Why Social Media Accounts Are Important for Business

The rise of social media has fundamentally transformed the way that businesses promote and market themselves. With more than 4 billion worldwide users, social media has now become an essential part of every successful digital marketing strategy.

In fact, the 2022 HubSpot Marketing Industry Trends survey reports that marketers consider social media as their top marketing channel. This is unsurprising in a world that is increasingly connected by platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tik Tok, with people of all age groups and demographics actively using these spaces not only to stay connected with each other but also with businesses.

Read on to find out more about why social media accounts are important for businesses in today’s world.

Increases Brand Awareness and Recognition

Social Media

Social media platforms are ideal to promote your business, attract customers, and increase brand awareness and brand recognition. By regularly engaging with your target audience, you can build a consistent brand image and foster a virtual community that allows your business to meaningfully connect with its customer base.

By promoting insights and news about your business and respective industry, you can capture the interest of your potential customer base and enhance brand awareness and recognition. This can not only increase your follower count but also the number of people who actively engage with your social media business profile.

For instance, your business can greatly benefit by joining Tik Tok to increase its customer base, which currently has a billion active users globally. In order to differentiate yourself from other businesses, you may want to hire a professional social media agency to grow your TikTok followers organically. An agency is beneficial for all types of businesses as they use Artificial Intelligence algorithms to determine the right kinds of followers for your brand.

Allows Effective Two-Way Communication With Target Audience 

Using social media effectively allows businesses to establish efficient communications channels with their followers. This is done when businesses engage with their customers and allow customers to interact with them as well. 

For example, social media can help your business learn more about its audience by understanding customer behavior, needs, and preferences through social listening. It can also help decipher the general sentiment around your brand and business. This can enable businesses to make data-driven decisions so that they can be more competitive and proactive in their product offerings. 

Similarly, it also allows your followers to reach out to you with customer queries, concerns, and feedback, which means that you can potentially increase conversion rates and repeat purchase figures.

Establishing this two-way communication stream is critical for maintaining your brand reputation and customer service and management.

Generates Leads

Social media is crucial for helping to grow your brand and boost sales through generating leads. This is at the heart of any social media strategy as it allows you to grow your business 

This is done by curating high-quality SEO-friendly content to consistently engage with your audience by using images, videos, live-streaming, or target ads. This can increase search engine rankings which can, in turn, increase website traffic and potentially push customers down the sales funnel, helping to increase conversion rates.

Generally, businesses tend to rely on data from demographics to target and re-target ads on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. The use of marketing campaigns and hashtags is also a popular and effective way to attract customers and generate leads on social media platforms.

Builds Brand Trust

Social media for business is also crucial for building trust and a loyal customer base. This is important for your brand reputation and for generating leads. 

For instance, social media can help you take advantage of influencer marketing, which involves individuals with a large following to promote and endorse your product or service. Similarly, you can encourage user-generated content in various formats such as tagging your brand in images or videos or through surveys and product or service reviews. 

All these methods help establish transparency, brand authority, and brand reliability around your business offerings, which is instrumental for building brand trust. 


Social media has risen to become a primary marketing channel for all kinds of businesses globally. It is the ideal platform to understand and engage with your customers and grow your business. Additionally, with its ability to track and monitor performance using analytical tools, social media marketing provides a cost-efficient way to assess and evaluate what kinds of marketing strategies work for your business so that you can tailor your methods accordingly. 

In order to have your business footprint in an increasingly competitive market, we strongly suggest that you start engaging with your customer base on various social media platforms by developing and implementing a coherent social media marketing strategy. 

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