What is the Best Way to Learn Java for Beginners

As we look at the present times, we find that there is great demand for digitalization in each and every field to make work more efficient and easier with a little span of time. For upgrading to digitalization, you need to have a great knowledge of programs, apps, and their executions. To know this, one must be very familiar with the programming languages that are a basic requirement for work to be done. There are different programming languages such as R,  Python,  Scala, and Java. 

All of the above have their own significance. R has gained popularity in the field of data analytics, statistical computing, and scientific research. Python is one of the most suitable programming languages for developing websites and software, task automation, etc.  Scala is best for Data processing, web development, and distributed computing. Lastly, when we talk about Java, it has led in the field of server-side language that deals with full-stack development involving big data and android development. Java can be considered as an official programming language for mobile application development. It is a very efficient, simple, and general-purpose language. It supports all the features that are used in the formation of an application including SaaS,  PaaS, and IaaS development. 

Java was created on the principles like robust, flexible, portable, platform-independent, high performance, multi-thread, etc. Java is a high-level, object-oriented programming language and has a static syntax which means write once run anywhere (WORA). It was originally designed by James Gosling at Sun Microsystem. It first came into existence in May 1995, 26 years ago. Java is a preferred programming language that one can easily start with. For developing processes, one can surely boost their career in Java. You can master it with the help of various courses available online and offline with very few requirements. In this article, let’s take a look on varieties of courses offered by different sources accordingly mentioned below :

Java Training (SkillUp by Simplilearn)

This free Java Basics course for Beginners gives you entire knowledge about different functions and the basic foundation of the syntax used in Java. In this program, you will learn about Core Java 8 operators, arrays, loops, constructors, and methods. This course involves 9 hours of in-depth training and is offered free of cost. After completion of this program, you will also receive a certificate that you can share on professional networking sites like LinkedIn.

Learning Java (LinkedIn Learning)

There is one more option offered by LinkedIn learning. In this course, you can go through the basics of data types,  strings,  loops, and functions. This course helps you understand the logic and flow of your code, and also helps in debugging projects to confirm it runs perfectly. This course provides you with a shareable certificate. Whatever you learn from this program, you will gain certification for your knowledge with this course. The duration of this course is approx two hours a video. You can enroll in this course free of cost.

Java Programming and Software Engineering Fundamentals Specialisation (Coursera)

This course is offered online by Duke University over Coursera. This specialization gives you knowledge about the core programming concepts and also makes you eligible to write different programs to solve complex problems. With the help of this course, you gain knowledge regarding designing different algorithms for their testing and debugging programs. With this specialization, you are able to create a portfolio of work that provides an ease to demonstrate your new programming skills. In addition to this, you learn to create recommender engines, same as those used by Amazon or Netflix, etc. It provides shareable certificates at a very affordable cost. The duration of this course is about five months ( four hours a week).

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Introduction to Java Programming: Starting to code in Java (edX)

In this Java programming course, you will learn powerful concepts related to functional abstractions, Application Programming Interfaces(APIs), and the Object-Oriented Programming(OOP) paradigm. It helps to enhance computational thinking. The duration of this course is approximately 4 months (7-10 hours per week), and also this is available at a low and affordable cost. It offers a free trial for 7 days, and then the price is applicable. The variety of courses can be audited just by clicking on “view the course” among each one. This course offers you a professional certification under  Introduction to Java Programming.

Java Programming Masterclass covering Java 11 & Java 17 (Udemy)

In this specialization, you will learn about the entire javascript, including core skills for the Java developer position, preparing for the Oracle Java certification exam, acquiring basics of Java for Java EE, Android application development, and transitioning of strings. This course provides you with proficiency in Java 8 and Jave 11. It has 80 hours of on-demand video length. Its enrollment is validated with a fixed amount of Rs. 3400 approx, but Udemy provides some offers and deals with respect to varieties of courses. This course also provides you with a certification of your knowledge. This course is listed amongst the bestsellers of Udemy.


Here we have discussed a variety of courses offered by different sources; one can choose from the above-listed courses available as per their requirements and cost-effectiveness. Java is a very easy, simple, flexible, and efficient language among the top listed programming languages, they all have their own significance related to different fields, and you can opt according to the need. In this big data world, Jave has its own leading position. You can write effortlessly, compile and debug various programs as compared to other languages available for programming.

Java is very useful in the development of various applications such as mobile,  web,  enterprise embedded, desktop GUI, etc. It has a lead role in the development of the back-end development. It provides very effective programming for the server-side.

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