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Social media analytics, a digital platform that helps businesses optimize production, gathers, tracks, and analyses data in popular social media networks. For instance, the platform correlates data from Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter to provide business insights. Net Base Quid is an international social media analytic platform that delivers consumer and market trends to businesses. Additionally, the digital platform features ultra-modern artificial intelligence that processes billions of data. The organization maintains a partnership with successful companies such as Coca-Cola, American Airlines, Ogilvy, Walmart, Microsoft, T-Mobile, and Hyundai. Social. Net Base Quid integrates digital technology that applies artificial intelligence to analyze critical data for decision-making effectively. Social media analytics offer the following.

Competitive analysis

The social, competitive analysis assesses competitor’s social profiles, business strategies, strongholds, and weaknesses. It utilizes various social listing tools that process data on actions done by competitors. For example, when competitors launch new products in the market, other counterparts can observe consumer’s behavior towards the product. As a result, the analysis acts as a stepping stone for companies to gain a competitive advantage

Social metrics analysis

Social media metrics evaluate brand objectives. It measures the brand’s performance in the market, and the output of social analytic measures brand awareness. As a result, benchmarking various brands with competitors is faster and more accurate. Moreover, a comparison of current brand performance and expected results help develop new business models. Different engagement metrics used include account mentions, comments, post engagement rate, and retweets combined to meet the decision-making strategy. For example, customer care is evaluated by the response rate on social media accounts shows either the product serves the needs of the customers. 

Audience analysis 

Net Base Quid social and market analytic evaluates the target market as it analyzes consumers, time, and resources required for product penetration. The software gathers data from the audience purchasing behaviors. Further, it consolidates social data with traditional data sources for absolute audience profiling. Characterizing the audience provides grounds for personalization, and uncovering emotional insights is further elaborated in social media sentimental analysis.

Social media sentimental analysis 

It entails identifying consumer feelings about a particular product and unveiling customer behavior changes on a given brand. Sentimental analysis is made up of two components, namely net sentiment and passion intensity. The results show two individuals with positive or negative emotions on the company’s products from the first component. Individuals with strong positive traits not only adopt the products but also becomes brand ambassadors. On the other hand, individuals possessing negative emotions towards a product or service neither adopting nor subscribing to business brands. Contrary, some customers have neutral feelings towards a similar brand because they care less about the product. Therefore, it helps find brand influencers, provide customer services, and identify reputational threats. 

Social media listening 

Social media analytic emphasizes the importance of social listening. Research conducted by Clutch demonstrates companies and marketers monitor brands royalty by filtering the prevalence of conversations regarding new products, brands, services, and competing substitutes. The study further elaborates that effective social media listening reduces the occurrence of management and customer services crises. Moreover, insights from the analysis are used to make tactical adjustments such as improving business reputation, removing or adding a new brand, creating or improving a particular service. 

Social media analytics software identifies, analyzes, and presents data through advanced artificial intelligence. Therefore, data identification captures meaningful information about filtered businesses, including customer’s sentiment, competitors, offerings, brands, and organization reputation. Furthermore, data analysis transforms raw data into useful information that provides insights into business marketing environments’ depth. As a result, it delivers data visualization in emerging marketing trends and evaluates new brands opportunities. Net Base Quid provide insights into business trends, consumer behavior, and correlation between competitors in the market. Businesses that invest in social media analytics tend to forecast future consumer sentiment and improve operational efficiency.

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