Vinnie Hacker: Is Vinnie Hacker Still in the Hype House 2022?

In January 2022, the Hype House premiered on Netflix. At the time, fans were shocked to learn that Vinnie Hacker was the main star. After months of rumors, the network confirmed the show would begin airing in April 2021. In a video posted on its YouTube channel, Hacker revealed that he had joined the house just a few months prior.

Middle-Class Couple

The infamous video gamer has a large following on Tikor and has even gone as far as hosting a birthday party for himself at his own mansion. Although his brother Reggie has more followers, he posts far fewer videos than his older brother. The Hacker family is a middle-class couple who grew up in Seattle. His mom is a 911 operator, and his dad is an electrician. The Hacker family lives in Los Angeles, where the members of the house live in a luxury mansion. Though he has not been linked to a girlfriend in his life, he does appear to be quite popular with fans on social media.

Explosive Debut Season

Is Vinnie Hacker still in the Hype House 2022 after leaving the house? He had an explosive debut season in January, and is now one of the most popular YouTube stars. The 18-year-old model’s popularity has steadily grown since his arrival at the house. He joined the Hype’s content group in January, with a smaller TikTok following than his brother.

Twitter Account

Is Vinnie Hacker still in the Hype House 2022 after joining the house in January? You can find out in this article! And if so, follow his Twitter account for the latest updates. You’ll never know when the star may pop up. There’s only a few weeks left to wait, so be sure to check back often!

Sway Gaming

In January 2022, Vinnie Hacker joined the Hype House as a surprise. On July 21, 2020, Larray’s birthday was celebrated at the Hype’s mansion by Nikita Dragun. He’s a part of Sway Gaming, and has shared many personal details about his mental health on his social media. It’s unclear whether he is still in the HypeHaus2022.

Most Popular Stars

The answer is yes. The young model joined the Hype House as a surprise in January 2021, and has since been active on TikTok as well. His TikTok presence is growing rapidly, but he’s been on the show for a year now. He is one of the most popular stars on the show. If he’s still in the Hype House, he’ll likely stay there for a while.

Collective of Teenage

Founded in Los Angeles, The Hype Haus is a collective of teenage TikTok personalities based in LA. The house also has a mansion where some of the creators live. The house is a collaborative content creation home for young TikTok personalities. Its members include Thomas Petrou, Mi Hayward, Alex Warren, and Chase Hudson.

As a teenager, Vinnie Hacker joined the Hype House as a member. He was a surprise, but he was invited by Nikita Dragun, and they both grew close relationships. He later joined the TikTok collective as a member of the house. While he’s still in the house, he’s already a top star.

Best Experience Possible

The answer is, a lot. He is a 19-year-old model, but his Instagram followers have a much higher number than his previous TikTok channel. The goal of the Hype House is to find and support a new member. The house also acts as a platform for the artists. While the team aims to provide their members with the best social media experiences, the brand’s founders make sure they are able to give their customers the best experience possible.


Is Vinnie Hacker still in the Hype House 2022, the creator of TikTok, still in the Hype House, and his net worth? These are just some of the questions that fans are asking about the popular social media star. He’s a nerd in a hot body and has a very low social media presence, but he’s already a major star on TikTok.

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