Wearable gadgets we want to have

There is no doubt that we are in an era of technology at the moment. In fact, it would be hard to see the world go to a point where technology is not at the forefront as there are a number of advancements and developments continuing to be made.

Of course, while it can be hard to pinpoint when all of these technological features started to appear and emerge, there will be some that will suggest that the revolution of our phones was a key beginning, as this had led to the rise of other devices including tablets.

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Nowadays, though, we have seen technology become even more accessible as we are now able to wear devices on our bodies that allow us to experience a number of different benefits that tech can bring. Many of us are already wearing smartwatches from brands such as Apple, Samsung, and Fitbit to name a few, and these devices have the capability to achieve a lot.

Indeed, it could be argued that there are still some improvements that can be potentially made, such as potentially having full access to the internet and the ability to reach sites such as from our wrists while on the move. For example, if we were able to do this, we could save a lot of time looking for an online casino to choose from and start playing our favorite games immediately. Perhaps in the future, we can even play games on these devices, too!

However, while we are all hopeful of the possibility of this happening, we thought we would write an article detailing some of the other wearables gadgets that we would like to see in the future and have. Admittedly, some of these options will have already been created, but for the sake of this post, we have highlighted those that we would like to be made accessible and available in the mainstream market.


So, without further ado, let’s take a look at a few of the wearable gadgets we feel we have to have!

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So many of us are already having to wear glasses in order to improve our ability to see, but it would have to be considered pretty cool if we were able to use these visual aids in a technological way, too.

Of course, Google Glass was created, so we know that there is the possibility of making this something that can be possible to enter the mainstream market in the future and be further developed. For those unaware, this device is a pair of glasses that allows you to see information in a display that appears in your field of vision.

You can use it to take pictures, record videos, get directions, and much more. We believe that glasses with technology built in them have the potential to change the way we interact with technology and could be used in a variety of situations such as work, education, and even leisure.


At the other end of the body, another type of wearable technology that we would like to have in the future is certain types of footwear that come equipped with various technologies, especially as we are all looking to get healthier in our lives.

Many of us continue to use apps on our phones and smartwatches to track certain things such as steps, distance, and calories burned, while we also use mapping apps that can show us where we have walked or run.

However, with the way that technology continues to evolve, we are surprised that we do not have footwear that does not already have it built in. There is certainly a market for it, and while some may find it weird to begin with, there is no doubt that many will immediately see the benefits and want to take advantage of it.

Footwear with the technology would be able to give a more accurate reading than the apps that are linked to our phones because the shoes will be able to register when a step is made, while tech could also potentially tell us when it is time to get a new pair as they become worn out.

Wearable jewelry

We already have smartwatches, but perhaps we could have other pieces of jewelry that could enjoy elements of technology within the wearable market? For instance, much of the world will wear a ring of some kind, whether it be because of a sign of marriage or just for fashion purposes, while there are others who were bracelets, bangles, and necklaces.

These items can be equipped with certain tech – perhaps health and fitness trackers – and can remain as fashionable as smartwatches have become. It could be a trend that takes time to really take off, but some would have said the same thing about the watches that were introduced.

Final Thoughts

These are just some of the wearable gadgets that we want to have in the future that can incorporate technology within them. There is no reason why we can not see this happen, although we might have to wait a little longer for some of them to happen!

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