Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair

Just picture the scene. It’s a very hot day, and you’re sitting at home enjoying the cool breeze of the air conditioning, making your home comfortable enough to do almost anything without feeling hot yourself. All of a sudden, there’s an unfortunate and worrying noise from the air conditioner as it comes to a halt.

Steadily the heat begins to creep in and the temperature rises. You know you need air conditioner repairs but you’re worried about how long it will take, how long you’ll have to endure being without it. Then there’s the cost! It must be serious, right? Panasonic air conditioner repairs, or any other brand, could get quite expensive, no?

The best thing to do is spot when your air conditioner is showing signs of being in need of maintenance or repair. At least then you can pre-empt expensive repairs.

Sign 1: Your Energy Bills Have Been Going Up

Many AC systems can indeed gobble up the energy faster than normal, but most of us have a pretty good idea on how much our bills go up during “AC season.” If you’ve noticed, however, that your bills have gone up an inordinate amount in recent weeks or months, then your AC might be faulty.

It’s a bit like what happens to your car engine when there’s a fault. When there’s an issue in your car, your fuel efficiency often goes down because the engine is working harder and harder to compensate for a clogged filter or something else, thus burning more fuel. Your AC may do the same when the vents are blocked or the condenser has an issue. More work means more energy and more energy means higher bills.

Sign 2: The AC Is Making More Noise Than Usual

Are you hearing clunking noises from the ducts or the condenser unit? Is the wall unit making buzzing noises or other unusual sounds? Beyond the regular hum that it might make, any other noise from your AC unit is typically a sign that something is wrong. If you’re hearing excessive noise, or strange random noises coming from within the system, you need a professional to take a look at it.

Sign 3: There Are Leaks

As with unusual or excessive noise, leaking fluids is also a bad sign. You need to be careful when dealing with leaking fluids, too, depending on what kind of AC system you are using. If your system makes use of a refrigerant, then there’s a good chance that the leaking material is that and it could be toxic or otherwise harmful to you and others. If you use an evaporative system, then it’s most likely water and you’re at least safe.

At any rate, leaks of either water or refrigerant warrant immediate professional attention from qualified AC engineers.

Sign 4: The Air is Blowing but There’s No Cooling Effect

Next, if you switch on your air conditioning, hear the familiar whirring of the machine and feel the air emerging from the vent, but then don’t feel that initial cool blast of fresh air you were expecting, then it’s another sign that something is wrong. In particular, it could indicate that you need to recharge the unit with refrigerant, a job that while seeming straightforward is best left to the professionals because of the potentially toxic nature of the refrigerant.

Sign 5: Air Flow is Low

Similar to low water pressure in your shower, sometimes your AC unit may switch on and appear to be alright but you notice that only a light breeze is emerging from the vent, even when set on a high or powerful setting.

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