Top 5 CCNA Courses To Learn If You Want To Improve Your Skills

Cisco’s dominance in the networking sector is unsurprising. Cisco has been a market leader in routing, switching, and other network-related technologies for decades. Cisco also provides a Cisco Certified Network Associate certification (CCNA).

It is a Cisco-sponsored certification that covers security, switching technologies, and routing protocols for network engineers. The CCNA certificate is designed to help individuals develop, upgrade, and measure their networking competence.

The certification verifies that the holder is capable of installing, maintaining, securing, operating, and troubleshooting networks in an organizational context. The Cisco CCNA certification demonstrates an in-depth understanding of networking essentials for IT professionals. It enables networking professionals to stay updated. It will aid the credential bearer in advancing their careers, obtaining promotions, and securing new work prospects at a greater salary.

The CCNA certification is well worth the money gained and career chances accessible with this certificate, but it is not simple to achieve! Here are the top 5 courses to help you.


Concentration Paths for the CCNA Certification

After earning the fundamental CCNA certification, you can specialize in one of three separate routes that will provide you with the information, skills, tools, and resources necessary to advance your career. The three pathways are as follows:

  • CCNA Security: It includes troubleshooting and monitoring network devices to guarantee the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of data and networks. A CCNA Security expert is qualified to operate as a network security specialist, network support engineer, or security administrator.
  • CCNA Voice: It trains networking professionals on VoIP technologies such as IP telephony, IP PBX, handset, voicemail solutions, and call control. A CCNA Voice specialist may find employment as a voice manager, administrator, or engineer.
  • CCNA Wireless It includes configuring, installing, and supporting wireless LANs using Cisco equipment. A CCNA Wireless certified professional is qualified to operate as a WLAN project manager as well as a wireless support specialist.

Why You Should Obtain a CCNA certificate?

Is obtaining a CCNA certification for networking pros truly worthwhile? The following points demonstrate why the answer to this question is an unequivocal Yes!

  1. Demonstrate That You are a Qualified Candidate

According to a recent Cisco poll conducted by Forrester Consultants, training and certification programs are essential components of recruitment and hiring for specialist networking professions.

Additionally, it was highlighted that professional certificates are a close second to a four-year degree in terms of employment requirements. Certificates accounted for 49% of the total, while degrees accounted for 51%, making CCNA certifications one of the variables that hiring managers worldwide use to identify outstanding talent.

  1. Experience a One-of-a-Kind Educational Network

Cisco Learning Network is the first of its type, utilizing social media as a widely studied platform for educational purposes. This is a Web 2.0 community that makes use of blogging, collaboration, and document sharing.

The network offers a plethora of services that are open to anybody seeking training and certification, simulation laboratories, roadmaps, corporate internships, job postings, employee recruiting and recommendations. Cisco Learning Network was created for individuals with varying levels of expertise and experience who are interested in a career in networking.

  1. Expertise and Experience

Naturally, obtaining your certification will boost your knowledge and expertise. Whatever years you’ve spent in the sector, one thing is certain: you’ll pick up new skills that will assist propel your career forward. You will notice various developments in the sector as a result of the certification procedure.

  1. Advancement of Career

Including qualifications on your resume or curriculum vitae can help you advance your career.

The CCNA certification is widely recognized, which means that your job will be applicable practically everywhere you go. Who knows, you may even receive a raise as a result of obtaining your certification.

Best CCNA Courses 

  1. LearnVern


This CCNA certification attests to your ability to traverse an ever-changing IT landscape and to possess the abilities necessary to manage and optimize today’s most complex networks.

The CCNA training course and test establish the foundation for you to pursue any professional path. This course covers networking foundations, IP services, security fundamentals, automation, and programmability.

At LearnVern, the curriculum is written in Hindi by industry professionals. Develop proficiency in your native language. Enroll in this CCNA online course and begin studying immediately!


  • The lectures explain each idea in detail and at a great speed.
  • The entire series of lectures are divided into manageable portions, making it simple for students to follow.
  • Discover the differences between static and dynamic routing, network address translation, and accessing control lists.
  • Includes comprehensive instructions for effectively installing and configuring everything.
  1. Tops Technologies

If you want to learn about Cisco equipment and networking from the ground up, this CCNA course is a fantastic place to start.

To begin, you’ll learn what computer networks are, the numerous components that comprise a basic network, and some of the most prevalent network security concerns and how to resolve them.

Then you’ll learn about the fundamental components of popular Cisco equipment and how to access and control them, obtaining the practical skills necessary to sit for the CCNA certification test.

At the conclusion of the Cisco course, you will be able to navigate the Cisco IOS and learn how to troubleshoot switches and routers.

While it may be the greatest Cisco training online for beginners, it may appear to merely scrape the surface for intermediate learners. However, it is a wonderful way to brush up on all skill sets.

  1. Cisco CCNA Online Training (Cybrary)

This intermediate-level course is primarily intended to assist you in acquiring the ideas necessary to sit for the CCNA certification test. The tutorials will show you how to run, set up, and troubleshoot wide area networks (WAN), local area networks (LAN), and dial access services for medium-sized networks.

Additionally, you will have the ability and awareness to discuss the technology behind the various data networks.


  • The classes take you to step by step through each essential topic, including the setup procedure.
  • The lessons include quizzes and demos, which enhance the learning experience.
  • The real-world examples enhance the clarity and comprehension of the lectures.
  • Numerous tasks are there to help you put the principles taught in the lectures into practice.
  1. Trinity Technology

If you’re looking for an exceptional course on key WiFi technologies such as WiFi 6, here is the Cisco training that will show you the ropes.

This course will teach you the fundamental basics of WiFi penetration testing, as well as the fundamental concepts of subnetting and how to easily create a subnet inside a network to route traffic more effectively.

Additionally, you’ll learn how to configure the DHCP server so that any device connected to your networks is allocated an IP address automatically rather than manually.

When it comes to creating basic LANs, this is the greatest CCNA course for grasping the required network principles.

However, because this course is not fully beginner-friendly, you may wish to brush up on basic networking principles first. On the other hand, it contains an enormous amount of information that is applicable beyond the CCNA certification test.

  1. Kaashivinfotech 

Are you committed to passing the Cisco exam? Then this is the best CCNA course for you.

After completing this course, you will be able to comprehend various user settings and access levels, enabling you to traverse the Cisco IOS and its numerous features with ease.

The course covers critical study techniques for effectively completing an online course, so you’ll be able to create a study plan for the CCNA test that will help you stay on track.

Additionally, the support for this course is excellent, which means that any issues you may have may always be resolved in the Q&A area.


Job Roles Average Annual Salary
Network Engineer INR 3.50 LPA
Senior Network Engineer INR 7.14 LPA
Network Administrator INR 3.93 LPA
Information Technology (IT)Manager INR 1.00 Million
Software Engineer INR 5.86 LPA
Technical Support Engineer INR 3.08 LPA
System Engineer (Computer Networking IT) INR 2.65 LPA


Cisco certifications are intended for all levels of Cisco professionals. Cisco developed the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification to be applicable to those interested in pursuing a career in networking. The CCNA is also a fantastic place to start if you’re interested in migrating into IT from another industry or in supplementing your existing employment role with further training. Cisco certifications are well recognized, and they can assist you in expanding your career options.

The Cisco Certified Network Associate certification is an excellent introduction to Cisco networking technologies and serves as a basis for other Cisco certifications, such as the CCNP and CCDP courses.

Prior to commencing the CCNA certification course, it is suggested that you have a solid knowledge of networking. If you have some IT experience and wish to pursue a career in networking, you should consider Cisco certifications.

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