What jobs are in demand in Kuwait?

It has become prestigious to get a jobs in Kuwait, the countries of the Persian Gulf offer conditions that lure specialists. The increased demand for emigration to the UAE has led to the popularity of the new destination. Emirate of Kuwait, one of the richest, its history is based on three stages: formation, prosperity and independence. Today, the emirate has joined the ranks of the oil powers with the highest standard of living. It is quite possible to move here, but at what cost we will find out below.

The standard of living of the population in Kuwait

Kuwait is located in the southwest of Asia, bordering Saudi Arabia and Iraq, the coast goes to the Persian Gulf. The history of different times tells about the success of a small state. From the very beginning, local residents were successfully engaged in commercial fishing, selling pearls, so the main share of the treasury was provided and people lived in abundance. But in the 20s, pearls began to be made artificially, and Kuwait faced the first financial crisis, the emirate turned into the poorest state in a few months. During this period, Kuwait was under the rule of a British protectorate, which it got rid of only in 1961.

In the 1930s, oil fields were found in Kuwait, after which a new “black gold” empire began. Gradually, Kuwait is again becoming a wealthy state, as well as a major oil exporter. Today its GDP is $179.5 billion, GDP per capita in the range of $64,500. The local currency “Kuwaiti dinar” is considered the most expensive currency in the world.

The total population is 4.5 million people, of which only 30% are indigenous Arabs, the rest are immigrants from Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Pakistan, and India. The annual population growth is 3.5%, of which 1.6% are labor migrants.

In recent years, Indian-speaking expats also want to immigrate here, they are considering Kuwait for the implementation of professional and financial plans. The most attractive side of immigration is considered high salaries, standard of living, and favorable working conditions. If the goal is to achieve professional experience that would be appreciated in the West, then Kuwaiti employers are the same springboard as the United Arab Emirates.

Pros and cons of moving to Kuwait for permanent residence

The emigration of Indians to a Muslim country is rather controversial. But if we consider the advantages of moving, then there are many of them:

  • No taxes. There is no tax system in Kuwait, employers do not pay income tax, income tax and so on. Even hiring a foreigner for an open vacancy does not provide for financial costs, except for salaries.
  • Rental of property. Upon arrival, the employer provides the non-resident with an apartment for 3 months. If, under the terms of the contract, the company pays the cost of rent for the entire period, then the salary amount will be lower.
  • Quality medicine. In Kuwait, all medical services are at the highest level. Clinics are equipped with modern equipment, consultation, treatment is carried out by the best doctors. In most cases, foreigners from India and Europe work. Treatment can be covered by insurance.
  • Low cost of gasoline. Large oil reserves make it possible to use a car and not spend a lot of money on fuel. Hence the reason for the underdevelopment of public transport. The cost of transport here is cheaper than in India, many expats buy a good car after immigration.
  • English language. In Kuwait, the official language is Arabic, but due to good education, residents are fluent in English. When applying for a job, it is enough to have an average level of Intermediate.

Average salaries in Kuwait by profession in 2022

All Kuwaiti happiness is inflated oil prices, thanks to this factor, Kuwait bathes in luxury, and the indigenous Kuwaiti Arabs live in abundance. They have all the privileges: at the birth of a child, an account is opened with the first capital of $ 20,000, free medical care and education are available. Family Kuwaitis are given housing, they can get a loan at a 0% rate in a local bank. Life and work in Kuwait is very comfortable for a native, the average salary starts from $10,000, mainly in the positions of top managers.

The working week starts from Sunday to Thursday, Friday and Saturday are considered days off. There are 14 traditional holidays in a year – on such days many companies do not work. If you still had to go to work, then the daily rate of the employee is tripled.

All the work and life of Kuwait is concentrated in the capital of Kuwait, also in large regions with a large population: Khakhali, El-Farwaniya, El-Ahmadi, El-Jahra. Here they offer the highest paid positions in the service sector, medicine, construction, education, and of course the oil industry.

List of demanded vacancies for emigrants from India

Jobs for indians in Kuwait are divided into categories, and look like this:

  • Leaders, top managers, managers of various levels – these positions are occupied by Kuwaiti Arabs, Europeans, Americans.
  • Highly qualified specialists for the positions of doctors, financiers, teachers, programmers, accountants, lawyers – Indians, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Kazakhstanis can apply.
  • Administrators, chefs, waiters, managers of hotels, restaurants, entertainment complexes, shopping malls are available for citizens of the India, residents of other Arab states.
  • Low-profile specialists, handymen, nannies, housekeepers, road workers – these vacancies can be offered for Tajiks, Indians, Palestinians, Filipinos.

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The monthly salary of an expat includes 70% of earnings, 20% of housing expenses, 10% of meals with travel. In the event that the salary is above average, then the listed expenses are not included in the amount.

In 2022, the average salaries for the most demanded professions in dollars are set:

  • Engineer 3 750
  • Mechanical engineer 3 400
  • Architect 3 300
  • Graphic designer 2 300
  • Foreman 2 950
  • Civil engineer 3 500
  • Bricklayer 1 800
  • Oilman 3 500
  • IT programmer 3 400
  • Developer 3 300
  • UX designer 3 150
  • Analyst 2 300
  • Software Engineer 4,000
  • Dentist 7 800
  • Therapist 3 000
  • Neurologist 5 700
  • Surgeon 6 200
  • Anesthesiologist 5 500
  • Accountant 2 700
  • Auditor 3 200
  • Economist 2 600
  • Assistant manager 1 700
  • Financier at the bank 3 700

Specialists who are ready to develop in these areas and bring benefits and profit to companies are valued both at home and abroad.

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