When to contact a non licensed vehicle attorney

Non licensed vehicle attorneys are distinguished from other lawyers by their lack of license. They are typically members of the public who have learned about the law and felt confident enough to handle legal cases on their own as a general practice. This article outlines the circumstances in which a non-licensed attorney would be a good option to contact.

1. If You Do Not Know Who You Can Contact

A Non-licensed vehicle lawsuit attorney is a good idea if you are completely uncertain of your options. The vast majority of cases that burnouts handle involve loose change damages, non- damages, and disputes over contracts. Even though the law was created to benefit the people, it can be very hard to figure out what is legally allowed or not allowed regarding most legal issues. Many disputes can be settled with smart planning rather than in the courts, but most non-licensed attorneys will be able to help you understand your options in most cases.

2. If You Are Looking for a Quick Turnaround Time

Statistically, most cases that come to non-licensed attorneys will be resolved with a quick and simple solution. Most of the disputes that non-licensed attorneys will deal with will be settled in a matter of days or weeks. If you find yourself in need of help immediately, this is probably the best way to go. It is also a good idea to contact a non-licensed vehicle lawsuit attorney if you are not willing to wait for over a month for your case to resolve.

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3. If You Are Dealing with Vehicular Damage

many cases will require the services of an attorney, but if you are dealing with damage to your vehicle, it is probably best to contact a non-licensed attorney. It is very difficult to obtain a license to become an attorney, and most attorneys will not be able to help you in the case of damages caused by someone else. This means that your lawyer will probably not be able to take on very many cases related to vehicle collisions or other issues caused by negligence.

4. If It Is a Small Case, Or A Minor Issue

Non-licensed vehicle lawsuit attorneys will be better suited to handle issues with a very low monetary damage value. This is because the attorney will have to pay court fees and other expenses before paying for their work. In a case with a very low monetary damage value, it is almost impossible for the attorney to make enough money to justify working on the case.

5. If You Would Like Someone Available

It is important to note that most non-licensed vehicle lawsuit attorneys will be available for cases that come in without a set schedule. This means that you will have someone who can help you out even when the law requires that your lawyer be available on certain days and times. This is very good if you need help at any time (i.e. if you need guidance with your insurance issues).


Another reason you should contact a non-licensed vehicle lawsuit attorney is that they will be much more knowledgeable than members of the public who are just learning about the law. They have learned enough to handle cases involving complex issues, so you will probably not have to worry about your lawyer being uninformed. 

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