate landscapes, true 4K and HD is a great option. Among the themes offered are cities, cars, flowers, food and macro photos, among others. The quality of the photos and the 4K effect, which brings more details to the image, draw attention. Live wallpapers are also offered, but only in the paid version.

Another exclusive feature of the premium version is the “double wallpapers”, a double of photos that cause a continuous image effect. For those who don’t want to pay, there are many free wallpaper options within all themes available.

Wave Live Wallpapers

A premium app for live backgrounds, Wave Live Wallpapers HD & 3D Wallpaper Maker draws attention for its vibrant colors and 4K like images rich in details — such as space and galaxy wallpapers. Compared to other options for Android, this works very fast that takes a few seconds to load. A large part of the collection is made of animated backgrounds and amazing 3D wallpapers. A great advantage is that you can also create live wallpapers and moving wallpapers in seconds with the Wave Wallpaper Maker.

The app has useful features like a wallpaper shuffle to auto change the animated backgrounds as often as you like; a color selector next to the search bar to help choose wallpapers based on color preferences (for Black you can simply use the search bar); most popular searches are pinned with # on the top of the screen; creating an account is optional, but it helps you save your wallpapers and creations in case you need to change your phone. And all the wallpapers can be customized with touch and overlay effects of your choice. Sounds good, right?

The Live Wallpaper Maker is the highlight of this app, it is possible to create a background for the interface (lock or start) of your device. To do this, just go to Create to access the Wallpaper Maker in My Studio and follow the easy steps to craft an amazing animated background or 3D wallpaper.

Wave Live Wallpapers HD & 3D Wallpaper Maker app can be used for free, or with a premium subscription to remove ads and just enjoy browsing for moving wallpapers.

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Wallhaven Wallpapers

We all have some wallpapers on our smartphones, but some people take the pursuit of the perfect background image very seriously. If you want to make sure you have a continuous stream of images that you can customize, then you should try Wallhaven Wallpapers.

Available for free on Google Play, it puts sensational background images on your smartphone based on likes on Facebook or from services like Reddit, Flickr and Wikipedia.

If you get tired of an image, double-tap the screen and it will change. If you want more photos from a certain source, just drag them up. The app works with many launchers, including Google Now, which is the default on Android.

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